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OPEN Studio

This collaborative workspace entitled OPEN Studio looks to be a fun blend of young creative talent in the east end of London. They also have a silkscreen set up in there, which makes me super jealous. A nice balance of talent combining illustrators, a screen printer and a publisher all under one roof. I can’t wait for them to launch a website to learn more about there space.

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Dark Side of The Lens

The cinematography in this video by The Astray is eye opening. The subject matter is enticing and the way they capture it in such an array of shots is so ridiculously awesome. Even the shots of the surf pounding into the rocks seems to strike a nerve.

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Paul Rand Retrospective

As soon as I read the title of this video excitement and joy rushed through my body, and that feeling persisted through the entire four minutes of the video. Paul Rand has been highly inspirational to me and so many other designers of our moment. One of the best design thinking books I have read “Paul Rand: Conversations with Students” gave me a better understanding of how influential he was beyond his work. This short retrospective video not only displays a lot of his work, but also integrates some of his more profound design theories and practices.

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It is back to school time!

Came across this awesome poster and lecture series called the Show and Tell Lecture Series at the Portland State University GD Dept. Frank Chimero did a truly bang up job on the poster, which is definitely what initially caught my eye.

The line up of both virtual and live appearances they have lined up is stocked with an overwhelming amount of skill and chutzpah! How come nothing this cool ever happened at my school? Some of the speakers are greats like Jessica Hische, Nick Felton, Mark Weaver, and many more. I really hope that they record the talks or at the least offer transcripts.

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Ten Things I Have Learned

These are the main talking points from a talk given to the AIGA by Milton Glaser in November of 2001. There is a ton of useful information about life, design and life as a designer. Read the whole article here.

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Sea Nymph: by Josh Beckman

When I was a child I used love pirates and ships much like most kids, and I very much wanted to explore the world of sunken ships and buried treasure. This installation at Machine Project in LA entitled Sea Nymph by Josh Beckman really fulfills a lot of those youthful desires. If only I was going to make it out there while the installation is running.

Surry Hills Library & Community Centre: COLLIDER

What an awesome take on a way-finding system for a public building. The movement and playfulness of all the shapes and type help to convey direction, but also give an airy more light feel to the whole thing. The Sydney based team at COLLIDER definitely has some environmental signage chops. I really hope to see more stuff from them in this vein soon.

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The Future of the Book

I watched this little video by IDEO a few days ago, and I had waited to post it until I could really digest it and figure out my feelings on the subject. I still feel like I am opposed to all these new media types that intend to stamp out the printed word. First the Kindle, then the Nook, and now the iPad have done a mediocre job of creating a successful reading experience on screen. Skipping ahead to the future in this short film, we see three distinct and mutually beneficial paths outlined for what IDEO sees as The Future of the Book. I really love the parallel access to contextually related resources and content provided by “Nelson”. All three directions share an impeccable sense of design and very beautiful interaction. The gestures and motion feel very real without reinforcing the idea that reading on an e-book platform should adhere to the look and feel of printed materials.

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Ahoi Poster

These ‘Ahoi’ posters from Small Caps Berlin are rad. I would love to have one near my desk. I love checking in on the Small Caps blog, it is such a nice balance to view work that exists entirely in the physical when so much of mine is trapped in the digital.

Icon Series: Post 1

I have been obsessed with icons since I can remember. Their nature to clearly communicate such an array of things both intrigues and inspires me. Whether using an arrow on a way-finding sign or a website it says something in context of the space, environment and collaborative content. It could be saying the bathroom is that direction or if you click this link it will take you to past entries. Either way the field of icon design seems to have become so much more integral with the advent of IXD and UI that I continue to see unique and fun ways to approach icon design and usage. Hopefully as I find and collect more icons this will develop into a larger series of posts. For now here is a great series of arrow icons collected from websites.

World of Motion: Colin Hesterly

This little animated piece by the hyper talented Colin Hesterly reminds me of how much faster and more exciting everything was when we were small. Amazing short for children, adults and designers alike.

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Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

The Design Museum retrospective of the work of Dieter Rams haunts me as one of those life altering moments I feel like I missed. All the pieces of Rams’ work in the Moma are satisfying, but to have been able to see 244 objects from a career that lasted well over six decades would have been enlightening.

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Legacy of Letters

This is by far the most badass hand-lettering video I have ever seen. The soundtrack may have something to do with it, but Luca Barcellona truly crushes it.

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Newsies played a serious role in my childhood. It was my favorite movie from the time I was 7 years old until I was a teenager and still remains in my top movies of all time. There are countless child actors who have gone on to have serious careers including the star which was none other than Christian Bale. I always loved this scene, but had never really focused on the printing part, but now that I look closer I am super impressed. Great attention to detail, and personally this song has so much nostalgia attached it gets me all hyped.


Shinya Kimura

I have always loved motorcycles, specifically custom machined ones, but have I gotten bored with the contemporary style and culture surrounding them. This look inside the work of Shinya Kimura seems to have changed those feelings. He has found serenity in his work and the connection to the world that he achieves when riding his creations. “It feels nothing like how violent it looks from the outside.” This quote really says so much about both the freedom of riding motorcycles, as well as the personal level of thinking that Kimura has taken it to. Learn more about Kimura at Chabott Engineering.

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The Full Spectrum by Dwell: TV About Color