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Terry Evans

The photographs of Terry Evans combine interesting vantage points and highly contrasted colors. They capture both natural landscapes and areas of manufacturing and industry, which remind me alot of the work of Edward Burtynsky.

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Douglas Richard Design

Designed by Douglas Richardson. This branding and collateral for a Pennsylvania based initiative, Farm to City, which connect farmers with people in cities. Their goal is to grow access to farm fresh foods in urban areas. I really love the colors and feeling of all the elements. Especially the main logo which you can see after the jump.

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Christian Flatscher

These are a small selection of gems from the portfolio of Christian Flatscher a fabulous photographer from Innsbruck, Austria. The main thing I noticed when looking at Christian’s work is his simple techniques for capturing the serenity in architectural landscapes using mainly natural light.

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Northcoast Zeitgeist 2011 Calendar and Motto

Totally loving this 2011 calendar and Ohio motto by Northcoast Zeitgeist which is an awesome little studio operation run by Casey Myers and Joseph Hughes.

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Bolle Bottles: by Tapio Wirkkala for Venini

I read an article in Dwell a few months ago about all the chemistry and work behind making these perfectly crafted Bolle Bottles, and it really made me happy to learn about the specificity and care with which many generations of craftsman can replicate the same amazing pieces.

Southeast Asia: Photos by Chris Glass

My friend Chris Glass has a fantastic eye and impeccable sense for capturing the vibrance and poise of reality. I just flipped through his uploads from the first half of his trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, and I must say I am really loving them. These two are my favorites along with two more really amazing shots after the jump.

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Herman Miller’s Susan Lyons on The Full Spectrum

I am really into ‘The Full Spectrum’ series so far. All the videos are extremely well produced and put together. They also seem to cover an awesome array of the creative and design world to talk about their work and how it interacts and is affected by color. The legend of Herman Miller needs little introduction, but as I clatter away on this keyboard from me trusty Aeron Chair I am reminded of the core values and level of excellence HM has and continues to stand for. I really love how Susan Lyons brings up the exploration of color and it’s connection to iterative design. Creating color palettes feels a little forced or a shot in the dark from time to time, but as Lyon’s explanation of the link between iterative design and the exploration and selection of the perfect color based on this trial and error system.


I came across Oslo based design studio HEYDEYS today I I really love their approach to design. There is this great balance of clean stark graphics and playful color and imagery. I especially love the annual report for Anthon B Nilsen, with photography by Mathias Fossum.

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This set of typographic illustrations by Bruce Mackay is a really fun collection of imagery surrounding and letterforms. I for one wish I had Neighbourhood as an alphabet poster when I was a kid. Of course the half-pipes making the letter U are my favorite, but all the illustrations are awesome.

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The Full Spectrum by Dwell: TV About Color

Dwell and filmmaker Gary Nadeau have come together to create this new video series, The Full Spectrum, that explores color and it’s inspiration and impact on design and life. The first two episodes feature the work of Joseph Albers, and look inside the brand Seize sur Vingt through the eyes of owner and designer James Jurney. The way Jurney talks about the intention and purpose of color as it pertains to clothing and the design of clothing is really interesting.

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Shepard’s Birth Announcement: Ty Mattson

I love the way Ty Mattson approached this personal project of designing a birth announcement for his son Shepard. He talks about putting himself back into a boyhood state of mind and all the things that he was enamored by as a kid. It’s awesome to see how few changes there are from the sketch of a great idea to the finished printed piece. Really what it comes down to is craft and execution.

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Veronika Kalacheva

Watercolor illustration has been one of the most pervasive forms of that specific area of art for a long time, and thus has become boring. Every once in a while though, you stumble across some one’s work that revitalizes the medium and adds so much color and life into it that you can’t help, but love it again. In this case that person is Veronika Kalacheva, and her work is stunningly realistic and colorful.


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Katrin Huth

I spent the last two hours looking through page after page of Ktinka’s photo blog. I love the variety of subject matter as well as the how she captures light, color, and mood. Seriously vast and inspiring body of work, I especially love the shots that very simply capture experiences from her everyday life.

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Field Notes: Country Fair Colors

The reputable Field Notes has just released it’s newest addition to an ever awesome collections of utilitarian goods. These new “Country Fair Color” notebooks let us all rep our home stay from near and far!

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Kate Murphy’s Ass Kicking Business Cards

Came across these amazing letterpress business cards today, which coincedentally were designed by my old studio-mate Jessica Hische for photographer Kate Murphy. I really love Jessica’s work because she is able to bring a newness to each project.

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360° Color: A Peek Inside Pantone

Get an insider view at the creation of a new color. For real this video gives you an inside look at how Pantone develops new colors. Base produced this video in celebration of the release of the newest Pantone series entitled Plus Series.

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