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A friend just turned me onto the photography of Horst Hamann yesterday, and I am completely enthralled with his Metropolis project. The images capture New York through a gritty and dark lens, which as a New Yorker I often see and feel when I am navigating the harsh streets of our city.

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Janne Sarrio Second Nature

Growing up skateboarding Janne Sarrio was a hero of mine. His impact on the progression of skateboarding is undeniable. His passion for skateboarding is spoken of more as artistic expression than of a competitive or athletic one. Riding around the world touching its surfaces and learning how to move through it pushed him towards his transition or “Second Nature”. From rider to creator, artist, architect and engineer. Element created this film which I think successfully captures how Sarrio has shifted his medium, but his passion and artistic drive have remained.

Made in NYC Digital Map

Mayor Bloomberg’s office has created this awesome map which visualizes all the tech startups in NYC from the Made in NYC register. Checkout Mapped in NY and explore the map or add your startup to the map. I also have to say, I have not encountered a web ticker I enjoyed as much as this one in quite some time(at last check the ticker read “734 NYC Tech Companies Are Hiring!”).

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Hudson River Project

James Bowthorpe is a modern adventurer and he is working on this new project entitled Hudson River Project. The video above is a trailer for the project by filmmaker Antony Crook with a soundtrack by Mogwai. Bowthorpe is going to build a boat entirely out of waste from our megalopolis and row down from the rivers source all 315 miles to the city that this great waterway birthed. Head over to Kickstarter and back the project. It has a little over a month left.

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Vivian Maier

Amateur street photographer Vivian Maier captured New York like few others. The iconic and historic images she took of New York City create a looking glass into a time long since paved over and shined away. The culturally rich and gritty place that it was.

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The Interrupters

The Interrupters is a film about trying to end gun violence through the lens of inner city Chicago. This film has garnered numerous awards, but that for me isn’t what I want to take away from it. It is the ability to capture powerful change and social evolution and share it with the rest of the world and that it is one of the most powerful tools we have as communicators.

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Kameren St. House

Urban architecture does not have to be complex or exemplify an Architect’s prowess. To see the value in keeping things simple and without embellishment is rare among architects. A perfect single family living space within the hustle and bustle of a city. The Kameren St. House fits all the necessary requirements for an urban dwelling and even a couple many of us have learned to live without. A private outdoor patio backyard combination and amazing natural light exposure that seems to beam through the entire house.


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Urbanized Trailer

I am pleased to finally catch a glimpse of the Urbanized Film. A few months ago I was one a large group of people who banded together via Kickstarter to help this project become realized. After being so perfectly wowed by Gary Hustwit’s two other preceding master works Helvetica and Objectified I was prepared to do my part to make this third film happen. His work is so transcendent and is enriched by the number of varying opinions and ideas it weaves together surrounding a subject. It is not a far stretch to say a film or movie is like a piece of textile, and I think Gary’s work is a great example of this. The texture created in his films has a feeling of comfort, simplicity, and thus accessibility to the films topic.

City Cottage

To getaway you don’t always have to go a great distance. This little cottage built in Helsinki is only a little over a mile from their family home offers the perfect type of minimalist getaway in a small intimate little structure. Every detail, object and fixture had to be perfect, as the space is only 150 square feet. Low energy consumption and the natural setting of this house make it an ecologically sound vacation option when compared to driving or flying somewhere. Finnish culture holds nature in a place of great respect and that even comes through in their city planning where camping areas and parks are designed right into the fabric of cities. Also because of it’s small scale this little building makes virtually zero impact and can be powered entirely by solar energy. The design for the cottage was done by Verstas Architects a Helsinki based firm.

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Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment

Kevin Roche has made his mark on New York, which is something that can be said by only a select number of Architects. The original exhibition Architecture as Environment was presented at Yale School of Architecture and has been expanded for it’s current venue at the Museum of the City of New York to cover his work and what it has done for New York City. The exhibit includes original drawings, models, photographs and ephemera from more that 40 years of work, and opens on September 27th running through January 22nd 2012.

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Parc de Bombers

Almost anyone could tell immediately that this firehouse is most definitely not a civic building in the United States. This fire station in Montblanc France shows the foresight that we are only beginning to see in small scale civic structures on our shores. The team behind this cool fire house is Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes, which enters into their portfolio of unique works.

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City Scout

Ever try finding relevant travel information on a city and even more specifically design related advice on where to go and what to do? Well the girls from Studio Sweet Studio have come through for us. Their newest project is called City Scout, which offers the inside scoop from designers and creatives on their favorite spots in their city. Currently you could say City Scout is in beta with information only on offer for Chicago, with Brooklyn to be added soon. I also have to say the icon set they created for the project is great.

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Red Ribbon Park

Many new parks are springing up around the globe inspired by our very own High Line. The linear and narrative qualities of a park like the High Line have value in an infinite number of settings, and can really help to shape a fresh view on your surrounding. Pictured here is the Red Ribbon Park in Qinhuangdao, China. A red bench winds it’s way through the park as a continuous element and from a far begins to feel quite a bit more like a ribbon than a piece of architecture. Repurposing and renewing old and decrepit city spaces and infrastructure seems to be an explosive new city planning objective world wide.

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Ghost Riders

This short film was shot for the Bicycle Store in Paris, a high end bike retailer, which specializes in track bikes. It’s extremely eerie to see the quiet late night streets of Paris overrun by this imposing mob of ghosts. The face paint they are all wearing creates such a great visual effect.

Urbanflow Helsinki

To think about and begin to design a true modern city we need to understand the uses and implications of current technologies on the landscape. This amazing video is a summation of a project by Nordkapp called Urbanflow, which has laid the groundwork for what the future city will look like and how we will interact with it. Not so much the physical landscape, but more the digital landscape. How data will be visualized, created, manipulated, interacted with and then used to develop and benefit the city and it’s infrastructure.

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New Type York

I found this site probably about a year ago now, but never posted about it because it was in what seemed like a permanent hiatus. I happened to be looking through my type related bookmarks the other day and decided it was time to check back in and see if there were any developments, and much to my surprise. New Type York is back up and running with a “temporary” site until their new one is completed. I have to say though I am very pleased with the current design.

+ Pool

Last October I saw Dong Ping Wong speak at the FEAST conference, and the + Pool was one of the corner stones of his presentation. That was the first time I had come across the project and it literally blew me away. I hadn’t really thought of using the NYC waterways for swimming beyond that deadly hot day once a year when I contemplate hurling myself into the Hudson River. After seeing Wong speak, I posted about his presentation and the + Pool here on campsite, and since then the project has come leaps and bounds.

Since this past fall FAMILY and PlayLab have teamed up with world renowned engineering firm ARUP to figure out the feasibility of the project and have now launched a kickstarter to begin gathering grass roots funding. If you want to swim in NYC and don’t want to make the trip to Rockaway Beach or Long Island help make the + Pool happen. It’s also good for the environment!

Manhattan in Motion

I posted about Josh Owens aka Mind Relic once before, also for his amazing time-lapse shots of New York City. You can view my previous post here. I think the same stuff I said last time is still entirely applicable, but now he has achieved an even higher level of awe. Using a Stage Zero Dolly Josh was able to smoothly and seamlessly shift the angle of the shot giving each one of clips an even greater amount of depth.

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Brunnenstrasse Apartments

The Brunnenstrasses Apartments built on a partially abandoned lot in Berlin takes into account many interesting variables that this project and it’s physical location threw into play. The lot itself, on the ground floor, is divided basically in half by an access drive to the rear lot of the the building behind it. The two building on either side are also differing heights do to varying construction dates. So instead of picking their own floor height or matching one of the buildings, a shift in floor height just off center of the new building they were able to make the building fit it’s surrounding better. Even if it is infinitely out of place because of the sleek glass face. New construction cannot often be described as polite, but in this case architects Brandlhuber took into account the neighbors needs and designed the building accordingly. The roof of the building slopes off towards the back to allow more sunshine to pass into the lot behind.


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Heliotrope Raising

Bang Architectes as a solution for an addition to a Paris home created this awesome wood-framed building called Heliotrope Raising. A portion of the structure is raised above the ground leaving the backyard fully accessible. These great photographs of the finished addition were shot by Julien Lanoo.


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