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The local food movement has been growing rapidly, but it can sometimes still be difficult to figure out what to buy an where to buy it. Farmstand is an iPhone app whose purpose is to connect you to with great local food, help you find out where to purchase it, and in turn help the movement itself. Farmstand was made right here in New York City, Brooklyn specifically by Josh Stewart, John Ford, and Glenn Sidney.

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In honor of my second week cleansing, which I took a little break from over the weekend I thought I would post something perfectly related. Construct London designed the simple minimalist branding, packaging and web design work for Radiance Cleanse. Radiance was founded in 2009 and and was one of the UK’s first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse makers.

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Kipik Toothpick Holder

Usually nifty little accessories like this bug me. Kipik though is so cute I have been won over. The cute hedgehog holder of toothpicks is available online from the MoMA Store.

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Urban Coffee Farm

This has to be one of the coolest coffee shops I have ever seen. Part coffee shop ,part farm, and festival hub this popup at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival was designed by Hassell. The Coffee Farm consists of 120 plants and is constructed of recycled palettes, shipping containers and is interspersed with great info graphics enlightening visitors about coffee growth and production.

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The Cartography of Kitchenware

As far as infographics go this one doesn’t display data in a revolutionary new way or even break down an either wise confusing subject matter. It does however combine two of my greatest interests. Good design and cooking or at least the utensils for cookery. “The Cartography of Kitchenware” by the wonderful folks over at Popchart Lab. The poster shows all or most of the kitchen implements you will realistically ever need and how they are all related to one another.

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From Farm to Fork

As everything has started to “go green” or be packaged as sustainable today designing anything unique or fresh in that vein can be difficult. Swedish American Chamber of Commerce recently commissioned a great modern facelift for their annual summit in New York. Stockholm, Malmö, and New York-based creative agency Amore was in charge of the rebranding and design for all the printed materials.

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Beer Friday: Bell & Anchor

For Beer Friday this week I thought it would be apt to give a shout out to what will definitely be my new favorite watering hole. Wednesday night Bell & Anchor opened to an enthusiastic group of close friends and family as the newest culinary foray by Mark Firth. Mark is best known in the food world as co-founder and partner at Diner, Marlow and Sons, and the other successful off shoots.

Together with his wife Bettina Schwartz, and chef Stephen Browning, Firth’s new Berkshire haunt will be offering a seasonal menu of hearty homestyle food. Distinctly farm to table, the focus is as much on the farmers and producers as it is on the guys in the kitchen. Great Barrington and the Berkshires have been incomplete without the rustic refinement of a place like this. The interior is finished in a variety of different woods and a mix match of farmhouse tables and chairs, deco stools, and vintage light fixtures that are everything but coordinated. The wood panelling in many of the rooms is from a cherry tree off the property of Mark’s farm in Monterey, MA. The warm tone circulates through the restaurant beaming off of the flushed smiles of people enjoying food, drink, and community.

If you are in the Berkshires this fall or winter make sure to stop in to Bell & Anchor located at 178 Main Street in Great Barrington.

Cup and Saucer

Saucers have always been a slightly annoying dish to me, but this set designed by Mina Perhonen has changed my opinion. Together the cup and saucer create a whimsical little bird to hold your piping hot beverages. They are available for sale over on White Rabbit Japan.

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Tavern Vinegar

Christine Wisnieski created this amazing packaging design for Tavern Vinegar Co., Chef Jonathan Sawyer’s new line of artisanal vinegars. The bold type and classic lettering help to build a nice design vernacular around the product name, which adds a lot to it’s overall positioning. Even the flask shape, reminiscent of bourbon and whiskey bottles helps to give some added power to the name.

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Beer Friday: Brooklyn Larder Posters

Brooklyn Larder in Park Slope is one of my favorite provisions shops in New York City. They carry a great variety of meats, cheeses, beer and other quality grocery items. I recently came across this series of posters they made which highlight each of their different categories of products. Since this is Beer Friday I am featuring their Beer Poster, but check out all the other great posters for sale on their website.


Andrée Rouette created this awesome concept in a packaging design class. The design consists of aluminum canisters laminated with slightly different shades of maple to and printed with a large letter to specify the sugar purity of the syrup.

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Oak Long Bar

Oak Long Bar is a bar and restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. The establishment features a beautiful, ornate and bold rebranding designed by Jeshurun Webb formerly of Korn Design in collaboration with illustrator Brianna Nichols. The resulting palette created for the rebranding of OLB beautiful and delicate with a hand done craft like feel with out being kitschy or cute.

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Casa Bosques Chocolates

Savvy Studio based in Monterey, Mexico has started a self initiated project of creating permanent and sustainable products. Project No. 1 was a collaboration with master Jorge Llanderal called Casa Bosques Chocolates. Unlike the normal side projects that designers make Savvy’s series has the potential of making a huge impact both on how we view and buy products, but also on how we view what a graphic designer actually does. The artisanal chocolate is made by Llanderal in small batches and includes seasonally selected spices and flavoring ingredients. Some of the ones already made have been Pimienta Rosa and Flor de Sal.

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Del Popolo

So for the last few years my friend Ilana has been telling me about how her brother, a former law student moved out to SF and was working on opening a pizza truck. Every time she brought it up I was like oh yeah yeah cool, just thinking great all we need is another mediocre food truck in the world. It just so happens Ilana’s brother is Jon Darsky and his pizza truck is Del Popolo one of the most interesting new culinary additions to the Bay Area food scene in the past year. Jon earned his pizzaiolo chops and title at Flour + Water another SF Italian restaurant specializing in pasta and Neapolitan style pies. Not only does the design and fabrication of Jon’s truck set him apart, but the style of pizza he creates(Neapolitan) is the most specific and surprisingly enough regulated type of pie in existence. The 5,000-pound wood-burning oven can get up to almost 1000 degrees fahrenheit and cook a pizza in almost a minute at such high temps. Next time I am in the area Del Popolo is going to be a required stop.

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The Optimist

Smith Hanes restaurant interiors always have a way of elevating both the dinning experience and taking the style of cuisine and extended it out into the space. The new restaurant The Optimist recently opened in Atlanta by Ford Fry is a great example of this. Optimist is the third limb in Fry’s growing Atlanta chef-owned restaurant empire and with an interior like this it is most definitely not a weak link. Hanes worked with graphic designer Alvin Diec on creating the visual elements to accompany the space including signage and menus. All photographs were shot by Andrew Thomas Lee.

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Prime Burger

Thankfully Lost & Found Films captured this historic New York institution before they shuttered in May. Prime Burger was a fixture in Manhattan for 74 years, with employees who had worked there for more than five decades. The simple perfection of their burgers

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Wahaca Southbank

If you have tuned in to campsite for a while you already know that I have a penchant for cargo container architecture. This new outpost of the Mexican food chain Wahaca in London’s Southbank Centre is a pretty cool dinning space. The stacked shipping containers create a cozy modern interior and a vibrant billboard like look from the street. The restaurant was designed by SOFTROOM architects. My only wish is that the photos captured the hustle and bustle of the restaurant at the dinner rush, which I am sure would get across the more lively day to day operation there.

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Shake Shack Website

I have long admired the work of Big Space Ship and for maybe even longer enjoyed the eatables at Shake Shack. So of course when I saw the new Shake Shack website they designed I was tickled medium rare(pink). The site features an extremely bare bones design with some dynamic scrolling and slide show elements interspersed to give the page a nice amount of depth without too much clutter. Also in the same manner as Danny Meyer’s restaurants the site has a basket of small touches which combined really make the user experience. The custom icon set created for the site is amazing, a huge variety of iconography and rendered in a perfectly uniform style.

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Rocket Pig

Just in time for lunch I figured some insight into a great new lunch spot in Chelsea would be helpful. Working in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan can make it surprisingly difficult to get a really awesome takeaway lunch. All the gallery staffers have made Bottino the singular beacon for such a meal west of 9th avenue from 18th to 30th. Just last week Ralf Kuettel the chef and owner of Trestle on Tenth opened a rad little sandwich shop in the former stable in Trestle’s backyard. The new operation is named Rocket Pig as the mainstay of their menu is the Rocket Pig Sandwich. The menu is short, but the finger-licking sandwich of smoked spice-rubbed pork with red onion jam and mustard sauce on a ciabatta roll served with a house-made pickle and a side of house made hot sauce holds it’s own.


The new one-piece kitchen by Valcucine and Alessi is the dream of any minimalist individual or a cleanly home chef. Rounded corners, a lacquered sheen, and lines akin to that of a futuristic car make the kitchen unit equal in value as a cooking surface and as a sculptural object. Design for LaCucinaAlessi was tasked to Wiel Arets Architects who specialize in clean and minimal design for structures, furniture, and interiors.

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