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Interview With Mark Firth

I absolutely love coming across amazing things by my friends on the internet. This one especially. It is a photo essay and interview by my friend Fiona Breslin and Grace Villamil about my friend Mark Firth. For those of you who don’t know Mark the names of his restaurants are pretty much household names for anyone who has spent anytime in NYC. He founded Diner, Marlow and Sons and the long since shuddered Bonita(the Fort Greene one was a personal favorite!). A few years ago Mark left the urban life with his wife Bettina and two kids in tow and relocated to the Berkshires where I grew up and still spend a great deal of my time. Fiona’s article captures Mark in his element farming and hanging both on his property and on the porch of his new restaurant Praire Whale in Great Barrington, MA. Head over to Freunde von Freunden to see all the photos and read the interview.

The Cartography of Kitchenware

As far as infographics go this one doesn’t display data in a revolutionary new way or even break down an either wise confusing subject matter. It does however combine two of my greatest interests. Good design and cooking or at least the utensils for cookery. “The Cartography of Kitchenware” by the wonderful folks over at Popchart Lab. The poster shows all or most of the kitchen implements you will realistically ever need and how they are all related to one another.

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Critter Kitchen

Critter is a mobile kitchen system, that is easy to put together or break down and transported. Most kitchen appliances and fixtures are just that. Fixed. When you move or need go somewhere you kitchen can’t be taken with you. Critter designed by Elia Mangia for Italian company Skitsch can make the trip.

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Meccanica is a super versatile light weight shelving solution engineered by Valcucine for Demode. My favorite part about this system has to be its versatility. It can literally be applied in every room and space in the house to organize or display your belongings. One of my favorite uses is the indoor garden with all the potted plants, and the industrial look of the kitchens which use it is really interesting as well. The system is customizable, from adding drawers to how it is fixed to the floor wall or hanging.

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Del Popolo

So for the last few years my friend Ilana has been telling me about how her brother, a former law student moved out to SF and was working on opening a pizza truck. Every time she brought it up I was like oh yeah yeah cool, just thinking great all we need is another mediocre food truck in the world. It just so happens Ilana’s brother is Jon Darsky and his pizza truck is Del Popolo one of the most interesting new culinary additions to the Bay Area food scene in the past year. Jon earned his pizzaiolo chops and title at Flour + Water another SF Italian restaurant specializing in pasta and Neapolitan style pies. Not only does the design and fabrication of Jon’s truck set him apart, but the style of pizza he creates(Neapolitan) is the most specific and surprisingly enough regulated type of pie in existence. The 5,000-pound wood-burning oven can get up to almost 1000 degrees fahrenheit and cook a pizza in almost a minute at such high temps. Next time I am in the area Del Popolo is going to be a required stop.

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The Optimist

Smith Hanes restaurant interiors always have a way of elevating both the dinning experience and taking the style of cuisine and extended it out into the space. The new restaurant The Optimist recently opened in Atlanta by Ford Fry is a great example of this. Optimist is the third limb in Fry’s growing Atlanta chef-owned restaurant empire and with an interior like this it is most definitely not a weak link. Hanes worked with graphic designer Alvin Diec on creating the visual elements to accompany the space including signage and menus. All photographs were shot by Andrew Thomas Lee.

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Coffee Measure House

What better way to start the day than with a fun little coffee scooper in the shape of a house. The argument of what elements are required for something to be considered great design will always continue, but one thing is sure. The right measure of fun can change a daily task into a smile. Coffee Measure House was designed by Takahashi Nakabayashi is definitely one such object.

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The new one-piece kitchen by Valcucine and Alessi is the dream of any minimalist individual or a cleanly home chef. Rounded corners, a lacquered sheen, and lines akin to that of a futuristic car make the kitchen unit equal in value as a cooking surface and as a sculptural object. Design for LaCucinaAlessi was tasked to Wiel Arets Architects who specialize in clean and minimal design for structures, furniture, and interiors.

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Vipp Kitchen Shelves

All the Vipp products are designed and manufactured with a beautiful minimalist sensibility and with functionality and durability in mind. Their Kitchen Shelves are simple, easy to install, and would be a great open organizer for any minimalist kitchen. I posted previously about Vipp’s Kuche P2, which is an amazing modular kitchen system.

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Concrete Kitchen

Designed by Martin Steininger the award winning Concrete Kitchen is utilitarian and super unique. The use of concrete for most of the key surfaces is a little futuristic, but at the same time extremely functional. I am particularly drawn to the seamless integration of all the fixtures and appliances into the hand polished concrete surfaces.

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Kuche P2

Vipp has become one of the most unique and amazing producers of quality kitchen products since the release of their classic bin in 1939. Now more than seventy years later they are reinventing the kitchen with Kuche P2 a new interpretation. Functionality and organization are so perfectly accentuated with stark minimalism. My mind immediately jumped to this new kitchen design being the love child of Braun(under the direction of Dieter Rams) and Bulthaup.

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Honey Harvest

Kinkfolk Magazine has a wonderful vibe and a great vision for capturing crafts and curiosities. I am really in love with this new video they have made called Honey Harvest, which captures the process of making honey from hive to jar.

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I first came across Henrybuilt in an issue of Dwell several years ago, and I was immediately taken with their attention to detail and the infusion of craft in their modern work. Often in modern design we see construction and function sacrificed to achieve a specific look while maintaining a sufficient profit margin. Henrybuilt is on the other end of the spectrum from those types of furniture designers. Creating systems for the kitchen, dinning room, and the whole house. Items can range in size from this example, of a backsplash rack with a beautifully crafted wooden inset knife rack, up to entire kitchens or rooms. Every piece is made to order, and each project is taken on as a design project where they will configure and customize their existing components to your space.

Scanomat Top Brewer

I like many other creatives before and after me spent a not so brief stint in the coffee world, and until recently I let that form my entire view of what coffee could and should be. Now I have put enough distance between myself and that past that I can start to appreciate minimal fixtures like this one. The Scanomat Top Brewer easily integrates with your iPhone or iPad, and can spew your favorite pipping beverage right up from the innards of your kitchen counter with a simple tap from the app. Not so little things like this home coffee geyser really let me know we are living in the future.

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Often the best design is so obvious. In the case of design for kids it is as easy as combining a bunch of simple and related things into one. Napkid is such a great example of this philosophy. They have taken a napkin, an apron, and a big and combined them all into a “napkid”. The playful stripes, and text make it even more suitable for it’s context, and when it is covered in dinner or cake batter you can just throw it in the wash with everything else.

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Concept Kitchen for Naber

The idea of having a highly functional, easy to clean minimalist kitchen like this has been a dream of mine for a long time. It seems to be poised somewhere between the stainless steal line kitchen tables of my formative years and the Bulthaup workstation I hope to have one day. Here we are looking at a concept kitchen designed for Naber by industrial designer Kilian Schindler. This system is modular and adaptable so you can customize it to fit your space or needs, which is just an added bonus on top of it’s aesthetic.

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Keuken Kabinet

Designing a stand alone kitchen is not easy task, but Johanne Procee has done exactly that. His Keuken Kabinet concept is a rolling kitchen and storage system confined with in one minimalist box, which opens to reveal your own little chef’s station. A idea like this is so applicable to many of the issues encountered in New York City apartments. Whether you live in a small cramped apartment or a raw open space.

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Useful Towel

The Useful Towel from Bailey Doesn’t Bark, is a great gift for designers who like to cook and cooks who like design. If I wasn’t so messy in the kitchen I would for sure get one of these. Most days my kitchen towels(more like rags) are doused in sauce, meat jus or are just lightly singed.

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La Grillade

One of my favorite restaurants in the West Village, and probably the world is Mas (Farmhouse). I recently came across some information about a new restaurant in the works by their chef and proprietor Galen Zamarra. The new venture is going to be just around the corner from their Downing Street location on an otherwise rather barren section of Seventh Avenue. Cooking over an open wood fire always provides a unique, and in my opinion better flavor, and their new eatery will do just that. Following suit of Mas (Farmhouse) this grill spot will be named Mas (La Grillade). Originally they were aiming for an early summer opening, but word has changed to mid-August. Living literally across the street from it means this will become one of my regular haunts, and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me!

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Housing in the Born Refurbishment

Small spaces always intrigue me. The restrictions of the design to create a sense of open space and flow and the way organization can make or break the design is such a challenge. I am not really sure about the name of this apartment. It may be an inaccurate translation, but that aside the use of simple materials and a strategically placed series of lofted spaces really makes this design. Amazing to note that this renovation by ARCHITECTURE-G is only 34 square meters, equivalent to about 365 square feet.

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