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Oscar Niemeyer Re-envisioned

This beautiful loft originally anOscar Niemeyer design had fallen into disrepair and was found by Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa. Together they nursed this wonderful loft back to health. The guts were basically all that was salvageable, but since raw structural concrete work was a signature of Niemeyer, the guts were good. You can see and read more about this architectural revitalization here.

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Let It Dough!

Christoph Neimann has a knack for communicating great ideas with simple means and materials. His new piece for his New York Times Blog: Abstract City reminds me of his earlier project turned book, I Lego NY. Which illustrated areas geography, objects, landmarks and an array of other things that define New York City to New Yorkers.

Let It Dough! takes on some fun mildly holiday oriented ideals through cookie dough. Pretty genius right?My two favorites have to be the West Village one and the Eternity one both below. Hilarious truisms.

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Beach Chalet

I have always been intrigued by small spaces and the value of organization to make them work. Also lately I have been researching and sketching a lot of ideas on how to build highly functional, inexpensive small structures. This little oceanside getaway called Beach Chalet designed by Studiomama really fulfills almost all of my criteria and does it beautifully. I could definitely see giving up all my extra junk and permanently relocating to a cozy little place like this. All the great photos of this little wonder are by awesome English Ben Anders.

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Citrange: by Quentin de Coster

The Citrange juicer designed by Quentin de Coster is a beautiful response to the truth of fruit and juicing it. The axis at the center juices the fruit and simultaneously directs the juice into the funnel, which strains out the seeds. The color and shape are both beautiful and appropriate to it’s purpose and make it a simple tool to recognize among other utensils.

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Merchant No. 4

Online shop meets curated design gallery Merchant No. 4 has an exquisite collection of what can only be described as mixed use objects. Simple beautifully crafted collection including such things as a set of wooden tea cups, molded loungers, creased porcelain plates, and decorative objects.

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