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Magnus Walker 911

Most car enthusiasts would be happy to own or even to simply drive one Porsche 911 in their lifetime. For Magnus Walker however the 911 has become more of an obsession. Over the years Walker has owned around forty 911s. Growing up during the heyday of formula racing he was exposed to racing culture very early. At an even with his father he discovered the car which started it all. It was a white 1977 Porsche Turbo with the classic red and blue Martini Race striping.

BMW R90S Homage Bike

There are very few machines in the world which execute perfection so brilliantly. In cel­e­bra­tion of 90 years of BMW Motor­rad and 40 years of the R90S design they created the BMW R90S Homage Bike. To make this concept a reality BMW called on Roland Sands Design. The bike features a classic cafe racer style chock full of modern tech and custom parts by RSD, which meld together to create this majestic machine.

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The Hives

Whether it is for home or office I am always looking for simple a simple storage solution for all of the small knick knacks such as pens, clips, and the like. These stacking boxes designed by Perrine Vigneron for a Y’as Pas Le Feu Au Lac called Hives are perfect.

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Hood Lamp

Form Us With Love a Stockholm based design studio has created this wonderful new modular lighting system which is easily expanded to fit your space. The bowl created by the deep pendant creates a very natural spacial divider. The system itself is based on two key pieces, domed corners and straight panel pieces, which when combined are infinitely expandable. The pieces are made of molded polyester and fit together using small pegs and are light with LED bulbs.

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Nike Free Trainer 5.0

Just about everyone who is active, participates in athletics or does any type of training uses at least one Nike product. Their design process and technological advancements are truly stunning. I am particularly engrossed in this video about their process behind the development of the new Nike Free Trainer 5.0. The shoe is inspired by the structure of a Chinese finger trap which is in its static state extremely flexible and in its engaged state extremely rigid and taught.

Step Basin

Even the most design forward brands rarely create amazingly unique designs changing how we perceive the washroom. The Step Basin designed by Swedish studio Note is Japanese in it’s simplicity and Swedish in its utility.

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Kipik Toothpick Holder

Usually nifty little accessories like this bug me. Kipik though is so cute I have been won over. The cute hedgehog holder of toothpicks is available online from the MoMA Store.

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Chochin Lamp

The Chochin is a traditional Japanese rice paper lantern, which often featured calligraphy, bold characters, and bright colors. This series was re-envisioned by the designers of h220430 a Tokyo based furniture and lighting design studio. The lamps are currently available from Gallery Somewhere in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

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One Calendar

Now that almost every person has a computer or smart phone at their fingertips every second of the day. The need for clocks, watches, and calendars has been greatly diminished. Despite that I have seen some really interesting calendar designs recently. One Calendar designed by Jeong Yong features a series of circles connected using magnets set at increments for the month, day and year. The three rings can be configured in a few different ways changing the date format making the calendar useful anywhere in the world.

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Simple modular shelving is not hard to come by, but finding a unique system that is both functional and well designed can be difficult. The Divider designed by Mieke Meijer is a great example of one such piece. A few things that really caught my attention was the angled roof like framing at the top of the shelf, the nice contrast between the wood pieces and the metal brackets, and the small size of the shelving compartments.

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Tilta Lamp

The Tilta Lamp designed by Scoope Design is a far cry from what we know a floor lamp to be. A simple and slightly industrial look and the ability to tilt as the name implies.

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3D Photo Printing Booth

Everyone loves photo booths, especially at parties. Now you can leave the party with a 3D printed figurine of yourself or a friend. In the Eye of Gyre exhibition space in Harajuku Omote 3D has installed a 3D photo booth and an accompanying printer. Three dimensional images are captured in the booth and then the figures are 3D printed.

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Tid No. 1 Model

Form Us With Love recently designed the No. 1 Model for the new Swedish watch company Tid. Their name is short for the Swedish word meaning time and their minimalist name definitely helps to convey their brand values.

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Power strips and electronic power supply products have always felt as though they have been neglected by design. Apple has led the personal computing and electronics realm on advancing that area, but most other companies continue to release the most basic black and grey plastic adapters, which leave a vast ocean of improvements yet to be realized. Punkt has been known for creating products which through a minimalist aesthetic have been able to challenge the status quo, including their Punkt DP 01 cordless phone. Pictured here is their newly released ES 01, which is a simple yet ingenious “power strip” design. I put the words power strip in quotations because it is neither a strip nor what we have come to expect from those bland uninteresting power sources. The round shape and strategically spaced and aligned outlets allow for the cords to be gathered and fed out in one slot. Furthermore the sleek lid cloaks the unappealing plugs and transforms it into an immaculate orb.

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Plank Sofa

Today being one of the first damp dark days of fall I would love to be curled up on my couch at home surfing the web. The Plank sofa designed by KnudsenBergHindenes is definitely what I picture in my head when I daydream of being home on my sofa. This minimal design incorporates a simple two plank wood construction made from douglas spruce with beautifully turned wooden legs. A simple yet appropriate upholstered top nestles into the L shape created by the joining of the planks and leaves a broad expanse of the flat top open as a perfect end table.

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Critter Kitchen

Critter is a mobile kitchen system, that is easy to put together or break down and transported. Most kitchen appliances and fixtures are just that. Fixed. When you move or need go somewhere you kitchen can’t be taken with you. Critter designed by Elia Mangia for Italian company Skitsch can make the trip.

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BRD Motorcycles

BRD Motorcycles are not quite poised to change the motorized bike world single handedly, but they are about to make some serious waves with their beautiful line of bikes currently available for preorder. Of the three options my favorite has to be the RedShift SM pictured here. I can’t say BRD’s price point is very competitive, but with their bikes you will be getting something in an all new class. A sporty speed machine with a 100% electric power station.

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Hide and Seek Space Dividers

Why do space dividers have to be hulking and ugly or bland and unrefined? The truth is they don’t have to be. Ploypan Theerachai or Thai design firm Thinkk Studio has demonstrated with her concept ‘Hide and Seek’. The design process was informed by play and integrating that into the forms and outcome of furniture and products.

‘Lately, designs have efficiently answered their functions. another new object then needs to attract users among all other perfectly functional objects. The project is an object that not only blurs the line between function and emotional appeal, but also maintains physical performance while addressing
emotional needs.’
– Theerachai

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A Letter Opener

Knives are most often defined by their blades, so what does mean when that blade is composed of recycled paper? The designers at Plant Brooklyn created this awesome quasi switchblade letter opener, which is a beautifully playful implement. It could potentially be made of old envelopes opening new ones.

Potence Picotante

Potence Picotante was designed by French designer Charlotte Perriand for Nemo. The original concept was conceived to help light Perriand’s apartment, the bulb can rest at any point along the steel arm’s circular path making it a simple but flexible lighting solution.

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