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The Hives

Whether it is for home or office I am always looking for simple a simple storage solution for all of the small knick knacks such as pens, clips, and the like. These stacking boxes designed by Perrine Vigneron for a Y’as Pas Le Feu Au Lac called Hives are perfect.

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Instagram’s New Logo-mark

I have to say, despite being a designer and constantly judging the design I encounter everyday I did not notice the update to Instagram’s logotype until I heard buzz of it on the blogs. Under closer inspection, and maybe a little scrutiny I have to say that their updated logo-mark is a very beautifully crafted piece lettering. The existing brand is maintained, but so evidently improved. Some new elements or distinct changes are the use of a proper script s, cleaned up the a’s, and created a nice simplified I to begin the name. All in all I really like the new mark, hat tip to the designer Mackey Saturday. It is also really fun to compare the old and new logos in the images below, or at least I find it amusing.

It was always essential that the design maintained everything that we’ve all grown to know and love about Instagram while creating a logotype that was more refined, durable, and that positioned the brand for expansion. Looking to the past to inspire the future, the script connects with the nostalgia that Instagram was built from, maintains the important character of the original typeface, and places the brand in a unique and prominent position both in the current and future landscape.

Dickies Update

For me a lot of my taste can be traced back to growing up skateboarding. Dickies were of course one of the standard uniform items for me and my friends. A mix between simplicity, durability and at the time price. At one point I recall being able to pick up a pair at the now defunct retailer Ames for $12.99. It is nice to see them updating their brand and making a go at competing in the current revival of men’s workwear. With some help from Javas Lehn and Hornall Anderson they have received a new identity that pays homage to the brands history, but also adds a nice contemporary feel to it. Checkout some of Lehn’s work for Still Liquor previously posted here on campsite.

Mountain Cabin

As always the simplicity is what first drew me to this house. After staring at the images for a while the thing I began to notice was how it was sited and landscaped. Far too many homes and their accompanying property have a landscape design that feels right out of a Lowe’s ad spot or a home and garden magazine. The natural rough sort of plants and trees, as well as the exposed rock of this plot are to me so much more interesting and inviting. A home is a enough of an imposition on the natural landscape sometimes and the best counterstroke is to allow nature to embrace it and for them to harmonize together.

This Mountain Cabin looking out towards the Rondane mountains in Oppland, Norway was designed by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk.


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Tom Kundig Collection

Olson Kundig Architects have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Their aesthetic and style of design blends rustic and industrial elements into comfortable and utilitarian spaces. They have recently launched a side project with 12th Avenue Iron. The Tom Kundig Collection are a selection of fixtures for the moments when people become kinetically involved with the buildings and spaces they inhabit.

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Beer Friday: Solemn Oath Brewer

Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting talks about and shares with us some great shots of the holistic process behind the beer at Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville, Illinois. Similar to any other craft manufacturer or skilled laborer with a focus on the end product, the folks at SOB are focussed on each element of the process, from the ingredients they use, to the bar top in their tap-room, and on to the logo their beers wear out into the world. This video was made for Issue 1 of Apartment Number 9†, a new editorial project by the Chicago based menswear shop.

House in Yoro

A living space where the presence of the family would always be felt. Using this as the client brief Keiichi Kiriyama of Airhouse Design Office led the design of this open flowing single family house in Yoro, Japan.

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Today seems to have coincidentally ended up being a food themed day on campsite. First tacos and now a social movement raising the awareness of international Peace Day by bringing people together over food. In addition to being an entirely admirable cause Recipeace has powerful identity attached to it designed by Casey Martin and Kyle Poff at Leo Burnett Department of Design

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Taqueria Canalla

Tacos have to be one of the most universally loved and enjoyed finger foods. In San Pedro, Mexico this hip young restaurant Taqueria Canalla recently opened their doors. With an identity and interior designed by Manifesto Futura your hunger for aesthetics can be satiated at the same time as that grumble in your belly. The color palette is notably subdued, but it is punctuated with some delicate punches of color in very specific spots.

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Moor Haus

Moor Haus is lovely utilitarian single family house designed by Bernardo Bader in Krumbach Germany. The design lies somewhere between a high-design barn and a sleek modernist dwelling. This is achieved partially through a restricted palette of materials and finishing, as well as a simplicity of shape, form and plan.


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Detroit Electric

Detroit, the fallen automotive capital and home to the Big Three automakers used to be home to one of the earliest electric car companies. Founded in 1906 the company produced 13,000 vehicles before it shuttered in 1939. There is a brand new electric car company on the block in Detroit today and their mission is to pay-homage to their predecessor, but also to make the electric car cool. Detroit Electric has launched with a two seater roadster the SP:01 a limited edition electric sports car.

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Segment Shade

Ceramic slip-casting is something I haven’t encountered since my first year 3-D class in design school. A simple, but fun process of creating cast pottery. Philip Cuttance has used it for creating the whimsical and unique Segment Shades for New Zealand based Resident.

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Beer Friday: Sav Snaps & Sav Sparkling

Swedish Sav Snaps and Sav Sparkling are two birch based libations, the first is a distilled liquor made through a process of distilling the sap and the second is a sparkling birch based wine. The recipes were sourced from historic archives from the 1700s and embody the vibrance and illustrious past of spirits making in Sweden. The bottles and packaging design for Sav was completed by Swedish studio Stockholm Design Lab.

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Do you travel frequently? Have you ever search for an easy iPhone app for converting currency? Well it has finally arrived. Alex Penny & Matt Davenport the super talented designer developer duo behind Simple have recently released their first app Currency. Some of the apps greatest accomplishments are its ultra simple user interface, and its nice integration of intuitive gesture manipulation as opposed to a bunch buttons cluttering up the screen. Next time I travel I can already tell Currency is going to be a functional and friendly companion.

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The Art of Cycling

Rapha is one of those rare exquisite brands whose excellence is both unparalleled and classical. Their cycling clothes and accessories sacrifice the ever common flash and graphics of the more pervasive kits from companies like Castelli and Louis Garneau. Crafted designs and colors will undoubtedly weather the roads and will stand the test of time and changing trends. As cycling culture becomes ever more fashionable and a staple in the urban sphere we have seen a lot of companies pop up touting a similar style or ethos to Rapha, but after nearly a decade I think they have truly established themselves as a riders company. This video they recently launch is a perfect embodiment of their company and their goods. No additional soundtrack is necessary, just the sounds of riding in its purest form.

Anatomy of Surfer Owen Wright

Instead of following the “surf porn” trend of capturing Owen Wright slashing through waves and blasting into the air. Matt Titone and Ron Thompson of ITAL/C had a different idea. They were inspired, instead to creat The Anatomy of Owen Wright. A short infographic animation of the Herculean surfer. The data and visualizations compare Wright’s physiology to other professional athletes and also point out the vast differences between him and other notable competitors in his field. There usage or reference to the Vitruvian Man is appropriate and also extremely well executed.

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Planter Brick

As part of Rael San Fratello Architects side project Emerging Objects they have designed this delightful little planter. A perfect accommodation for a few small pieces of vegetation, which would be a nice quick way to add life to your desk, nightstand or windowsill. Very succinctly named, the Planter Brick would be right at home next to my iMac and the design books on my desktop.

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Static Coffee

Salih Kucukaga has designed some fabulous brand and identity work, and even more specifically for coffee shops and roasters. I previously posted here on campsite about his work for Espresso Republic. Pictured here is Kucukaga’s branding for Static Coffee, which features some wonderful typography. The badge designed and applied to the bulk coffee bags is also really great and composes both informational and graphical elements into a powerful lockup.

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Folia Desk

I am very familiar with having my desk piled with tons of paper, from printouts to sketches. The Folia Desk designed by Leon Ransmeier is an elegant solution, which allows you to divide up your piles into sleek slide out drawers under the desktop.

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Beer Friday: Kashiwa Sato for Kirin

Designer Kashiwa Sato is a well renowned Japenese graphic design who has worked for brand such as 7 Eleven, Honda, Olympus and tons more. Sato is best known for his work for the clothing brand and stores Uniqlo, which originated in Japan. I recently found the Source Series, which is a project by Korean designer Wang Zhi Hong documenting the work of great designers. Of course the pieces of work that caught my eye the most were Sato’s work for Japanese brewery Kirin.

Whenever I go out for Soba, Udon, or Sushi, Kirin is definitely one of my favorite accompaniments to the meal. Their beers are always fresh and crisp with a clean finish. Sato’s work for them fits a similar and very Japanese style. He channels an amazing amount of clean grid based design while hinting at some classic Japanese motifs and design elements. While the can designs he created are rigid and minimalist to a fault some of his print collateral balances that with a more chaotic and wild approach.

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