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Vogt Magglingen

This renovation, which is better described as a transformation, by Kistler Vogt Architects updates a classic farmhouse into a modern home that balances it’s history with new minimalist interiors. Often in architecture use of clashing materials or styles can create something completely new beautiful. Here the classic roof tiles are juxtaposed with the large glass expanses which break up the original exterior walls.


House in Ookayama

Working on an extremely skinny lot, and with some serious restrictions, Torafu Architects were able to create this open flowing design for a two family home. Entitled House in Ookayama, this house invokes loft living with an approach to storage and function that lofts don’t usually conquer.

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Houses of the Hudson Valley

After coming across the work of Thomas Phifer in Dwell this week I immediately signified with his minimalist style with a focus on light open spaces. Another thing I that really stood out to me was his residential commissions are located in pockets in close proximity to one another. The group that caught my attention the most are the houses in the Hudson Valley. I grew up in Columbia County and the Berkshires and all the towns these homes are in bring up nostalgic memories from my childhood.

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The Y-House is a nice little structure in Obama, Fukui, Japan with a modern exterior and some beautiful exposed post and beam construction on the inside. A playful contrast between dark rich materials on the outside and light colors and exposed wood inside makes for a cozy interior space. The residential designs by TOFU stand out to me as their most considered and resolved work.

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Mini Maison

This beautiful conversion of a row worker’s house in Brussels, by architects Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf‘s is a beautiful exercise in efficiency. Taking a small space like this Mini Maison and organizing it in such a way that it feels airy and open while still separating the different spaces of the house is a feet of skill. I really love the way they have pushed some of the modern elements to the exterior of the building, thus giving passersby a glimpse at the modern aesthetic of the interior.

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Chicken Point Cabin

Between the magnificent window wall (30 feet by 20 feet), which opens to the water, and the utilitarian use of materials Chicken Point Cabin is a definite dream cabin. Amazingly enough the design for this cabin by Olson Kundig Architects can also accommodate ten people.

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Miner’s Refuge

Posting from the road. I am currently in San Salvador on a trip around central America, and I am attempting to continue posting along the way.

I wanted to share this awesome house called Miner’s Refuge designed by the talented folks over at Johnston Architects. The interesting use of aluminum siding here is highly impressive.

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Layered House

This home, named suitably as, Layered House was designed by Jun Igarashi Architects. The naming refers to the fabric partitions, which separate and define the different rooms and purposes throughout the otherwise open plan house. These architects are also the minds behind Asahikada Garage I posted back in December.

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Roly by Bruno Erpicum

The updates to this old out building, redubbed Roly, were made by Bruno Erpicum in order to turn it into a house from which to operate a bed and breakfast. Two of the largest additions to the building are the metal sheets used to create a mezzanine level along with the glass box, which juts out to create a living room. Both of these elements boost the congruence of the interior spaces with one another, and the house with nature and the out of doors.

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Garden House

When one thinks of a place entitled Garden House, this definitely is not the type of building that would come to mind, or at least not for me. I love the application of post and beam construction to the more modern building, both in form and style. The architects behind this beautiful home are ARCHTEAM, studio based in the Czech Republic that designs very cool functional spaces.


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Oscar Niemeyer Re-envisioned

This beautiful loft originally anOscar Niemeyer design had fallen into disrepair and was found by Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa. Together they nursed this wonderful loft back to health. The guts were basically all that was salvageable, but since raw structural concrete work was a signature of Niemeyer, the guts were good. You can see and read more about this architectural revitalization here.

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Master Plan for Åndalsnes: by Jӓgnefӓlt Milton

This is a highly creative solution by Jågnefålt Milton that took third place in a design competition to develop a master plan for Åndalsnes, a city in Norway. Their plan was to create a series of prefabricated units that could take advantage of the existing railway systems around the city and thus could be mobile. Allowing occupants to relocate as the seasons and weather both permitted and require. The renderings to illustrate this idea create very beautiful and slightly surreal scenes with small structures popped into otherwise very natural environments.

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Beach Chalet

I have always been intrigued by small spaces and the value of organization to make them work. Also lately I have been researching and sketching a lot of ideas on how to build highly functional, inexpensive small structures. This little oceanside getaway called Beach Chalet designed by Studiomama really fulfills almost all of my criteria and does it beautifully. I could definitely see giving up all my extra junk and permanently relocating to a cozy little place like this. All the great photos of this little wonder are by awesome English Ben Anders.

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St. Andrews Beach House

This beach house designed by Sean Godsell architects is a nice combination of certain aspects of the classic outback homestead with enhanced flow between spaces that creates a beautiful modern home both inside and out. The raised structure also creates a protected home space above the ground and allows for storage space and a covered area to park cars. The shutters made from oxidized steel grating make for a nice separation from both the elements and the outside world.


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Vanderbilt Studio: David Adjaye

I remember walking by this interesting, albeit slightly unfriendly, modern facade many times while living in Fort Greene, and I had been curious what the back and interior looked like. So my curiosity was answered when I ran into these some beautiful photographs by Nikolas Koenig. This building represents the single residential design by architect David Adjaye in New York City and one of fewer that twenty total residential projects.


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Barn Transformed

The good folks behind Oficina Informal, Antonio Yemail and Michel Pineda, did a complete overhaul on an old barn and turned it into an amazing live work space. Great use of recycled, salvage and existing materials and resources. I would live in this “barn” in a heart beat.

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Minka is a short documentary film currently in the works by filmmaker Davina Pardo. The word “minka” in Japanese refers to a private home of a farmer, artisan or merchant. The house that the story revolves around is a 250 year old farmhouse, which Yoshihiro Takishita and John Roderick found, moved and restored together. If you are as eager as I am to see the full length film head over to Kickstarter and help fund the project.

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Shoal Bay Bach, NZ

The Shoal Bay Bach by Parsonson Architects is, in my opinion, the epitome of perfection in a home. There is an immense attention to detail while maintaining a minimalist sensibility of design, craft and materials. All the interior and exterior fabrication is very simple and made out of affordable and easy to source materials that keeps cost down, but also give it a unique livable feel. Using a corrugated steal roof in residential applications is not a new thing, but it makes such a difference over the terrible asphalt shingles most people opt for.

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Juranda House

This house in Sao Paulo Brazil has quite an amazing view. Juranda House is a beautiful minimalist town-home in the southern hemisphere was designed by Apiacás Arquitetos it has an awesome design that increases community and shared space of the house, which I really love.

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AZB Apartment: by GENETO

There is just something unexplainably awesome about perfectly milled and built in storage space. The liberation through available storage is something that has always entrigued and excited me. This commission entitled AZB Apartment by GENETO is a prime example of those things at work. All the detailing is very illustrative yet subdued which I really like. They had the choice to punctuate things with vibrant colors, but their choice to let the craftsman ship and the design speak for itself in white, black and natural wood tones elevates the design so much higher.

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