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Concept Kitchen for Naber

The idea of having a highly functional, easy to clean minimalist kitchen like this has been a dream of mine for a long time. It seems to be poised somewhere between the stainless steal line kitchen tables of my formative years and the Bulthaup workstation I hope to have one day. Here we are looking at a concept kitchen designed for Naber by industrial designer Kilian Schindler. This system is modular and adaptable so you can customize it to fit your space or needs, which is just an added bonus on top of it’s aesthetic.

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It seems pretty common for a bag or luggage manufacture to make a set or system that has the same look and feel, but in this case Unitportables has taken it to a different and better place. Their ultra minimalist bag system all works together to create a multi function bag with tons of little pockets and compartments specifically designed for things like power adapters and iPads. Available in series of monochrome options including my favorite, all black. Their website says there are more products soon, and I excited to see what those end up being.

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Alessi Kids Tape Dispenser

Alessi held a competition earlier this year for the students of the industrial design school at the University of Art and Design Laussane in Switzerland. The competition was to design a line of desktop goods. My favorite submission is this tape dispenser. The ultra minimalist aesthetic paired with the obvious functionality of it is inspiring. We have all grown used to the two common types of tape dispenser available to us. The clunky sand filled ones and the feather light plastic ones. Despite all my ill will towards it’s predecessors the elegance of this little guy cuts right through those feelings and reminds me of how good design can improve everyday things.

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STRAND Design is a great example of a product and furniture design operation that is making highly usable everyday things. Their Core System tables and desks are sturdy and practical, but still have an impeccable construction and material choice. Also the Tree Theory Messenger is awesome. It has a nice balance of handmade characteristics and obvious durability.

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It’s great to see design being applied to big issues that have the potential to benefit real people. Often with design we don’t see major impact beyond the edges of the creative pond. Once in a while though, there is a design innovation so distinct and necessary that it makes everyone go “duh!”. Mobilegs created by Mobi is one such innovation. Mobi is a mobility products development studio that came out of Studio Weber + Associates in Minneapolis.

Most people have suffered the agony of a broken leg or sprained ankle, and by agony I am referring to the chafing, irritation, and bruising caused by trying to maneuver around using crutches. This winning innovation was invented by Jeff Weber who has designed several successful pieces for Herman Miller with their main focus being ergonomics. So solving the crutch problem makes sense as a next step for Weber.

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Solar-Powered, Zero Energy, Transparent LCD?

Over the course of 2010 there were a bunch of concept videos and designs based on the idea of translucent displays, and even display technologies that were so cheap they could be applied to any surface. Now, a mere two months into 2011, to hear that Samsung has unveiled a 46″ LCD television that is solar-powered, zero energy, and transparent. Well this is just a complete mental explosion. I do have to say it starts to feel a little scary when the most absurd future visualizations from the movies of your childhood start to become realities, and we have definitely gotten to that point.

The prototype was unveiled at CeBit in Germany. The television has integrated solar panels that draw energy from ambient light in the room, so dark screening rooms will no longer be friends with the televisions of the future. The translucence of the display is actually attributable to the display being so thin. The next obvious jump is to start integrating this type of display into glass surfaces for any and all applications. The biggest one off the bat is obviously going to be car windshields. Yes another hazard on the road! My cynicism aside the combined super powers in this new TV really are rad and the energy efficiency side of it really impresses me coming from a big corporation like Samsung.

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Giant Office Supplies

When London based developer Land Securities was seeking to rent out workspaces in a newly completed open plan space they wanted to find a creative way of visually divide the spaces. This way potential tenants would have better idea of the different shapes and sizes of spaces that were available. To solve this problem Radford Wallis was hired to design what turned out to be these awesome sculptures Giant Office Supplies. At absurd scale to their normal world counterparts this objects interact beautifully with the sparse architectural space.

“Shunning conventional signage, we went for maximum impact by creating four scaled-up stationery items, used to mark out the huge space,” Radford Wallis says. “The giant objects were then positioned where the partitions would eventually be built.”

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Midget & Giant

I love the way Midget & Giant by Ryuji Nakamura artfully improves a piece technology. This webcam add-on for your Mac is a fabulous example of making something more fun and interesting with a simple paper house structure. The image it makes from the inside is even cooler than the view of it perched at the top of your monitor.

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Vik & Fougere

The collaborative efforts of Nils Vik and Thom Fougere, collectively known as Vik & Fougere, are a Tour de Force of functionality and minimalism in simple house hold fixtures and furniture. The favorite of mine has to be their light hook pictured below, which is a nice update to the infinitely boring light switch plaques seen in American homes. In addition to the aesthetic update Nils and Thom have added a nice little hook in the corner for keys, some type of ornament or anything else that your heart desires.

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Naoto Fukasawa for Artek

Another perfect design from Naoto Fukasawa. This modular shelving system was designed for Artek in 2009 to be debuted at milan design week in 2010 as the finish company was celebrating their 75th birthday. The system was developed based on the modular L-system designed by Alvar Aalto.

“I have always associated (alvar) aalto’s furniture designs, which highlight the graciousness of plain wood, with square building blocks. the basis for this design lies in the image of a plain wood cube with slightly rounded edges. the sections where the shelves and support brace meet affords the design a gentle feel, the kind of feeling that can likewise be attributed to a stack of building blocks with rounded edges. the intersection of the x-shaped brace is fashioned from cast aluminium and has an unadorned, rough feel to it.” – Naoto Fukasawa

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Plus Minus Zero Watch

Naoto Fukasawa has always been one of my favorite industrial designers. His designs are so refined that they exist in a perfect balance of simplicity and serenity, always with a high regard to function. So when I saw this watch designed by Fukasawa for Plus Minus Zero I immedietely had to post it. This watch hints at alot of my favorite parts of old military watches and specificaly old Timex watches, but side steps the predictable designs they often employ for the faces and bodies of their timepieces.

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The FIDA Mat

The FIDA Mat is a wonderfully compact solution for a lounge chair you could pack up and take anywhere. It was designed by Hannover industrial designer Patrick Frey, and feels like a design update to the classic hiker’s essential, The Crazy Creek.

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Hook System: Jean Nouvel

The Hook wall system, designed by french architect Jean Nouvel, is a customizable storage and organization system that combines a perforated metal sheet with attachable modular pieces. The original inspiration is said to be computer punch cards and sheet music. This would solve my home office conundrum, too bad I can’t track down and dimensions or pricing information. Internet fail.

Jean Nouvel:

A metal architecture, like a quotation from Jean Prouvé’s work: rather than a wall this is a continuous building system that encloses joints into the metal folds. And its corrugated skin, regularly perforated and lacquered, turns into a wall. A wall to capture light and liven up the space around it.

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Calculator: Alexander Hulme

I love to see beautiful designs applied to everyday objects that really revitalizes them. I always recall from school that the calculator was a jumble of buttons with little heirarchy that was sure to change between manufacturers and models. This design by Alexander Hulme is a nice simplification of the calculator that marries form and function with usability. A minimal calculator like this is something I could see using everyday. If only apple could take a couple hints when designing their version on the iPhone and iPod.

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Beautiful Modeler

It seems like everyday there is a new technology or software that really blows my mind. This Beautiful Modeler is one such entity. This interactive 3-D modeler is an incredibly simple idea perfectly executed. It takes an easily accessible set of tools and links them together through programming or in my language magic to make a completely marvelous, and useful invention.

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The Hopper Table

I am still slightly unclear as to the derivation of the name The Hopper Table. Anyway this minimalist take on the nostalgic summer classic by Extremis, is super clean and futuristic. I would love to have this thing on my imaginary patio.

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Radio: by Daniel Emma

I am really loving the shape projects by Australian design studio Daniel Emma. They balance very nicely between playful and minimal without being too colorful. The simplification of all these day to day household appliances and electronics is awesome.

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Citrange: by Quentin de Coster

The Citrange juicer designed by Quentin de Coster is a beautiful response to the truth of fruit and juicing it. The axis at the center juices the fruit and simultaneously directs the juice into the funnel, which strains out the seeds. The color and shape are both beautiful and appropriate to it’s purpose and make it a simple tool to recognize among other utensils.

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Studioilse w084t

I love all the simple lighting designs I have been seeing lately. The Studioilse w084t has a great utilitarian look and presumably function as well. The little note of color from the red cord is really fun and different.

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Dieter Rams Interview

Fantastic little video of an interview with Dieter Rams made by the good people over at Gestalten TV. I always love hearing Rams talk about his ethos, it is something that has definitely elevated my understanding and approach to design.

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