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Baron Batch’s Angry Man Salsa

Being a hot sauce, salsa, and general condiment enthusiast you can bet your ass I am in love with Baron Batch’s Angry Man Salsa. I was lucky enough to taste some at a friends apartment, but have been unable to get my hands on anymore as it is completely sold out for the time being. In addition to be enamored by the simple perfection of flavor I am of course swooning over their packaging and identity. Those designs were carried out by the now shuttered Foundry Co.

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Folded Maps

My dad and I used to make folded paper pieces quite a bit when I was young, and these pieces by David Lu are similar to an exactly design we made. The use of old maps adds a beautiful texture to the pieces and also breathes new life into physical maps which are rarely used or even referenced anymore.

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Drawing Apparatus

This Drawing Apparatus created by Robert Howsare using two turntables is really interesting, and the resulting drawing is phenomenal. A great combination of art, mathematics, and DIY. I posted previous about a project by Eske called Drawing Machine, which is based on the same principles, but on a larger scale also worth checking out.

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Builder’s Special

This Bozeman, Montana home is a special breed, and not just because it took a special breed to build it. Sound engineer by day Brian Whitlock got his hands dirty doing as much of the labor on his DIY home as possible. Sourcing materials and talent locally helped Whitlock create his dream space, and also find a contractor that was willing to work with a hands on client that wanted to be a part of every step, literally.

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Mikey Burton Stamp

As far as business card printing techniques go this one is far from the most elaborate, but we can definitely all take some notes from it’s ingenuity. Mikey Burton collaborated with Cranky Pressman to create this custom to go stamp, which allows Burton to turn just about any porous surface into a promotional material. In addition it can hook right onto your keychain, which would definitely help me to avoid those awkward “yes I am a designer, no I don’t have a business card on me moments” we all encounter.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Part designer, part performer, part installation artist Julien Vallée now has a monograph out called Rock Paper Scissors. My favorite aspects of his work are his ability to bring his passion for experimentation and unique DIY solutions to every single project. I also love how Julien himself is a subject or model in so much of his work.

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Christine & Ian’s Wedding Invitations

There is really only one way to make a guidebook inspired wedding invitation cooler and that is to make it yourself for Under $200. Christine and Ian did just that, with a craft solution that looks a lot more like high cost professionally printed goods.

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Stamp Sheet Wall Planner

The Stamp Sheet Wall Planner is another beautiful piece from the brains over at Present & Correct. This amazing wall calendar is a beautiful new way to count down the days in a year, and also to be inspired to make something everyday.

Robo Rainbow

I saw this video a few months, but after watching it for a second time I realized how much I love the ingenuity behind it. Such a smart mechanism applied to street art could only come from a genius creator like Akay. Robo Rainbow is part of a collection of objects designed by the Swedish street artist called instruments of mass destruction.

“instruments of mass destruction (complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism)”

Jay Nelson’s Domes

Artist Jay Nelson creates unique organic architecture works that fall somewhere between the homes of hobbits and surfer shacks. Unique engineering and simplistic use of materials make his work innately human. Nelson grew up chasing waves and building beach shacks on the California cost. With a USC physics professor for a father you can assume his buildings where much more complex than your normally beach shanty. After attending both CCA and Bard College Nelson holds tight to his surfer roots creating richly inhabitable little pods.

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I just wanted to share this fun little video by teevee graphics, which caught my eye. This promotional video was done for Voices a show on Space Shower TV.

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Dana Tanamachi

Talented designer and hand letterer Dana Tanamachi has done some amazing chalk type lettering for an array of different commissions, which are truly fascinating. Especially for all of us who spend our days “crafting” away at a computer. Dana currently works for the extraordinary Louise Fili applying her serious lettering and typographic talents.

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is on my list for the most revolutionary web-design tools of 2010. This is a one-stop web-based tool for designing, building and hosting an awesome site for $10 a month. I highly recommend this tool for people who want to setup a simple website or portfolio and be able to manage it with ease.

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Mid-City Modern

Shawn Moseley side stepped the issues most people encounter with buying a home and even with building one. For a little over 100K Moseley built what can’t be described as anything less than a modern dream home.

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Coat Rack: Vytautas Gecas

Fun minimalist solution for a coat rack by Lithuanian designer Vytautas Gecas. I like that the design moved beyond the predictability of a normal coat rack.

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