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Afteroom Chair

This chair designed and built by Afteroom is by far my favorite chair on earth. The simple construction and materials enhance each other beautifully.

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Shoes Books and a Bike

Since summer weather has already descended in a steamy cloak of mugginess let’s keep the cycling theme going today with this awesome bike storage shelf designed by Thomas Walde. This unit is produced in Switzerland and available for sale over at Postfossil.

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Sky Deck

Sky Deck is a nice piece of design to make enjoying a drink or a snack on your balcony. Designed by Japanese architects Torafu is a great way to transform otherwise difficult to use outdoor space.

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Cache Storage Cabinet

Somewhere between the Eames’ designs and the evolution of Scandinavian design, which had a large influence on Charles and Ray’s work, exists this cabinet. The Cache Storage Cabinet with its clean lines and contrasting panels was designed by Montreal based Zoë Mowat. Zoë has an amazing skill of accentuating the simplicity of her pieces through bold contrast of color and material. It also gives her pieces a nice organizational or puzzle piece sort of quality.

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COR Lounge Chair

I can’t say I love the name(Shrimp Cocktail), but this chair does resemble an update or possibly a revision of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair. Designed for COR by Jehs+Laub. This lounge is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Herman Miller version.

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I first came across Henrybuilt in an issue of Dwell several years ago, and I was immediately taken with their attention to detail and the infusion of craft in their modern work. Often in modern design we see construction and function sacrificed to achieve a specific look while maintaining a sufficient profit margin. Henrybuilt is on the other end of the spectrum from those types of furniture designers. Creating systems for the kitchen, dinning room, and the whole house. Items can range in size from this example, of a backsplash rack with a beautifully crafted wooden inset knife rack, up to entire kitchens or rooms. Every piece is made to order, and each project is taken on as a design project where they will configure and customize their existing components to your space.

Eames Ltr Exhibition

Besides being a serious design, illustration, and typographical powerhouse House Industries has also been lucky enough to work with one of the greatest design legacies of all time. Over the past few years they have created several amazing projects from inspired by Charles and Ray Eames. The newest foray has been a collaboration with Herman Miller Japan. Together they have made this limited series of 80 tables. Each of the classic Eames wire-base tables is finished with a letter, number or ornament from the House Industries Eames Century Modern font collection, and come packed in a custom designed wooden shipping crate.

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Pop Up Gallery

Ben Lambers created this amazing installation or as it is called a pop up gallery in his home for Inside Design Amsterdam. More of a workspace, with a bunch of unique little pieces and ceramics curated throughout it.

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Jean Prouvé Industrial Beauty

Industrial designer and architect Jean Prouvé in my opinion is one of the most underrated and forgotten modernist designers. His work laid the ground work for a lot of subsequent styles. Many of which are still prevalent and even hip today. His work was very evidently influenced by the post industrial revolution manufacturing culture and the advent of mass production. In opposition to the changes we have witnessed where mass production has allowed for a drop in the quality of goods. Prouvé used it as an opportunity to make furniture out of materials that were normally used in aircraft and military grade fixtures.

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Collection for Coalesse

MINIMAL Inc. has designed a Collection for Coalesse, which to put it simply aims to redefine the conference room. As our workspaces and desks have evolved the conference room has stayed the same. Our practices have become ever more social, and collaboration is an active component of any good work environment. Based on this evolution in the work environment the area where we hold meetings and brainstorm as a group obviously needed an overhaul. This collection by Minimal reminds me a lot of the ergonomics and structure of some of Herman Miller’s classic office chairs and even airport seating, with some obvious comfort updates and a great deal of elegance. One aspect that I find striking about the line in general is that it seems to be set at a lower than standard height for office furniture. This undoubtedly translates into the mood and energy that exists with in the conference room.

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Martín Azúa

This amazing chair is part of an ongoing study, Martín Azúa of nature and it’s integration into physical objects. In the case of this chair it exists not only as a place to sit and relax, but also as a home to plant and a habitation for a small animal. We begin to see through projects like The Inner Life how proximity to nature provides a more intimate understanding of it and also a improved level of calm.

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Mr. T

Kieser Spath’s concept for a clothing rail, perfectly named Mr. T the construction is a ultra minimal design using two wooden t-shaped verticals with a metal rod spanning the space between them. The rail is available in two sizes and can be easily taken apart and here is the real genius. It can be store flat.

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New Basics

Jonah Takagi of Takagi Atelier has released a new line of pieces called New Basics, which consists of a few variations on a flat packing table. The brightly colored hardware for the system is laser cut powder coated steel and the tops are a durable 100% recycled composite.

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Merchant No. 4 (Update)

Merchant No. 4 always has the best little finds, and some great bigger pieces too. Mostly home-goods and knick knacks for around the house, they also carry some great minimalist furniture pieces and lighting fixtures. I posted about some of their beautiful wood kitchen containers and fixtures a year ago yesterday, check it out here.

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