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Wieden+Kennedy HQ

This first time I caught a glimpse of the Wieden+Kennedy headquarters in Portland was in the film Art & Copy. The space itself is truly amazing, unparalleled, and gives new validity to the idea that a creatively designed workspace is a better place to do creative work. The design itself was concocted by Allied Works Architecture, which is a wonderful solution for this project and the existing structure was built within. The biggest and most prominent element of the design to me is that it has been built around an amphitheatre style performance space. All the other sections and work areas branch off around it. This sense of communal space that brings all the other parts of the company and physical working environment together is a great idea.

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By now anyone and everyone has most likely heard about LetterMpress. It has received almost double it’s goal in funding on Kickstarter, which I think is a good barometer for its high potential. I only wish it was going to be available on iPhones as well.

The app. itself will allow you to create custom letterpress compositions and prints in a user interface and process that parallels the real act of letterpress printing. You will also be able to print directly from the app. or export vector files of your designs for use in other applications such as AI.


It’s great to see design being applied to big issues that have the potential to benefit real people. Often with design we don’t see major impact beyond the edges of the creative pond. Once in a while though, there is a design innovation so distinct and necessary that it makes everyone go “duh!”. Mobilegs created by Mobi is one such innovation. Mobi is a mobility products development studio that came out of Studio Weber + Associates in Minneapolis.

Most people have suffered the agony of a broken leg or sprained ankle, and by agony I am referring to the chafing, irritation, and bruising caused by trying to maneuver around using crutches. This winning innovation was invented by Jeff Weber who has designed several successful pieces for Herman Miller with their main focus being ergonomics. So solving the crutch problem makes sense as a next step for Weber.

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Solar-Powered, Zero Energy, Transparent LCD?

Over the course of 2010 there were a bunch of concept videos and designs based on the idea of translucent displays, and even display technologies that were so cheap they could be applied to any surface. Now, a mere two months into 2011, to hear that Samsung has unveiled a 46″ LCD television that is solar-powered, zero energy, and transparent. Well this is just a complete mental explosion. I do have to say it starts to feel a little scary when the most absurd future visualizations from the movies of your childhood start to become realities, and we have definitely gotten to that point.

The prototype was unveiled at CeBit in Germany. The television has integrated solar panels that draw energy from ambient light in the room, so dark screening rooms will no longer be friends with the televisions of the future. The translucence of the display is actually attributable to the display being so thin. The next obvious jump is to start integrating this type of display into glass surfaces for any and all applications. The biggest one off the bat is obviously going to be car windshields. Yes another hazard on the road! My cynicism aside the combined super powers in this new TV really are rad and the energy efficiency side of it really impresses me coming from a big corporation like Samsung.

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Huski Lodge

Huski Lodge is a boutique hotel in the Victorian Highlands of Australia. It was designed by Elenberg Fraser based on studies of snowflake geometry and Australian timber framing. The faceted design and positioning on the site work together maximize views and light in each of the separate apartments. It is intriguing to think that the architects studied snowflakes in the design of this building when you see the way the building and snow interact with one another as if they were old friends.


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Gregg’s Cycles New HQ

When designing a retail space for Gregg’s Cycle in Bellevue, Washington Weinstein AU decided to create a building that literally put the bikes out front, and really leverages it’s design to highlight the bicycles. Instead of submitting to the norm and creating another street level retail experience with limited parking Weinstein AU opted for a raised concrete design that provides protected parking below along with easy access to the rear of the building and more parking out back. It also physically boosts the bikes up towards the sky, which definitely accentuates their concept of highlighting the bikes.

This style of, product first retail design is becoming more prevalent. One specific instance that the Gregg’s Cycle reminded me of is the Freitag Flagship Store in Zurich. Design that is both relevant to the brand, it’s products and also develops a customized approach to display that is only applicable to their specific goods and location really creates a richer and more unique shopping experiences. This thought process or equation can and should be applied to other media and applications.

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Haus K

Haus K is a nice simple design by Yes Architecture, many of the aesthetic cues are taken from local architecture so the house could harmonize with it’s surroundings. The brick structure they built on top of was originally a wine cellar and one room wine press, and instead of demolishing the existing structure and building in it’s place the architects chose to use it’s existing brick layout as a foundation of sorts for the new house. I only wish there was some better information and more images of Haus K available.


Still Liquor

This branding and identity work by Javas Lehn for Still Liquor on Capitol Hill in Seattle is a simple and thoughtful solution. I am not 100% positive of the significance of the car element, I would infer that it has something to do with prohibition, but cannot be certain. I do love it though.

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Skilift Carmenna

I posted about Bearth & Deplazes previously here, and for the second time I have stumbled across their work and been completely enamored. They design these amazing solutions for extremely remote building sites and for structures that usually have little design. This project Skilift Carmenna they designed both integrates with the natural environment, in winter it is cover in snow and summer the roof is grass covered, but it also adds a level of visual interest to what is normally a bland utilitarian structure.

Due to the location of this project, the ski area is in Arosa, Switzerland the material choice had to be very specific. Everything needed to be light and easily transportable by helicopter. So they chose simple things like plastic and corrugated metal sheeting, wood. Despite this minimalist palette they were able to create astounding modern building that truly fit their purpose and surroundings. That to me is part of what defines architecture.


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Areaware Wooden Animals

The situation of children’s toys always seems to leave a bit to be desired. When I come across an awesome toy, or in this case set of toys, that are aesthetically beautiful, durable and great for laying of course. Design and durability are something I feel should be on parent’s minds when shopping for toys. That said this set by AREAWARE really are awesome.

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Quote Vadis

A nice little concept for a site and simple straight forward design make Quote Vadis an awesome source for inspiration. QV delivers quotes by famous and respected people from all walks of life accompanied by some brief biographical information and a photo of the person credited for the quotation. They are most certainly, in my opinion, at the head of the pack for blogs that operate in the inspiration and reference category.

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la Une du Menu

Being the kind of person that sometimes likes to organize the food on your plate does not make you weird. Organizing the food on your plate and then not eating it makes you weird. That said these plates designed by Pierre Georges are amazing. He took a grid based on Le Monde newspaper and silk screened it on to these simple white plates. The result is a set of dishes with a bit of griding overlaid on a portion of the plate. It gives you a nice asymmetrical area to play around with the layout of your meal. I would love to see what one could do combining these plates and some alphabets soup.

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Elements of Content Strategy

Photo: Jason Santa Maria

A Book Apart will release the third title in their collection on March 8th. The book is titled The Elements of Content Strategy and was written by Erin Kissane who works as a project lead at Brain Traffic.


º Basic Principles
º The Craft of Content Strategy
º Tools and Techniques
º Bonus Track: How Do I Get In?

Typography Deconstructed

Typography Deconstructed fills such a necessary void in design education and equips us with general knowledge of something we designers use everyday and on average know very little about. Today there are very few well designed sources of good factual reference when you are truly in need of it. This site and accompanying poster provide the design community with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of typography. So on behalf of myself and designers every where I say thank you TypeDecon!

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Jacky Georges: Sign Painter

Most of the design and creative community has been obsessed with sign painting and hand lettering for a while now. It can more or less be attributed to the back to craft mentality and movement that seems to be inundating all forms of art.

I have not been spared, but on a personal level I find sign painting very nostalgic and it reminds me of my own childhood. For a few years when I was pretty young, no older than seven or eight, my dad made immaculate carved wood and hand painted signs as a way of subsidizing his woodworking business. I would often travel with him on the job and get to watch while he sketched, taped and finally painted a sign.

This specific sign painter Jacky Georges is obviously a skilled veteran and hold over from the generation before vinyl die-cuts and quick crappy window solutions. Work like this is a craft, it takes time to make, but because of that it lasts both physically and aesthetically.

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Artist Bridge Studio

Designing to create more space while minimizing impact on the natural landscape is a tall order, but Safdie Rabines Architects did just that to create this floating studio space in San Diego, California. The space connects the main home to the more secluded and previously unused portion of the lot, which also appears to have a nice knoll to it. A long skinny plan like this reminds me of train cars, or shipping containers, which I love. Looking for design inspiration in utilitarian objects is often well rewarded.

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Experiments Around the House with Lullatone

Lullatone, the awesome Japanese music group, made this great little video(“Experiments Around the House”) where they explored what kinds cool noises could be created using only things around the house. The art direction is very simple and playful, which really lends itself to the nature of the experiments and implements used to create the sounds.

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CHICO: by Atelier KUU

CHICO is a designer store for dogs and their owners in Shizuoka, Japan. Designed by Nobuo Kumazara, of Atelier Kuu, this shop truly exemplifies their aesthetic sensibilities and skills. The elegance and serenity exhibited by their designs add a layer of comfort to minimalism that is awesome. I know my little man Ernest and I would have great time shopping here, I might lose track of him on the concrete floors though. The dog house shaped dog door that exits out onto grass area for the pups to play is probably the most amazing detail.

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Proper BBQ

Thomas Hayes created this bold identity and packaging, with a very appropriate vernacular, for PROPER BBQ. I am getting the feeling that this is a student project, which is too bad for the folks out there, like myself, who love design and barbecue! Either way this is a really nice project and it was also recently featured on Lovely Package(awesome name).

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Typefaces of the World Poster

This poster, Typefaces of the World, designed by Shelby White of the blog WANKEN takes 50 typefaces “based on popularity and usefulness in present design” and integrates them into this awesome infographic. The graphic itself perfectly illustrates the interesting 50/50 split between the US and Europe as the birthplaces of the typefaces. Also notably you can find this poster for sale in the WANKEN SHOP.

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