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All Streets

Information designers Fathom designed this amazing map of the contiguous United States made up solely of the countries roads. Titled All Streets, this print is on sale for $30 and half of sales goes to help fund Kiva.

“All Streets consists of 240 million individual road segments. No other features — no outlines, cities, or types of terrain — are marked, yet canyons and mountains emerge as the roads course around them, and sparser webs of road mark less populated areas.”

Good Day CA

Self initiated projects are often swimming with the most energy and fun. Brand Wise’s project Good Day CA does a great job of illustrating that point. Good Day CA is a series of postcards, which about the transition from living in the midwest and moving to California. Because of Wise’s personal experience on this subject the designs are inherently truthful and resonate with anyone who has ever spent anytime on the golden coast.

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Casa 205

A stark wooden box tucked into a hillside sounds bland, however H Arquitectes was able to create this subtle prefab home which is amount about the details as it is about the lack of details. The wooden rectangle was dangled into place in pieces by a crane, and sits so perfectly perched just below the peak of the hill. The interior is a nice mix of minimalism and coziness. A feeling created by the juxtaposition between the cohesive use of wood, flooring and paneled walls, and the more pedestrian furniture and fixtures.


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Builder’s Special

This Bozeman, Montana home is a special breed, and not just because it took a special breed to build it. Sound engineer by day Brian Whitlock got his hands dirty doing as much of the labor on his DIY home as possible. Sourcing materials and talent locally helped Whitlock create his dream space, and also find a contractor that was willing to work with a hands on client that wanted to be a part of every step, literally.

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I absolutely detest going into the pharmacy, and it has to do with a very American problem. They all have the same cheapo carpeting and terrible lighting. Swedish pharmacy chain Vårdapoteket is an experience right up there with visiting Moma, or a brand new Muji store. Their new branding(by Stockholm Design Lab) features the human body and anatomy in an upbeat color palette as design elements and patterns, which create a fun approachable retail environment.

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No. 246

Interior and restaurant designer Smith Hanes recently designed a beautiful, rustic, and funky space for the restaurant No. 246. I also especially like the graphic design work for the project by Alvin Diec. Hanes incorporates found and vintage objects and fixtures into his designs, which give them a nice feeling of history and as if they have weather the storm. Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee.

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Vintage European Ski Posters

I love vintage European posters and skiing, so this collection of posters for sale over at Vintage Seekers really caught my eye. Spanning from the 1930s to 1980s these posters display a nice view of design history through the acute view of a specific medium for a particular industry.

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Craft beer from Mexico sounds a little funny, when lined up against Sol and Tecate (or Corona). However, Bocanegra and it’s slogan are rather interesting, “a tribute to all working people”. A minimalist utilitarian design aesthetic which their packaging demonstrates truly backs up the brand set forth in that quotation.

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Camp Treehouse

Tom’s Treehouse is one of the creative and unique residences, which together comprise Camp Wandawega a lake side resort unlike any other. Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez the creative duo behind Wandawega cobble together found and flee market scored fixtures and objects, which make up the camps rustic antiquities aesthetic. Their gem has been featured on sites like Design Tripper and The Lettered Cottage. Staying in a place with such a great story and where the design is so defined by the process of building it sounds like a really fun adventure. Keep up with Wandawega over on their blog.

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Family House in Kraluv Dvur

Use of an interesting sliding shutter system on this family home in the Czech Republic helps to protect and insulate the house. Designed by OV-A this minimalist dwelling can be opened up to greet a sunny morning or all buttoned up to weather the storm. The choice of materials helps to keep the exterior bright, but it also fits it’s surroundings appropriately.

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Teach Logic

Some fabulous branding and interface design by the always impressive Hyperakt. Commissioned by WNYC’s Studio 360 to rebrand teachers, Hyperakt has truly redefined the image of teachers as what they are. The stewards of our future, and the creators of change. I truly love all the connect the dots elements from the typography it is used to create to the fun little icons.

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Store Front

Olson Kundig is by far one of my favorite architecture firms. A lot of what I love about them has to do with their unique approach and the distinctly different look and feel of their work from others. This innovation and fresh thinking is something that spawns from doing things differently and being open to change and adaptation. Experimentation is a key component to the design process, and that is exactly what they have done with their Store Front space. It has been a record store, a volunteer center, sand arts education popup and more. Exploring what a space can and should be helps inform how to design for circumstances we may have never even thought of before.


Graphic designer Mike Joyce has an ongoing project called swissted where he recreates rock posters through the lens of Swiss modernism. The resulting posters are a beautiful study in the practice of design, and for some reason have a much greater intrigue than all those minimalist movie poster interpretations that have been circulating.

Au Retour

Based in Brooklyn, Au Retour is a fantastic, fun independent textile design and print studio. Their Etsy Store is full of colorful printed pillowcases and tote bags with just the right amount of minimalism and handmade quality.

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Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms is my favorite new “font”. These perfectly designed pictograms are a great touch for web and interface designers to make use of in projects. You can pop over to Font Squirrel to download them where they are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

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Waikanae House

Despite a funky mod beach sensibility this vacation house has a refined comfy interior, and looks out over the ocean and Kapiti Island. The design by Parsonson Architects is a definite nod to modernism, especially their interest in what architecture of the future would look like.

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Forest Bath in Nagano

A triangle form cut right into the side of the house creates a perfect protected patio to enjoy the forest. Kyoko Ikuta Architecture Laboratory created this light and open yet private summer residence for the clients to experience the trees and outdoors.

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The Ui Toolkit

The UI Toolkit is definitely one of those things I have been waiting for. Both simple and comprehensive it is far more than a texture pack, but also leaves plenty of space to be creative with the elements. The toolkit is the debut product from the wonderful folks over at UI Parade, so make sure to purchase a copy to help support their awesome site(it’s only $8 dollars).


Onepager seems like a great solution for smaller non-techy businesses who need to get online.

The Wallee

The Wallee iPad case manufacturers have now released a headrest mount that easily integrates with their case. So if you aren’t one of those distorted people with an Escalade with monitors in the back of all your headrests. Now you can easily turn your iPad into a headrest monitor for your children or any passengers riding in the back seat.

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