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Nordic Map by Hannah Warren

The illustrations of Hannah Warren caught my eye quite a while ago, but I only recently came across this map she did. It highlights the Nordic region of Northern Europe and has a beautiful texture and style, which is perfectly demonstrative of the geographical area it portrays. Craggy rocks, birch and pine trees, and a cold palette of grays are a few of the recognizable regional elements that are used to make up the landmasses in this map. This map was commissioned by Phaidon for a book on a restaurant in Denmark by the name of NOMA.

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Paper App + Moleskine

I have been a huge fan of the Paper iPad App since it was launched, but now I think I just became an even big fan. They have teamed up with another paper and drawing related favorite of mine. Together Moleskine and Fifty Three will allow you to layout, edit and print custom books directly from your drawings in the Paper App. I have to say that is completely ingenious as is this very cute little promo video they have put together. Checkout a sample book here.

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Shipwreck Letterpress

My close friend Gregory Topscher launched a Kickstarter project for Shipwreck Letterpress his handmade cards and cut paper designs. With sixteen days left to go he is over three quarters of the way to his $2000 funding goal. Head over to KS and take a look at all the great pledge benefits that are on offer.

Heather Gatley

Berlin based illustrator Heather Gatley has portfolio brimming with vibrant works which show her skills of draftsmanship, shade and coloring as well as interesting hand drawn typography. She creates work through a combination of handmade techniques and digital processes, which include pencils, inks, collage and paint to create these layered illustrations.

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Petting Zoo App

Christoph Niemann is by far one of my favorite illustrators. The simplicity and ingenuity that his work overflows with is always fascinating and inspiring. When I bumped into this Petting Zoo picture book app he created for the Design Indaba I was of course immediately engrossed. Each animal has a few different gestures which provoke interesting movement, sound and transfiguration in to the cute little critters. It is a $1.99 so for those of you who aren’t overly enthused you may want to just settle for watching the video.

Windows of New York

After ending up in in New York City by chance graphic designer José Guízar became fascinated with the city’s architecture. In specific the windows of all the unique buildings. Guízar has recently embarked on a project entitled Windows of New York to document some of the greats. Each week he will post another installment in the series.

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Union Pearson Express

Under the direction of Guru Studio Lotta Niemen and Winkreative to make this layered and colorful story of the Union Pearson Express. The train is due to open in 2015.

Giant Garage Sale Newspaper

I have long wanted to design a newspaper from scratch, and when I first saw this project by Kelli Anderson I was immediately infatuated with it. Created for Martha Rosler’s recent Meta Monumental Garage Sale exhibition at MoMA. The paper also features some of Kate Bingaman Burt’s awesome illustrations.

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La Luna

We can all I am sure agree that Pixar has created the greatest animated films of all time. They owe this partially to the visual effects and art direction, but the truly remarkable part of of their films is the distinctly human elements of each plot. La Luna is a recently released short film by Disney Pixar, and captures a wonderful coming of age tale illustrating a classic fable.

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Keys To The City Mural

This behind the scenes video documenting the process behind the ‘Keys To The City Mural’ that Invisible Creature recently designed for a Seattle based real estate company. The project included some really awesome collaborators including artist Don Rockwell and the Foley Sign Company. The end result is colorful, fun and helps to living up what would otherwise be a bland expanse of wall.

Beer Friday: Landland Poster

Vintage beer cans are a total obsession of mine, and this poster designed by Dan Black of Landland incorporates beautiful illustrations of vintage beer cans and rad hand drawn type. The poster is a 4 color silkscreen print and was designed and printed for a performance by Eric Church at the CMAC Performing Arts Center.

Energetic Illustrations

I have admired the illustration work of Andrew Archer for a long time, so when I came across these illustrations on TFIB I knew I had to share them. His blog is also definitely worth a look, lot’s of sketches and works in progress.

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High Times a History of Aviation

Berlin based illustrators known as Golden Cosmos have some amazing new work out now from Nobrow publishers. The book is titled High Times a History of Aviation and features richly colorful illustrations capturing the history of flight.

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Louie Season 2

Jon Contino is one of those rare designers that is constantly able to surprise me. When a particular designer gets good at a specific thing it easy to become a specialist and only do work in that vein. These designs were created for Louis C.K.’s semi-autobiographical sitcom Louie, which is entering its second season. Jon also has a knack for channeling the gritty visceral feeling that is a uniquely New York sort of vibe. The type obscuring but also simultaneously defining buildings, storefronts, taxicabs and pizza slices is brilliant.

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Nike F.C. Barcelona Collection

Nike commissioned illustrators Berto Martinez and Chidy Wayne to help with designing a streetwear line based on the iconic F.C. Barcelona. Instead of jumping right into designing the clothing based on their preconceptions, Martinez and Wayne took their sketchbooks to the field and observed game play. Their sketches extracted the personality and characteristic elements of each player, which they used to develop the clothing designs around.

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Tom & James Draw

Artist James Gulliver Hancock has been collaborating with his brother on some drawings recently. James’ brother Tom was born in 1981 with Downs Syndrome. Their work is amazing and I love the balance between simplicity and depth. You can follow their work over on their blog Tom & James Draw.

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Post-War British Textiles

In the years after WWII three female textile designers injected new life into British Textiles. London’s Fashion and Textile Museum is currently holding an exhibition entitled Designing Women: Post-War British Textiles spotlighting these women, Lucienne Day (1917–2010), Jacqueline Groag (1903–86) and Marian Mahler (1911– 83). Their bold and colorful designs are often whimsical and sometimes deliberate. The patterns have a historic and nostalgic feeling, but their lighthearted designs also bare a certain timelessness.

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Carhartt Work in Progress

Tokyo based illustrator SHOHEI created amazing hand drawn advertisements for Carhartt Work in Progress. The above video captures the utterly mind blowing process behind the drawings. The shots have been sped up and make the complexity of the drawings look easy, which could not be further from the truth.

Tangram United States

Midnight Umbrella created this fun colorful illustration of the United States using only tangrams. The result is this nicely textured atypical map, which is definitely better as decoration than for direction, but cool nonetheless.

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Yasmeen Ismail

Illustration work like that of Yasmeen Ismail is vibrant, refreshing, and fun. The way she depicts people and animals is unique and abstract, while also simple to understand and connect with. The techniques she uses are DIY, combining painting, collage, and other media for a versatile deep compositions.

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