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Matthias Heiderich: Snow Blind

Now that the snow is passed and the sun is out it is a little easier to see the absolute serenity of these images. The washed out color palette and the blurry abstraction of shapes. The set is aptly named Snow Blind. Photographer Matthias Heidrich captures such interesting compositions and details of the winter landscape while omitting so much from what the eye would normally pick up.

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I am ecstatic to try using this new application called Typeplace. It is definitely something I have been thinking about that would increase my engagement with my iPhone, and as it often is today someone releases an awesome app. that does exactly what I was looking for.

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House in Paderne

Building simple modern dwellings atop ruins or existing foundations has always intrigued me and creates an amazing aesthetic, and juxtaposition. This example in Paderne Portugal, designed by Spanish architect Carlos Quintáns Eiras is amazing. The views out of the wide glass windows and it’s siting perched at the crest of a hill are so perfect.


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Oh Beautiful Beer

With the number of blogs constantly multiplying, finding one with unique or interesting content is pretty rare. Oh Beautiful Beer does exactly that. An ever evolving catalog and ode to beautiful designs and packaging that adorn our beloved suds. Whether it’s a massive rebrand for a multi label conglomerate or a concept from a little design shop somewhere.

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Norwegian architect Marianne Borge designed this great little cabin called W35, which stands for Woody 35 meters square. The end product is exactly that. A simple no frills holiday escape made out of low maintenance local woods within the confines a 35 meter square parameter. With an awesome fireplace to gather around and a vast expanse of deck heading out to the water this would be a choice place to spend a few summer months.

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Explorations in Typography

Explorations in Typography by Carolina de Bartolo along with Erik Spiekermann is a wonderful new book on typesetting and how type and typesetting coexist. With the amount of time I have been spending on interface design these days the only question I have after looking at this awesome layout and typesetting resource is when does the web version come out?

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José María Sánchez García

This is by far the most unique concept and executed design for a building that I have seen in a very long time. The birds eye view of this place is surreal. Because of the buildings location and it’s shape being a perfect circle it looks totally impossible. Designed by José María Sánchez García, it is an athletic technology and research center.


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Think Quarterly

It is admirable that Google, a company whose success is a byproduct of the speed of their products and services, has the vision to release a web periodical as a place to pause and reflect. “But in a world of accelerating change, we all need time to reflect. Think Quarterly is a breathing space in a busy world. It’s a place to take time out and consider what’s happening and why it matters.” The thoughts above are from Managing Director of Google UK and Ireland, Matt Brittin.

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Sea Ranch Residence

On a dream site in California, edged in evergreen trees, with an open meadow and views out to the ocean exists this simple barn inspired little house, Sea Ranch. Designed by Turnbull Griffin and Haesloop the project took cues from the clients and their love of minimalism and flow in Japanese architecture, and melds it with a rustic, inherently American barn aesthetic. The two coalesce and become a complete design so delicately integrated into its surroundings that it almost looks like it has always been there.


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Brunnenstrasse Apartments

The Brunnenstrasses Apartments built on a partially abandoned lot in Berlin takes into account many interesting variables that this project and it’s physical location threw into play. The lot itself, on the ground floor, is divided basically in half by an access drive to the rear lot of the the building behind it. The two building on either side are also differing heights do to varying construction dates. So instead of picking their own floor height or matching one of the buildings, a shift in floor height just off center of the new building they were able to make the building fit it’s surrounding better. Even if it is infinitely out of place because of the sleek glass face. New construction cannot often be described as polite, but in this case architects Brandlhuber took into account the neighbors needs and designed the building accordingly. The roof of the building slopes off towards the back to allow more sunshine to pass into the lot behind.


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Glade House

It is always great to see a home that using conventional forms and materials can still break some rules. The Glade House by Frederick Phillips and Associates does just that. Using common shapes and construction found in historic architecture from the surrounding region, but imposing a unique organization they were able to create a beautiful modern house.

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The Brander

Even today there are rather few blogs and web based editorials that truly craft unique quality content. The Brander as far as I know is the first to do such a thing for brands, their development, and the people behind them. Pairing amazing photographs with comprehensive writing they truly rise to the occasion of covering people and brands that have risen to top of their field, or in some cases created a field.

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STRAND Design is a great example of a product and furniture design operation that is making highly usable everyday things. Their Core System tables and desks are sturdy and practical, but still have an impeccable construction and material choice. Also the Tree Theory Messenger is awesome. It has a nice balance of handmade characteristics and obvious durability.

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Concrete created this powerful, and playful brand for Canadian celebrity-chef Mark McEwan and his new concept restaurant Fabbrica.

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The Five Vignelli-isms

Using some pinnacle quotes that have become almost dogmatic to the design world Michael Beirut created these program designs for a Gala and award presentation at the Architecture League on March 8th. Massimo and his wife Lella were awarded the President’s Medal(past recipients of which include John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Hugh Ferriss, Joseph Urban, Richard Meier, Robert A.M. Stern, and Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown) from the AL “in recognition of a body of work so influential in its breadth that it has shaped the very way we see the world.” And in some ways how we experience and interact with the world, the prime example being Vignelli’s work for the New York Transit system.

One life is too short for doing everything.

We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless.

If you can design one thing, you can design everything.

If you do it right, it will last forever.

The life of a designer is a life of fight against the ugliness.

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Wrap ‘N’ Mat

I would definitely use a Wrap-n-Mat for packing my lunch. It’s nice to see such a simple, yet stylish, and environmentally sound way to pack a sandwich. Anyone who is a supporter of packing their own lunch knows that tupper-ware just doesn’t work for a sandwich and one time use bags are terrible for the environment.

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Midori Kraft Envelopes

I have always loved little envelopes for organizing and saving little treasures. They are for sale over on Tenue de Nîmes, grab some while they last.

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Peru Brands Itself

Peru has recently launched a new identity that is intended to elevate the image of their country on the international stage. As a beautiful country with amazing internationally exported goods, and an economy largely based on tourism this sound choice. They hired Future Brand who was behind the 2003 rebrand of Australia that has been widely applauded.

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Field Notes Spring Colors

Field Notes has a serious knack for keeping their simple product current and fresh. Every time I look they are releasing some brilliant new books. Right now you can order in their new Spring Colors, which are actually not colored at all. They are actually a set of blanks with a sheet of Futura Bold dry transfer type. Not sure any of us designers need any new sketchbooks, but FN keeps us wanting new ones!

Great Barrier House

Named after its locale, Great Barrier House resided on Great Barrier Island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Working closely with architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan they were able to create a highly sustainable solution that also fit their living requirements.


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