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Baux Acoustic Panels

When you think about acoustic panels design and sustainability are not the first things that come to mind. These panels however have set about changing that. Designed by Form Us With Love for the Swedish company Baux come in 20 different colors and are available in 5 pressed patterns. The panels are made of wood wool, cement and water.

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RePack Shipping Pouches

If we have any hope of ever actually changing our actual impact on this planet we need to take a serious look at the simple things we use passively and discard without a thought. Packing and shipping materials are a great example of this. Especially in the age of internet shopping. Royal College of Art graduate Yu-Chang Chou designed these ingenious reusable shipping pouches simply titled RePack.

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Worn Wear

I wish I had come across this sooner as I am in love with the stance that Patagonia is taking with this video. Part of a new marketing initiative called Worn Wear. The campaign revolves around the beauty that develops through out the shared experiences a person or family has with a garment as they go through their lives. The resulting stories are both awe inspiring, humanizing and tear jerking. The anti Black Friday message that floats on the surface is not overly preachy and finds a delicate and positive way to communicate itself. I commend Patagonia for making this video. I also applaud them for continuing to make quality clothing and technical gear built to stand the test of time even when the fashion industry and world seek the opposite.

Buy things that last! As Patagonia has shown us, the reward is far greater than the value of the savings.


For their new headquarters in the financial district of Tokyo Pasono wanted something green. Yoshimi Kono renovated a a building for them which now features a beautiful lush organic shell of green walls. The greenery or at least the growing doesn’t stop there. About 20% of the interior space is devoted to growing around 200 different plant species which are harvested and used in Pasona’s own cafeteria. A sort of Farm to Cubicle mecca like no other.

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RoandCo Studio has recently launched a new project titled RoandCo-llaborators, which is going to be an ongoing series of videos profiling the creative folks they work with to make many of their projects so uniquely amazing. The second video in the series captures both the passion and ethos of floral designer Taylor Patterson the talented stem tamer behind Fox Fodder Farm. I am very excited to follow this series as it evolves.

10¹² Terra

The word hydroponics usually brings up thoughts of your Greatful Dead enthusiast friend in high school trying to grow pot in his mother’s basement. Very few people realize that hydroponic growing techniques can be used for a wide range of different plants. Even then normal gear for hydroponics are far from attractive. In steps 10¹² Terra with these nice minimalist terrariums perfect for bringing a nice little water plant into your home or office.

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Detroit Electric

Detroit, the fallen automotive capital and home to the Big Three automakers used to be home to one of the earliest electric car companies. Founded in 1906 the company produced 13,000 vehicles before it shuttered in 1939. There is a brand new electric car company on the block in Detroit today and their mission is to pay-homage to their predecessor, but also to make the electric car cool. Detroit Electric has launched with a two seater roadster the SP:01 a limited edition electric sports car.

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Planter Brick

As part of Rael San Fratello Architects side project Emerging Objects they have designed this delightful little planter. A perfect accommodation for a few small pieces of vegetation, which would be a nice quick way to add life to your desk, nightstand or windowsill. Very succinctly named, the Planter Brick would be right at home next to my iMac and the design books on my desktop.

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Living Greens

San Francisco has long been known for its health conscious and grower oriented food culture and Living Greens fits right into that ethos. They say their business grew out of a passion for healthy living which is a little cliche, but I have to give them props since they create a pretty smashing lineup of juices. Recently as they began to reach a wider market and audience they approached Noise 13 to do a rebranding that would be more approachable. In addition to a full identity and collateral system N13 launched a new website for them, which makes it easier to make product updates and streamlines purchasing and order tracking. If you are going to live healthy you need to make sure your business is healthy too, and this brand update was exactly what Living Greens needed.

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FDR Four Freedoms Park

I am continually impressed with New York City and their green space development projects, especially under Mayor Bloomberg’s direction. The newly opened FDR Four Freedoms Park is another great accomplishment right up there with the re-imagined Brooklyn Bridge Park, The High Line and the revitalization of the Hudson River Park. The park was designed by Louis Kahn and is located on a triangular point of land at the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. The park opens to the public October 24th and if you are interested in reading more about the project check out the article over on NY Times.

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The LowLine

After the success of The High Line it seems like The City of New York is up to try and make some of the most out there public space and park projects happen. In this case it happens to be the LowLine(giving a nod to its above ground compatriot in Chelsea). An old warehouse in the Lower East Side is currently open to the public as a proof of concept for a new type of underground park and green space. The project has successfully raised over 100K on Kickstarter this year and has the support of many local officials and politicians. My favorite part of this idea and the project in general has to be the technology behind it. To create a naturally sun drenched park underground is of course by no means impossible, but it does take some serious engineering feats. Here they have utilized six tubes or collimators, which are controlled by a computer and GPS system to follow the movement of the sun and channel the greatest amount of light into the underground space during all times of the day. Once the light has made it below the surface and into the space it is reflected by a series of lenses and the anodized aluminum parabolic curve diffuses the light.

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Edge Prefab House

The Edge Prefab House consists of a single volume, a narrow box with high ceilings. The interior is centralized around an open full height living area and kitchen. On either end the is a raised loft which is occupied by an office or master bedroom respectively. The space created beneath the lofted sections is used for several uses including housing the bathroom, a guest bedroom, storage and the utilities of the house. My favorite part of both prefab architecture and the design of small living spaces is the necessity to pare everything down to the bare essentials both in fixtures and square footage. Designed by Revelations Architecture this small prefab living space truly demonstrates how living smaller can still be as beautiful as having a 5000 square foot monstrosity. In many cases more beautiful.

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BRD Motorcycles

BRD Motorcycles are not quite poised to change the motorized bike world single handedly, but they are about to make some serious waves with their beautiful line of bikes currently available for preorder. Of the three options my favorite has to be the RedShift SM pictured here. I can’t say BRD’s price point is very competitive, but with their bikes you will be getting something in an all new class. A sporty speed machine with a 100% electric power station.

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Flex Alert

Brainchild Creative made this wonderful animation for Flex Alert to help people conserve energy in California, which is facing persistent drought and energy shortage. The whole concept is impressively simple, and the execution is really beautiful.

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Garden Ruler

Garden Ruler is a nice way to get some greenery into a functional object which is normally a simple wood or metal stick. Norihiko Terayama of Studio Note has re-invisioned the ruler as a nice little acrylic looking glass. Small plants and herbs are frozen in time within. The stem of each sprig of greenery is placed at 1cm increments making it equally as functional as it is beautiful.

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Toyota Camatte Concept

The Disney Pixar vision of cars is finally in the pipeline to come to life. Toyota has recently previewed it’s Camatte concept car, which looks a lot more like the newest character from an animated movie than a road ready car. The concept was developed to attract the growing younger market of drivers. As budgets shrink and fuel costs rise many youths have been skipping the age old tradition of learning to drive all together. Camatte interests me for reasons fairly removed from their intended purpose. This sort of car would be very well suited to drivers in small suburban and semi-rural areas who need to drive fewer than 100 miles per week. Perfect for trips back and forth to the farmer’s market or the zipping to the local coffee shop.

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The First 70

California is currently attempting to close 1/4 of the 278 State Parks as a way of cutting costs. The implications of this are terrifying both for a natural environment and for future generations to have access to such amazing places. The First 70
is a project, which was successfully funded via Kickstarter, with the goal of creating a short film covering the story of Californians banding together to stop the closing of the parks and shed light on the already grossly underfunded parks system.

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Slow Food Nation Pavilion

I am addicted to converted shipping containers used as architectural building blocks, or in the case a simple outdoor structure. The welcome pavilions for the first annual Slow Food Nation event in San Francisco are a great example of the versatility of shipping containers. I can picture this same sort of design being used as an alternative to the prevalent food trucks. The design was by Jensen Architects who has created some amazing public spaces including the SFMOMA rooftop garden.

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Paul Lightfoot really got it right with BrightFarms. The produce/farming startup, or revolution as Lightfoot calls it starts with them. BrightFarms partners with supermarkets and food retailers to build hydroponic produce farms in their community and in some cases on the rooves of their stores and distribution centers. By cutting out the complex supply chains we have become reliant on for fresh produce BrightFarms is able to deliver higher quality food for equal or better prices. This TEDxManhattan talk is a must watch. Right now BrightFarms is working on several projects around NYC the most interesting of which is a gigantic rooftop farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


I have wanted to bring some plant life into my studio for quite a while, but being the obsessively organized minimalist that I am it has been difficult to find a solution that fits my requirements. Mosser is a small(desk size) terrarium, with a beautiful round clump of moss. Self sustaining, it only needs a spritz of filtered water ever 2 weeks. The power duo Jennica Johnstone and Noah Atkinson of CoLabs. The branding and packaging also deserves a great amount admiration, as I know with a little less care the simple moss ball would remain exactly that.

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