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I have wanted to bring some plant life into my studio for quite a while, but being the obsessively organized minimalist that I am it has been difficult to find a solution that fits my requirements. Mosser is a small(desk size) terrarium, with a beautiful round clump of moss. Self sustaining, it only needs a spritz of filtered water ever 2 weeks. The power duo Jennica Johnstone and Noah Atkinson of CoLabs. The branding and packaging also deserves a great amount admiration, as I know with a little less care the simple moss ball would remain exactly that.

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Envelope Chest

From a young age I was a collector. Rating the importance of my belongings and stowing them away in difference types of containers according to their related value. My most prized items and those alone made it into a beautifully crafted treasure chest which my dad built for me. This Envelope Chest from Field Day brings up all these powerful memories and associations from my childhood. It is also interesting to be able to look back at those behaviors and see what has remained the same and what has shaped me into the type of person I am. Still a collector at heart, this chest would most definitely have a home on my shelf for some very special things.

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Austin East Ciders

Admittedly I have not had the opportunity to taste the liquid gold of Austin East Ciders, but I do have to say the brand and packaging designs are amazing. East Cider’s amazing design is thanks to Austin logo design powerhouse Simon Walker.

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COR Lounge Chair

I can’t say I love the name(Shrimp Cocktail), but this chair does resemble an update or possibly a revision of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair. Designed for COR by Jehs+Laub. This lounge is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Herman Miller version.

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Håkansson Tegman House

Hakansson Tegman House is a single story home in Höllviken, Sweden, which was designed to have a very direct connection with nature and the outdoors. Design was carried out by Johan Sundberg. The walls feature a mix of slated wood and glass. This allows it to be wide open to the outdoors, while also maintaining a nice level of privacy.

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Pen Type-A

I always keep a pen on my for sketching ideas that come to mind or taking notes, but I have never been able to compel myself to keep a ruler on me at all times. Pen Type-A solves this problem by not forcing me to carry another object. Both are a singular entity until you need to use them and the pen simply unscrews from the cylinder within the ruler. Designed by CW&T is definitely one of those objects that I could justify purchasing because I know I would take it everywhere and use it every single day.

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Mountain Lamp

Lighting is normally so predictable, this Mountain lamp by Paris based designer Leonard Kadid is far more sculptural. The way it interacts with it’s environment is really different and rad.

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Italian confection maker Sabadì recently got a brand makeover and update to their packaging. Happy Centro took the standard approach to communicate the companies values and product through the brand they developed. Sabadì has focused on creating “eatables that have a magic inside”. The designers took those magic ingredients and created fun characters of them to adorn each different package.

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Silver Beaver

Part of me just really loves the name of this houseboat, Silver Beaver, and another part is in love with the simple yet perfectly crafter interior. Sparse and refined with plenty of light and open space despite a relatively small footprint. Confused Direction has conquered the house boat with this beautiful modern design. I would take to the water in a heartbeat if I could live in this house.

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Union Jacks

Jamie Oliver’s new(ish) restaurant Union Jacks in London is swathed in a sort of punk rock diner aesthetic, which helps to back up it’s classic British menu. I like the fun, sort of fucked up, and graffitied take on a takeout joint designed by British agency Blacksheep .

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Eames’ Living Room Exhibit

Charles and Ray Eames’ home in the Pacific Palisades outside of LA, formally known as Case Study House 8 is one of the most iconic pieces of 20th century architecture. It is also one of my favorite mid-century modern homes. I love the juxtaposition between the simple off the shelf aesthetic of the box, which creates the house, and it’s organic and curious contents. All of the houses contents have such a richness and power.

Charles and Ray’s living room is currently being featured in an exhibition at LACMA, called California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way. If you haven’t seen the documentary “Eames: The Architect and The Painter” it’s a must see, and it also has some really great insight into their famed residence. Also pop over to LA Times to see an awesome behind the scenes of the installation of the exhibition at LACMA.

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Uma Font

Uma is a great new modern rounded sans serif typeface. It lends itself to a huge variety of applications, and I especially like it transposed over black and white photography as it is here in these specimens. The designers of Uma were Ariel Di Lisio and Alejandro Paul, both regular contributors to MyFonts font library.

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The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Always wondered where the infinitely quoted and reproduced slogan and poster came from? Find out here, the true story of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, found in Barter Books in 2000 originally produced as a propaganda poster for WWII in 1939.

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Casa Ubiracica

Completed in 1997 Casa Ubiracica in São Paulo, Brazil fits its surroundings, but simultaneously evokes an energy that this house was commissioned by Picasso or some great Brazilian artist I have never heard of. The colors and perfect execution, of what can best be described as lived in modern communicates the innate balance in the life of an artist. The pursuit of aesthetic perfection constantly affected or undermined by the organic aspects of life. So much of Brasil Arquitetura’s works share this theme. A stark juxtaposition between the natural and the man made, which makes their buildings beautiful and modern, but also comfortable and livable.

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Albatros Bookmarks

Good design is this simple. Albatros Bookmarks are a beautiful, simple and functional way to keep your page. They are currently raising money to produce them on IndieGoGo.

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Kuche P2

Vipp has become one of the most unique and amazing producers of quality kitchen products since the release of their classic bin in 1939. Now more than seventy years later they are reinventing the kitchen with Kuche P2 a new interpretation. Functionality and organization are so perfectly accentuated with stark minimalism. My mind immediately jumped to this new kitchen design being the love child of Braun(under the direction of Dieter Rams) and Bulthaup.

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Kern & Burn

Kern & Burn is a web and print publication on the subject of design entrepreneurship. Cameron Koczon’s article, An Important Time for Design, for A List Apart closes by saying “This year, thanks to a spike in demand, designers have a chance to actively nudge the world in any direction they like. It’s a huge opportunity with a tiny window. Let’s not let it pass by.” Cameron’s article talks about this open canvas we as designers currently have in front of us, which is exactly where K&B comes in. There goal is to give us as designers resources and inspiration on how to fill said canvas.

Ben Pieratt of svpply is quoted in that very same article saying “The internet, at this time in history, is the greatest client assignment of all time. It’s offering you a blank check and asking you to come up with something fascinating and useful that it can embrace en masse, to the benefit of everyone.” I am not sure exactly where or when this change in consciousness surrounding the value of design occurred, but I know, 1 it had to do with the internet and 2 it is the greatest opportunity for designers ever.

All Streets

Information designers Fathom designed this amazing map of the contiguous United States made up solely of the countries roads. Titled All Streets, this print is on sale for $30 and half of sales goes to help fund Kiva.

“All Streets consists of 240 million individual road segments. No other features — no outlines, cities, or types of terrain — are marked, yet canyons and mountains emerge as the roads course around them, and sparser webs of road mark less populated areas.”

Good Day CA

Self initiated projects are often swimming with the most energy and fun. Brand Wise’s project Good Day CA does a great job of illustrating that point. Good Day CA is a series of postcards, which about the transition from living in the midwest and moving to California. Because of Wise’s personal experience on this subject the designs are inherently truthful and resonate with anyone who has ever spent anytime on the golden coast.

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Casa 205

A stark wooden box tucked into a hillside sounds bland, however H Arquitectes was able to create this subtle prefab home which is amount about the details as it is about the lack of details. The wooden rectangle was dangled into place in pieces by a crane, and sits so perfectly perched just below the peak of the hill. The interior is a nice mix of minimalism and coziness. A feeling created by the juxtaposition between the cohesive use of wood, flooring and paneled walls, and the more pedestrian furniture and fixtures.


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