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Brancusi in New York 1913 – 2013

If you don’t have plans tonight you should definitely stop by the opening of Brancusi in New York 1913 – 2013 at Paul Kasmin. Since they represent my close friend Walton Ford and are a client of ArtBinder the startup I work for PK definitely has to be my favorite gallery. So this exhibition is just one more reason why I love them. This exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of Brancusi’s first show at the Armory and his subsequent invasion of the American art scene. Hope to see some of you there tonight!

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Tri Cross Hex

It always seems difficult to find really perfect minimalist lighting solutions. The Tri Cross Hex series designed by Australian design firm Resident hang at the top of my list for pendant lighting solutions. Apologies for the pun, but I really couldn’t resist. The construction of folded metal and light tubes is simple and definitely creates a finished product that is greater than the sum of its parts. The ultra thing metal cabling creates a nice floating effect which has become an architectural trend recently. We also previously posted Resident’s Segment Shade here on campsite, which featured a really awesome cast ceramic shade.

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10 Mikan

What better way to wake up than a big glass of juice? Over here in the states they are known as satsuma oranges or satsuma mandarins. Over in Japan however, they are known as mikans, and the average age of their farming population is over 65 years old. In order to appeal to a younger demographic and in a certain respect revive the market for mikans a local company commissioned Upsetters Architects and Artless to do a massive re-branding and update to there visual identity. The new look is both fresh(like the fruit itself) as well as clean and sleek. If the new brand doesn’t help them reach a wider and younger audience I don’t know what would. The part of the 10 Mikan project that I find most intriguing is the physical shop in Ehime. It looks far more like the shop or tasting room at a distillery or sake producer. I am always enticed by the elevation of simple products and things through design.

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The Blade

Coming from an art school background I have a love hate relationship with the X-acto blade. It has extracted a surprisingly large amount of blood and removed a weighable amount of skin from my finger tips over the years, but I still could not think of a better tool short of a laser cutter to accomplish the tedious tasks so many late nights during my undergraduate days. Designed by Njoki Gitahi, The Blade Necklace pays a nice homage to the real thing while also becoming a beautiful wearable object.

A New Ball

It can be difficult to find a soccer ball these days that hasn’t completely sacrificed any connection to its predecessor to make room for new technology and a futuristic look. Designed by Maxim Bykov this ball skirts the line between modern simplicity and the more traditional spheres of the sport.

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James Turrell at the Guggenheim

We took a work field trip yesterday intending to visit the Rain Room at MoMA. After arriving and to find out that the wait time during the special members viewing time was over two hours we trekked a little further uptown and settled for seeing the James Turrell exhibit at the Guggenheim. When I say we settled for the Turrell exhibit I mean it loosely as I have always been a huge fan of his work. These installations, albeit more subdued than some of his other work do not disappoint. The simplicity and scale and often the absence of things or the negative space created by his works are some of my favorite attributes.

Lain Shelf

The organized nature of mine draws me to any and all shelving. Lain is an awesome little unit, which comes flat packed in a box that doubles as a stand for quick and easy assembly. Designed by Pablo García Guardiola and Laura Caceres by removing the need for tools or any fixing elements like screws or adhesives.

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620 Reading Room

The classic 620 Chair Program originally designed by Dieter Rams has recently undergone a re-engineering. To launch the updated seating system the Vitsoe shop here in New York is opening a ‘620 Reading Room’. The reading room is completed with a curated selection of books from the Vitsoe neighbor Dashwood Books.

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The Hives

Whether it is for home or office I am always looking for simple a simple storage solution for all of the small knick knacks such as pens, clips, and the like. These stacking boxes designed by Perrine Vigneron for a Y’as Pas Le Feu Au Lac called Hives are perfect.

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Segment Shade

Ceramic slip-casting is something I haven’t encountered since my first year 3-D class in design school. A simple, but fun process of creating cast pottery. Philip Cuttance has used it for creating the whimsical and unique Segment Shades for New Zealand based Resident.

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Folia Desk

I am very familiar with having my desk piled with tons of paper, from printouts to sketches. The Folia Desk designed by Leon Ransmeier is an elegant solution, which allows you to divide up your piles into sleek slide out drawers under the desktop.

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Theca & Steelwood

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have designed a new storage unit for Magis that features use of some interesting new materials. Doors and sides of the unit are made of stamped aluminum and the purchaser can select from natural finish, black or anodized. You also get your choice of wood for the shelves, cherry or black ash. To accompany the Theca storage unit, the Bouroullecs have released their Steelwood Chair in a new galvanized steal and beech edition, which fits perfectly with the cabinet.

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Wilson Keyring

I have always tended toward the functionality of a carabiner for carrying and containing my mess of keys. That said I have recently been looking for a slightly more refined alternative to utilize in the, albeit rare event of having to dress up and attend a more formal event or gathering. Unfortunately for me arriving fashionably late to the party this time means I missed out on the perfect solution. The Wilson Keyring from General Manufacturing Concern had sold out before I came across it. GMC, please create another run of these lovely little key organizers.

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Hood Lamp

Form Us With Love a Stockholm based design studio has created this wonderful new modular lighting system which is easily expanded to fit your space. The bowl created by the deep pendant creates a very natural spacial divider. The system itself is based on two key pieces, domed corners and straight panel pieces, which when combined are infinitely expandable. The pieces are made of molded polyester and fit together using small pegs and are light with LED bulbs.

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Step Basin