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Baux Acoustic Panels

When you think about acoustic panels design and sustainability are not the first things that come to mind. These panels however have set about changing that. Designed by Form Us With Love for the Swedish company Baux come in 20 different colors and are available in 5 pressed patterns. The panels are made of wood wool, cement and water.

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Beer Friday: Minibar Concept

The minibar definitely holds an interesting position in the hierarchy of home furnishings and has definitely been without some much deserved design attention for quite a while. Cecilie Manz collaborated with Danish furniture maker Rud Rasmussen in the design and fabrication of this concept for Wallpaper’s Handmade exhibition. Although the scale of it makes it slightly awkward calling it a minibar the resulting piece would be at home in any modern drinkers home.

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Bang Bang Pegboard

Wow! Totally loving this modular shelving system by George & Willy. Made up of cut and finished plywood and dowels the Bang Bang Pegboard is an ingenious storage and display concept. The idea for the system comes from an unlikely, but understandable place. The childhood game of Battleship where players insert pegs into a game board based on positions called out by opposing players.

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Kawara Chair

This ingenious and simple design by Tsuyoshi Hayashi repurposes discarded Japanese roof tiles. The resulting chairs are both innately Japanese and the addition of colors is amazing.

“Japanese roof tiles are fired at 1200 degrees celsius, much higher than the 800 degree temperature of European tiles, meaning that they can hold the weight of a person up to 250 lbs.”

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Sinnerlig for Ikea

As a business and design model I have always been inspired by Ikea, however it has been quite a while since any of their designs have really caught my attention. Sinnerlig definitely has though. Designed in collaboration with British designers Studioisle. Due to release around the globe in August the collection features furniture, home goods and fixtures all made out of cork or a subdued palette of other natural materials and fibers.

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I love the idea of simple mobile furniture solutions that can be assembled and disassembled for easy moving. Living in New York there seems to be a constant flow of packing and unpacking. Personally the longest I have ever lived in one place was 3 years, but otherwise by the time I have gotten settled and set up in a place its time to look for another. Jeroen van Leur has designed a perfect wardrobe solution for this quandary. The Woodstock Wardrobe is both simple and easy to take apart and bring to the next place. It provides a significant amount of additional hanging storage without being space specific.

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Lain Shelf

The organized nature of mine draws me to any and all shelving. Lain is an awesome little unit, which comes flat packed in a box that doubles as a stand for quick and easy assembly. Designed by Pablo García Guardiola and Laura Caceres by removing the need for tools or any fixing elements like screws or adhesives.

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620 Reading Room

The classic 620 Chair Program originally designed by Dieter Rams has recently undergone a re-engineering. To launch the updated seating system the Vitsoe shop here in New York is opening a ‘620 Reading Room’. The reading room is completed with a curated selection of books from the Vitsoe neighbor Dashwood Books.

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Folia Desk

I am very familiar with having my desk piled with tons of paper, from printouts to sketches. The Folia Desk designed by Leon Ransmeier is an elegant solution, which allows you to divide up your piles into sleek slide out drawers under the desktop.

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Theca & Steelwood

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have designed a new storage unit for Magis that features use of some interesting new materials. Doors and sides of the unit are made of stamped aluminum and the purchaser can select from natural finish, black or anodized. You also get your choice of wood for the shelves, cherry or black ash. To accompany the Theca storage unit, the Bouroullecs have released their Steelwood Chair in a new galvanized steal and beech edition, which fits perfectly with the cabinet.

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The concept behind this ultra minimalist rocking chair was to embody the look and feel of relaxation. When I relax I personally feel a little more amorphous or at least less rigid. That aside the design by Purpose Inc. is really beautiful and the profile view almost resembles the floor plan of an oddly shaped building.

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Eagle Wolf Orca

Emmet Rock, Fritz Riha and Marc Reisen were separated by distance after they each returned home after a study abroad program in Milan. They didn’t let that distance end their amazing collaborations. Instead they founded decided to come together to form a transatlantic creative firm. Named Eagle Wolf Orca, which reflect both their sensibilities and the aesthetic of their work.

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Tidy Up Your Life

Vitsoe was one of the first ways I discovered and fell in love with Dieter Rams. This wonderful short film documents a couple’s home in Munich who have been living with the Vitsoe shelving system since the 1960s. It has become such an important and integral roll in there lives that it is in every room and almost disappears beneath or behind the things which occupy it. The most intriguing part to me was how Monica said in reference to the 606 system being open or visible. “Because your life is always visible, it is you what is shown.” I think this is a phenomenal sentiment. How a shelving system can be viewed as a living monument or museum to your life. The things we keep, value, and display help to paint a picture of we are or may aspire to be.

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Simple modular shelving is not hard to come by, but finding a unique system that is both functional and well designed can be difficult. The Divider designed by Mieke Meijer is a great example of one such piece. A few things that really caught my attention was the angled roof like framing at the top of the shelf, the nice contrast between the wood pieces and the metal brackets, and the small size of the shelving compartments.

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Area Bed