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Buchstaben Museum

Photos By: Aart Van Bezooyen

The Buchstaben Museum in Berlin is preserving historical and contemporary letterforms and signage. This is such an amazing idea and resource!

“The Museum of Letters is devoted to preserving and documenting letterforms. We are currently in the process of putting together our permanent collection and are actively searching out outstanding letterforms and typographic objects that merit preservation.”

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Shape Lab: At Moma

The concept behind Shape Lab a current exhibition at Moma is fantastic. Creating an interactive space where the visitors can experiment with the premise of the exhibition in real time is awesome. The exhibition runs through August 30th so if you have caught it yet go push around some blocks. I also love the connection made by Markus Reuter of better taste than sorry, which is between this exhibition and the idea of A Creative Wall where ideas and concepts can be visualized and hopefully clarified. He highlights some cool examples of this process in the post over at his site.

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Oh Mai Mai: A new typeface by Jorge Artola

‘Oh Mai Mai’ is a bold yet flowing new typeface by Panamanian designer Jorge Artola. You can really see the value of hand drawing things in the final type specimens. Two other awesome features of this font are it’s extensive character set along with it being completely free! You can download it here.

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Cristiana Couceiro

I ran into the illustrations of Cristiana Couceiro today on Scott Hansen’s blog. I am still happy to see all the great collage work that is popping up from talented young designers and illustrators these days.

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Running on Empty: By Ross Ching

LA without cars looks so void. I agree Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Noir there is something so interesting about seeing a city completely without the millions of cars that define it’s landscape.

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Gary Update: June 1st, 2010

Really glad to see little Gary has started to regain some mobility after his ruptured disc back in September. Awesome little video Aaron Draplin put together as an update on the progress of his recovery.
Hang in there Gary you are a champ!

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