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One Calendar

Now that almost every person has a computer or smart phone at their fingertips every second of the day. The need for clocks, watches, and calendars has been greatly diminished. Despite that I have seen some really interesting calendar designs recently. One Calendar designed by Jeong Yong features a series of circles connected using magnets set at increments for the month, day and year. The three rings can be configured in a few different ways changing the date format making the calendar useful anywhere in the world.

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Otter Surfboards Site

Otter Surfboards and their new website both share some wonderful minimalist sensibilities, which make exploring their site and learning about their surfboards far more intriguing. The site was designed by an awesome British digital studio by the name of Little Whale Studio whose work is all very clean and current.

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Tid No. 1 Model

Form Us With Love recently designed the No. 1 Model for the new Swedish watch company Tid. Their name is short for the Swedish word meaning time and their minimalist name definitely helps to convey their brand values.

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Of course I have an ongoing love affair with simple utilitarian objects. The Loop bottle opener designed by Oscar Diaz, for Field is one such tool.

Coren Cycles

Carbon Fibre is one of the amazing technologically advanced materials that is becoming more and more prevalent in high end automotive and other parts construction. UBC a high tech German composites company has paired up with designer Christian Zanzotti to create a line of bicycles. The bikes use custom manufactured parts made by UBC out of their super light materials for every possible component. The resulting bikes are futuristic and light as a feather, but also elegant, minimal, and utilitarian. Currently Coren Cycles only have a single speed model and fixed gear model available, but more concepts are due out soon.

Munich Underground

Alas I have never seen the Munich underground in person, but these photos by Nick Frank even capture it in a way almost no one has ever seen it. The interesting architectural environments pop with color and bold lines, which are normally obscured by the blur of people bustling through them.

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Cup and Saucer

Saucers have always been a slightly annoying dish to me, but this set designed by Mina Perhonen has changed my opinion. Together the cup and saucer create a whimsical little bird to hold your piping hot beverages. They are available for sale over on White Rabbit Japan.

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Power strips and electronic power supply products have always felt as though they have been neglected by design. Apple has led the personal computing and electronics realm on advancing that area, but most other companies continue to release the most basic black and grey plastic adapters, which leave a vast ocean of improvements yet to be realized. Punkt has been known for creating products which through a minimalist aesthetic have been able to challenge the status quo, including their Punkt DP 01 cordless phone. Pictured here is their newly released ES 01, which is a simple yet ingenious “power strip” design. I put the words power strip in quotations because it is neither a strip nor what we have come to expect from those bland uninteresting power sources. The round shape and strategically spaced and aligned outlets allow for the cords to be gathered and fed out in one slot. Furthermore the sleek lid cloaks the unappealing plugs and transforms it into an immaculate orb.

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Plank Sofa

Today being one of the first damp dark days of fall I would love to be curled up on my couch at home surfing the web. The Plank sofa designed by KnudsenBergHindenes is definitely what I picture in my head when I daydream of being home on my sofa. This minimal design incorporates a simple two plank wood construction made from douglas spruce with beautifully turned wooden legs. A simple yet appropriate upholstered top nestles into the L shape created by the joining of the planks and leaves a broad expanse of the flat top open as a perfect end table.

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Glass/Wood House

The Glass/Wood House was originally designed by John Black Lee as his personal residence completed in the 1950s. The current owners purchased the property in 1990 and commissioned Kengo Kuma & Associates to do some additions and renovations to the property. Toshiko Mori of KK&A is known for his controlled and appropriate work on designs by some of the modernist greats.

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Friederike Von Rauch

Friederike Von Rauch has a unique and alternate view on the mundane captured in her photography. Simple spaces and architectural details capture in stark minimalist compositions, often emphasizing things we would miss if we were to visit the same location.

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Zai Higo

Simple, utilitarian, beautiful. Those are the first three adjectives that come to mind when I saw these tools designed by Kacper Hamilton for Swiss ski company Zai. Both the name and design pay homage to the Japanese Higonokami (“Higo”) crafted by metal smiths for centuries. The design and manufacturing follow in the footsteps of the original Higo craftsmen, with the utmost attention to detail. Another element that Zai requested was for the entire tool to take up the least amount of space as possible, or order to make the tool as efficient as possible for skiers and backpackers to stow.

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Weekend House in Vallemaggia

A simple cabin like this overlooking a Swiss meadow seems to be as idyllic as possible. This two story dwelling is perched atop 4 concrete pillars and the wood facade is made entirely of fir. This small weekend getaway was commissioned by architect Roberto Briccola.


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Critter Kitchen

Critter is a mobile kitchen system, that is easy to put together or break down and transported. Most kitchen appliances and fixtures are just that. Fixed. When you move or need go somewhere you kitchen can’t be taken with you. Critter designed by Elia Mangia for Italian company Skitsch can make the trip.

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Do you need a minimalist shelf and a place to hide things? Well Clopen by Torafu is the perfect little item for you. It features a minimalist design and an ingenious secret The drawer opens using two small wooden dowels with magnets concealed within. Torafu’s work is always extremely thoughtful, here are few projects of theirs I have previously posted about.

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