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Rahal Farms Branding

Anderson Design Group was approached by architect/farmer Michael Rahal with the awesome and unique opportunity to create the brand and packaging for Rahal Farms. The resulting designs are a full dose of classic typography and imagery offset with a modern and engaging style and color palette. Were I to happen into Fernvale, Tennessee I would definitely stop off to check out Rahal Farms. There are some great sketches which provide insight into the process behind their work after the jump. A well deserved hat tip to Anderson Design Group for this one.

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Octavo Publicaties Pocketbook Collection

These deceptively simple book jackets designed by Atelier Carvalho Bernau were created using a self-organizing design based on comparative data collected about the books. This data was used to create a graph grid and then the shapes for the covers were created from corresponding points on the grid. After the jump there is and animated GIF showing the process.

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Shadow Play

Number 53 from the new Laurence King book, 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design, Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne look at ‘shadow play’ and it’s impact on design. My favorite piece is László Moholy-Nagy’s cover for 14 Bauhausbücher (14 Bauhaus Books). Moholy-Nagy had an unparalleled skill for creating depth in static planes, which is even more impressive based on the limited technologies at his disposal.

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Tony DiSpigna at Cooper Union

Last night I saw Tony DiSpigna lecture on typography, design, life and rejection at Cooper Union. The lecture, which was entitled The Art of Letterforms dealt more with DiSpigna imparting to us that even thoughtful and amazing work gets rejected. A huge thank-you to Justin Thomas Kay and to Type@Cooper for hosting this lecture.


Procrastination plagues everyone from time to time. Creatives and freelancers face the greatest challenges to overcome in this department. Ryan Perera made this amazing motion graphic, which visualizes the data behind many facts and figures associated with procrastination.

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Dental Office

Posting this Monday morning at 10am seems rather apt as it seems like a very logical time to have dentist appointment scheduled. That said this dental office designed by Estudio Hago is a definite cure for a case of the Mondays and your fear of the dentist. The stark minimalism and light airy environment could even make getting a route canal more palatable.

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La Fabrica del Taco

I have admired the work of Anagrama for quite a while now, and their recent branding for La Fabrica del Taco is no exception. The work is colorful, poppy, and modern. However through the color palette and typographic references they have made, especially through the hand drawn script for the logo Fabrica is instilled with a very classic aesthetic as well.

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Camp Firebelly

Looking for something fun, creative adventurous and good for the world? Look no further, Camp Firebelly is just what you need. A group of students and recent grads with a penchant for socially responsible design to hunker down, and pool their collective talents and abilities. Together they will craf some fresh strategy for a non-profit client from initial research and concept to implementation. Sounds like a pretty fun way to spend the summer, and help people too!

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Fun animation of the alphabet A-Z by Ariel Costa. The flawless transitions from letter to letter are amazing.

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Corso 32

Jesse Campbell’s subtle and clean branding and collateral designs for the restaurant Corso 32 really caught my eye. Nice attention to detail and use of materials. I especially like the logo in the etched glass, and carved into the wooden serving board.

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Photographer’s Studio

Overall I am not totally in love with this studio, but the way it is sited just up the steep shore from the lake and the way the glass cube interacts with nature throughout the changing seasons is awesome. I particularly enjoy the cube blending into the snowy landscape. The interior is astonishingly unimpressive. A stark box furnished with generic modern fixtures and sparse furnishings. The floor to ceiling shades create an amazing diffused light, which I am sure was a requirement of the client(a photographer). Design of this building was by gh3 architects.

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This video shows the amazing fun to be had at the tipoRenesansa type design workshop in Slovenia. This year for the 4th annual the designers in attendance included ljaž Vesel, Anže Veršnik, Diana Ovezea, Florian Runge, Katarina Medić, Teja Smrekar, Verena Manyet, and Tomato Kasir. The workshop focuses on creating bodytext typefaces for print and display. Final product from participants was a poster showing off their new typeface of 40 characters minimum. In addition to a place to learn great things and create great work, it looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

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Hanaha House

Japanese architects mA-style designed the Hanaha House a simple and subtle. The combination of light wood and white stucco is has a nice airiness to it. I also really like the different kinds of windows used. On the interior facing the courtyard a series of picture windows unites the interior with the exterior. On the facade of the house the windows are small and placed with a sort of deliberate randomness.


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Van Horn

There is a new little sandwich shop in Cobble Hill sporting a nice clean branding. The identity and custom typeface was created for Van Horn sandwich shop by Michael Freimuth. I particularly love the custom typeface called Sans Horn, which is a super clean rounded sans serif with both regular and lite widths. The great photographs here showing the shop and some of the ephemera were shot by Bob Martus.

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Cube Office

Of all the amazing workspaces I have come across this one certainly takes the cake. Peter Frazier of UIArchitects created the dream office out of this simple cube protruding from the forest overlooking Chuckanut Bay in Bellingham, Washington.

Artcrank 2012 Poster

Minneapolis-based Artcrank is an event dedicated entirely to posters inspired by bikes and all their glory. This particular poster designed for Artcrank 2012 was designed and screen printed by Allan Peters. His solution is a series of 12 badges for fictitious MPLS Bike Gangs. All the proceeds from posters sold at the event go to Springboard for the Arts, a non-profit ded­i­cated to cul­ti­vat­ing a “vibrant arts com­mu­nity by con­nect­ing artists with the skills, con­tacts, infor­ma­tion and ser­vices they need to make a liv­ing and a life.” Also worth checking out is this poster from last year’s Artcrank by always inspiring Studio on Fire.

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Meggs’ for iPad?

In art school Meggs’ seemed to be an archaic approach to delivering design history in need a serious overhaul. Fast forward to the content saturated web environment of today their dwindling market share and outdated delivery mechanism have been re-envisioned. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design has been updated and republished alongside an iPad and iPhone version created by the gifted guys over at Inkling.

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Slotted System Bookcase or simply SSB-1 is a nice alternative to stacking books on a table. The design is based on Bruno Matthson Book Crib with a more utilitarian air, which I prefer. Art books and other weird sized publications are always a hassle to store or display, but these bookcases are serious hold-alls. Making easy work of any rectangular objects. I also love that they are shipped and slot together like a breeze without any hardware, or the dreaded Ikea hex-keys.

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Post-War British Textiles

In the years after WWII three female textile designers injected new life into British Textiles. London’s Fashion and Textile Museum is currently holding an exhibition entitled Designing Women: Post-War British Textiles spotlighting these women, Lucienne Day (1917–2010), Jacqueline Groag (1903–86) and Marian Mahler (1911– 83). Their bold and colorful designs are often whimsical and sometimes deliberate. The patterns have a historic and nostalgic feeling, but their lighthearted designs also bare a certain timelessness.

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Solar Annual Report

This video was circulating around the blogs about a month ago, and at the time the title didn’t really jump out at me. When I finally watched it last week it really took me by surprise. I assumed it was going to be an annual report about solar related information. The photochromic ink used to print the report is invisible except under sunlight. So the report itself is in fact solar powered. Solar Annual Report was designed by Cosimo Möller at Serviceplan for the Austrian Solar Trade Association.

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