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Yes Pattern: by Telegramme Studio

Fun little pattern with the word yes in a ton of different languages and lettering styles. Christopher and Robert, the duo behind UK based Telegramme Studio keep catching my eye with their new works.

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This set of typographic illustrations by Bruce Mackay is a really fun collection of imagery surrounding and letterforms. I for one wish I had Neighbourhood as an alphabet poster when I was a kid. Of course the half-pipes making the letter U are my favorite, but all the illustrations are awesome.

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52 Bad Dudes

This is a cool project by illustrator and designer Adam Sidwell, which is an ongoing set of portraits of fictional bad guys. The collection of portraits, called 52 BAD DUDES, shows such a fun range of stylistic approaches. This diptych of characters Tyler Durden and the narrator (Edward Norton) from Fight Club is definitely my favorite, to me it really expresses all that good stuff from their relationship in the movie.

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Veronika Kalacheva

Watercolor illustration has been one of the most pervasive forms of that specific area of art for a long time, and thus has become boring. Every once in a while though, you stumble across some one’s work that revitalizes the medium and adds so much color and life into it that you can’t help, but love it again. In this case that person is Veronika Kalacheva, and her work is stunningly realistic and colorful.


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Jing Wei: Illustration Print Process

Designers and creatives seem to have a real love for seeing the process other artists and the like go through to create their work. I myself am definitely one of those people. How each persons mind manages and structures a project has always intrigued me along with how interesting the individual steps can look when compared to the final product or outcome. These images of a print by Jing Wei capture the process with simple images documenting the steps of creating a print.

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Cristóbal Schmal

These illustrations by Cristóbal Schmal are so vibrant. I am also really into his slightly illustrative and textural drawn type, which he frequently incorporates into his pieces. My favorite is definitely the illustration above with it’s slightly imperfect geometric feel. Also be sure to check out his map of Berlin inside the post. It highlights some of the must see architecture and cultural sites in a fun playful way.

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Jam Session: By Emily Dumas

Illustrator and Designer Emily Dumas created this new print Jam Session that I love. Between the illustrations and the color palette this piece is genius. Plus there is also something so elegant about the shapes of musical instruments.

The print is on sale at The Working Proof raising money for Little Kids Rock. Fifteen percent of each purchase will be donated to Little Kids Rock, which is an organization dedicated to giving free musical instruments and lessons to under privileged schools across the country.

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Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

No Mas and James Blagden teamed up to honor the late great major league pitcher Dock Ellis with this amazing animated short about the no hitter Ellis pitched on June 12th of 1970. Ellis later admitted in 1984 to being on LSD for the duration of the game. Rad!

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Cristiana Couceiro

I ran into the illustrations of Cristiana Couceiro today on Scott Hansen’s blog. I am still happy to see all the great collage work that is popping up from talented young designers and illustrators these days.

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