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Mass Installations

Guerilla art is always fun. Especially when it crops up in unique and typically mundane locations. Artist and photographer Carson Davis Brown has created an installation series entitled “Mass”. The installations are constructed in retail and department stores, most notably Target, and are completely made up of objects and products for sale within the store. The compositions are mostly monochrome and combine disparate or incongruous items to make architectural forms. Once completed the sculptures are left for other shoppers to find providing an element of delight in an otherwise bland and monotonous shopping experience.

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RoandCo Studio has recently launched a new project titled RoandCo-llaborators, which is going to be an ongoing series of videos profiling the creative folks they work with to make many of their projects so uniquely amazing. The second video in the series captures both the passion and ethos of floral designer Taylor Patterson the talented stem tamer behind Fox Fodder Farm. I am very excited to follow this series as it evolves.

Pacific Light

The undulation of the water and music in sync in this video is extremely entrancing. Soap, ink, and water were mixed to create the visual effects of this video by Ruslan Khasanov. Just as important to the absorbing effect of this video is the music by Boris Blank, which blends into the motion of the ripples and colors.

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Interaction of Color iPad App

Interaction of Color from Potion on Vimeo.

If you studied design it is more than likely that you are familiar with Josef Albers, and his Interaction of Color. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the classic Yale University Press, with the help of Potion has released The Interaction of Color iPad app. The app features all the original color studies from the book and in addition there is commentary from a range of experts on both Albers’ work and theories as well as some interactivity that would have been difficult to achieve in the physical book.

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Andrew B Meyers

The photography of Andrew B Meyers have a great graphic quality to them. His compositions are often stark and abrupt creating nice contrast between the subject matter he is trying to draw focus to and the background. The color palette and tone of his works also has a comfortable consistency, rarely straying from the same range of tonality.

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I find myself posting work by Savvy Studio all the time, and with good reason. Their work is always clean, crisp and has just enough seriousness to it to give it a sense of urgency. MICA is a contemporary jewelry house specializing in custom made pieces. The name comes from the family of “minerals that are characterised by their malleability which makes them ideal for various uses – some which are purely aesthetic”. The interior of the shop was designed using an elaborate grid that referenced Sol Lewitt’s work. You can see more of Savvy Studio’s work here.

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Hide and Seek Space Dividers

Why do space dividers have to be hulking and ugly or bland and unrefined? The truth is they don’t have to be. Ploypan Theerachai or Thai design firm Thinkk Studio has demonstrated with her concept ‘Hide and Seek’. The design process was informed by play and integrating that into the forms and outcome of furniture and products.

‘Lately, designs have efficiently answered their functions. another new object then needs to attract users among all other perfectly functional objects. The project is an object that not only blurs the line between function and emotional appeal, but also maintains physical performance while addressing
emotional needs.’
– Theerachai

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Zoo Toys

Not quite life-size, but definitely oversized for stuffed animals. These Zoo Toys were designed by Ionna Vautrin for the Danish textile company Kvadrat as a part of their artist series. Kvadrat’s artist series is a collaboration with artists to help push the boundaries and understanding of textiles themselves. The size these toys allows them to fit visually between a toy, a piece of furniture and sculpture. The bright colors and the shapes which are obviously based on the real creatures are simplified and abstracted to the purest forms.

High Times a History of Aviation

Berlin based illustrators known as Golden Cosmos have some amazing new work out now from Nobrow publishers. The book is titled High Times a History of Aviation and features richly colorful illustrations capturing the history of flight.

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Tangram United States

Midnight Umbrella created this fun colorful illustration of the United States using only tangrams. The result is this nicely textured atypical map, which is definitely better as decoration than for direction, but cool nonetheless.

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Brett Amory

Painter Brett Amory has got some serious chops. The way in which he captures and slightly alters potentially mundane subject matter is astonishing. He also has a very interesting eye and approach to painting light and color, which gives his paintings an extremely graphic quality. Many of pieces walk a unique line between being hyper realistic and surreal all at the same time.

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Plic Ploc Wiz

There seems to be a multitude of awesome iPad apps sprouting up all over these days. Not that this is an original observation by any means, but I think many of these are helping to redefine that categorization of something as an app as well as what it can and should do. Plic Ploc Wiz is a wonderful example because it steps outside of the predictable user interface and creates a blank canvas sort of workspace for you to create unique little works of art with a selected toolkit. Granted PPW is marketed for children. I am definitely going to shamelessly download it regardless.

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Maison BVA

In place of an old row house Maison BVA by dmvA blends the brick aesthetic of it’s surroundings with a playful design that maximizes light and the outdoors while also maintaining privacy. The windows on the facade are partially obscured by the brickwork giving the feeling of a sort of castle like structure. This could not be any further from the truth. The back half of the house is entirely transparent and looks out onto a nice green yard. The touches of color within the house peak out through the spaces in the brick as though they are taunting the drab neighboring houses.

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Drawing Machine by Eske

This drawing machine by Eske and the pieces it creates are melodic and soothing. The machine itself looks a bit like something out of a medieval farmstead, but once it gets moving the motion blurs your preconceived notions and you just watch and listen.

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From Barcelona

Designer Anders Hernando Balsells created this fun colorful branding, From Barcelona, to promote tourism in his home country of Spain. It was part of his master’s degree program at Universitat Ramon Llull.

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Experiments Around the House with Lullatone

Lullatone, the awesome Japanese music group, made this great little video(“Experiments Around the House”) where they explored what kinds cool noises could be created using only things around the house. The art direction is very simple and playful, which really lends itself to the nature of the experiments and implements used to create the sounds.

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Kafka Book Jackets

This set of book jackets designed by Peter Mendelsund are a work of genius. They take the freedom of Lustig’s cover for Amerika and instill a newness, which reminds me of the covers The Heads of State designed for Rosenfeld Media a couple years back.

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The Diaper Epic

All I want to say in regards to this, this is the most bad ass (diaper) commercial of all time. A well deserved hat tip to JWT and creative director Walt Connelly.

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Landnemar: by Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes

I just wanted to share some images by Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes from a set entitled Landnemar, which in Icelandic means settler. I love the calm feeling in these photos as well as the interesting colors highlighted.

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Buddy Carr Signature Model: by AisleOne

I have always admired the previous designs Antonio Carusone of AisleOne did for Buddy Carr Skateboards. However, this new design really blows those ones out of the water. I have already told Antonio that I expect a heads up for when this will release so I can grab one before they all get scooped up.