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Naoto Fukasawa for Artek

Another perfect design from Naoto Fukasawa. This modular shelving system was designed for Artek in 2009 to be debuted at milan design week in 2010 as the finish company was celebrating their 75th birthday. The system was developed based on the modular L-system designed by Alvar Aalto.

“I have always associated (alvar) aalto’s furniture designs, which highlight the graciousness of plain wood, with square building blocks. the basis for this design lies in the image of a plain wood cube with slightly rounded edges. the sections where the shelves and support brace meet affords the design a gentle feel, the kind of feeling that can likewise be attributed to a stack of building blocks with rounded edges. the intersection of the x-shaped brace is fashioned from cast aluminium and has an unadorned, rough feel to it.” – Naoto Fukasawa

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The Hopper Table

I am still slightly unclear as to the derivation of the name The Hopper Table. Anyway this minimalist take on the nostalgic summer classic by Extremis, is super clean and futuristic. I would love to have this thing on my imaginary patio.

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I had been saving this post for a rainy day so to speak, or at least a day where nothing else jumped out at me to post. This video is simply amazing and doesn’t need much an introduction. I hope most of you reading this have seen it, but whether you have or have not it’s worth watching.

The desk is the physical platform we as creatives use to dive off into projects, new ideas, and create change. So as the tools of design adapt, and the problems change that we as designers face does the desk adapt or go the way of the polar ice caps?

Herman Miller’s Susan Lyons on The Full Spectrum

I am really into ‘The Full Spectrum’ series so far. All the videos are extremely well produced and put together. They also seem to cover an awesome array of the creative and design world to talk about their work and how it interacts and is affected by color. The legend of Herman Miller needs little introduction, but as I clatter away on this keyboard from me trusty Aeron Chair I am reminded of the core values and level of excellence HM has and continues to stand for. I really love how Susan Lyons brings up the exploration of color and it’s connection to iterative design. Creating color palettes feels a little forced or a shot in the dark from time to time, but as Lyon’s explanation of the link between iterative design and the exploration and selection of the perfect color based on this trial and error system.

Tomás Alonso

There is something very useful and even comforting about the work of Tomás Alonso.I am also impressed with Alonso’s ability to create such simplified structures that still fulfill their purpose.

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Mid-City Modern

Shawn Moseley side stepped the issues most people encounter with buying a home and even with building one. For a little over 100K Moseley built what can’t be described as anything less than a modern dream home.

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Coat Rack: Vytautas Gecas

Fun minimalist solution for a coat rack by Lithuanian designer Vytautas Gecas. I like that the design moved beyond the predictability of a normal coat rack.

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Merchant No. 4

Online shop meets curated design gallery Merchant No. 4 has an exquisite collection of what can only be described as mixed use objects. Simple beautifully crafted collection including such things as a set of wooden tea cups, molded loungers, creased porcelain plates, and decorative objects.

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PorterFanna: 96 Schermerhorn #7G

This is an awesome ultra space conscious renovation in Downtown Brooklyn. PorterFanna took a typical one bedroom, and turned it into a fun open space with lots of light and a comfy living are which flows in and out of all the other areas of the apartment.

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Ina & Matt

Ina & Matt have a great balance of minimal and rustic in their interiors. Their approach seems to channel historic European barn and farm house design and construction in a resolved and modern way that is beautiful.

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Studio Dunn: Conventry Stool

The new Rhode Island collection by Studio Dunn is a beautiful combination of minimal design and respect for classic craftsmanship. The quality of the available wood choices also looks to be extremely high. My favorite piece in the collection is the Coventry Stool pictured above.

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