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Designing Alan Turing’s World

I have long been fascinated by the graphic design and art direction of movies. The products, spaces and often times completely fabricated environments goes so far beyond the scope of what a normal graphic designer is responsible for. Their designs must toe the line between realistic but also perfectly nuanced for the subject matter. I recently saw “The Imitation Game” and the design of all the early technology and cryptographic drawings were remarkable. So when I stumbled across a post about MinaLima on FastCo. I was super excited to read more about them. They have worked on a wide range of movies we all know and love with a truly inspiring breadth of work and depth of skill. Take a look at some of these images capturing their work on the true story of Alan Turing and if you haven’t caught it yet its definitely worth a watch.

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Two Minutes With TGD

The articles and stories put out by The Great Discontent, since it launched in 2011 have always captured insightful and beautiful portraits. They interview and write about the people we are inspired by and those we share our creative pursuits with. So when I have the opportunity to participate in a project of theirs at Brooklyn Beta in 2012 the answer was a resounding YES! Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am a bit of a talker, but film interviews have never really been my favorite. Despite that I am happy to have been a part of the Two Minutes with TGD project. A big thank you to Ryan and Tina, and if you haven’t seen their TGD Magazine Kickstarter you still have 14 days to back it.

Anatomy of Surfer Owen Wright

Instead of following the “surf porn” trend of capturing Owen Wright slashing through waves and blasting into the air. Matt Titone and Ron Thompson of ITAL/C had a different idea. They were inspired, instead to creat The Anatomy of Owen Wright. A short infographic animation of the Herculean surfer. The data and visualizations compare Wright’s physiology to other professional athletes and also point out the vast differences between him and other notable competitors in his field. There usage or reference to the Vitruvian Man is appropriate and also extremely well executed.

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Beer Friday: Americas 1000 Breweries

What better way to celebrate Beer Friday than with this awesome poster by Pop Chart Lab. Americas 1000 Breweries print shows the name and location of all the breweries in United States.

Made in NYC Digital Map

Mayor Bloomberg’s office has created this awesome map which visualizes all the tech startups in NYC from the Made in NYC register. Checkout Mapped in NY and explore the map or add your startup to the map. I also have to say, I have not encountered a web ticker I enjoyed as much as this one in quite some time(at last check the ticker read “734 NYC Tech Companies Are Hiring!”).

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All Streets

Information designers Fathom designed this amazing map of the contiguous United States made up solely of the countries roads. Titled All Streets, this print is on sale for $30 and half of sales goes to help fund Kiva.

“All Streets consists of 240 million individual road segments. No other features — no outlines, cities, or types of terrain — are marked, yet canyons and mountains emerge as the roads course around them, and sparser webs of road mark less populated areas.”


Renaud Hallée aka Possible Metrics created this amazing minimal, yet intricate video, which creates the music track through an animation cycle. I am starting to really love minimal visualizations and animations accompanying the music I listen to. The other example this reminds me of was the Visualizing Bach’s Cello Suite which posted a few weeks ago.

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Typefaces of the World Poster

This poster, Typefaces of the World, designed by Shelby White of the blog WANKEN takes 50 typefaces “based on popularity and usefulness in present design” and integrates them into this awesome infographic. The graphic itself perfectly illustrates the interesting 50/50 split between the US and Europe as the birthplaces of the typefaces. Also notably you can find this poster for sale in the WANKEN SHOP.

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Infographics in Context

I wish I saw more of this kind of thing. For the amount of infographics floating around on the web these days it is surprising you don’t see more unique approaches. In this project Inforgraphics in Context
by Peter Orntoft he integrates the data into photographs of subject matter that is relevant to the data presented. The art direction on the photos is dead on as well.

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Gavin Potenza Infographics

The infographics of Gavin Potenza have a wonderful fresh feeling. He employs great colors and flowing structure to display info that makes the info feel very easy to access and understand. Gavin is currently living and working in New York City, and is part of the up and coming studio Script & Seal.


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The State of The Internet

Creative Agency JESS3 showcases their serious data visualization chops with this informative video about the current figures surrounding usage of the internet. The art direction and overall design of this piece is great. Actually gives me a reason to digest all this information.

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Orehprom Annual Report: QusQus

Dima Kuzmichev runs a design studio by the name of QusQus, which makes super clean print and collateral work, as well as some very strong branding treatments. The project here is an annual report of sorts for Russian company Orehprom. There is definitely a slight nod to the king of annual reports Nicholas Felton. That being said I think Dima has done a good job of using Felton’s work as an inspiration and building on it. Looking at the interior spreads makes this clear. The pages have a subtle rhythm without becoming drab, and despite the rigid grid he has found a way to give the layouts a nice whimsical feeling.

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