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Camp Treehouse

Tom’s Treehouse is one of the creative and unique residences, which together comprise Camp Wandawega a lake side resort unlike any other. Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez the creative duo behind Wandawega cobble together found and flee market scored fixtures and objects, which make up the camps rustic antiquities aesthetic. Their gem has been featured on sites like Design Tripper and The Lettered Cottage. Staying in a place with such a great story and where the design is so defined by the process of building it sounds like a really fun adventure. Keep up with Wandawega over on their blog.

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Foster Loop

Foster Loop cabin is located on a beautiful piece of land with interesting yet simple topography in Mazama, Washington Balance Associates. This house was more of an upgrade than outright new construction, the existing residence being tents. The family had used the property for camping in the summer for many years and now have just decided that a house fits their needs better now. One thing that really strikes me about this design is the connection and openness to the outdoors the windows, indoor/outdoor space and catwalks create. Most of Balance Associates has a calm utilitarian feel to it, melded nicely with warm woods and other natural materials, which make often stark modern forms more comfortable.

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Jens Risom Prefab

Better know for his furniture design, Danish American Jens Risom is credited with being one of the first designers to bring Scandinavian design over from Europe. This house was built for Risom and his family in 1967 as a summer retreat on a secluded lot out on Block Island. Using a somewhat standard post and beam prefab structure from a local builder and added some design touches of his own. The one main accent which made the house so iconic is a fenestrated facade spanning from the peak of the roof right down to the porch. A glass wall like this ushers in a huge amount of light and also provides an unobstructed view out to the ocean from almost anywhere in the house. In 1967 just after completion the house was featured in LIFE magazine and these two photos are from group, which accompanied the article.

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House Morran

Falling somewhere between simple modern home and rustic cabin House Morran is both utilitarian, and cozy. A tough balance to strike, but Johannes Norlander Arkitektur seems to do it flawlessly. I also really admire the juxtaposition between the stark black plywood exterior and the soft warmth of the raw wood interior. A renovation goes to show you how much can be aesthetically changed using even a minimal palette like plywood and paint.

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Yeta Cabin

In our hyper connected world I find many people yearn to have a simple escape from it all. A cabin like this one designed by Lab Zero is perfect. The construction is even super cool, with the stacked logs, which I am sure creates a insulated quiet space. Based on the size of this little cabin it bares a large amount of amenities including a photovoltaic system allowing the house to live completely off the grid.

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Hood Canal Boathouse

Architects Bosworth Hoedemaker revived this building from a 1950s boat shed into a rich light filled little escape. Obvious inspiration was drawn from nautical design and the utilitarian interior ends up being equal parts function and comfort. The Hood Canal Boathouse as it has been named can open up on warm days to embrace the amazing view or be all shuttered up to greet a storm. Simple explorations in living space such as this are really inspiring to me because they help us understand how we can live with less space and thus a smaller foot print.

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Eagle Ridge Residence

After a visit to Orcas Island many years ago the client for Eagle Ridge Residence decided she would one day live there. Decades went by and finally she was able to purchase a small forested lot with a variety of trees and views looking out over the San Jaun and Canadian Gulf Islands. Gary Gladwish Architects solved the design for this house by creating equal parts finished and unfinished space. The section that was left raw is for both storage and studio space, but will eventually be converted to more additional living space. Another important aspect of the design are the glass walls, which were constructed in such a way that they can slide out of the way opening the interior to nature and in turn the views.

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Cabin on Flathead Lake

I find myself posting about Andersson-Wise multiple times per week and I think that is a true testament to the skill.

Amongst ponderosa pines and looking out over a shale cliff onto Montana’s Flat Head Lake this modern cabin is equally a home as it is an observation point. From he protected porch or the cantilevered deck that juts out into the trees I can definitely see how you could just sit back and take in the beauty of the outdoors. An ever increasing need I feel is to have a greater, or at least stronger bond and friendship between architecture and nature.

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Scandinavian Coastal Home

I have had a growing infatuation for cabins and architecture which is related to a similar minimalist and naturalist need and aesthetic. A style I have always loved for it’s corky vernacular design, but also for its simple functional sensibilities are the coastal and beachside homes of Scandinavia.

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Tower House

The work of Andersson-Wise is always inspiring and each project is so unique, while embodying their style and sensibilities.

“In considering an addition to the original stone lodge at this Lake Travis property in Texas, USA, the notion of a tower was born out of several factors: taking advantage of views, minimizing the footprint on the site, and accommodating the rising flood plain elevation.”

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Summer House in Trosa

Sitting somewhere between a modernist home, and a deep woods cabin this simple Summer House in Trosa was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff architects.

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House in Pirque

Perched on a hillside in Pirque this house has been designed for a simpler type of living. Everything having it’s own place is an easy concept to grasp, but in practice only works if you don’t have too many things. This little cabin shows how to do it. Designed by 332 Arquitectos this cabin has been stripped down to the bare essentials.

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City Cottage

To getaway you don’t always have to go a great distance. This little cottage built in Helsinki is only a little over a mile from their family home offers the perfect type of minimalist getaway in a small intimate little structure. Every detail, object and fixture had to be perfect, as the space is only 150 square feet. Low energy consumption and the natural setting of this house make it an ecologically sound vacation option when compared to driving or flying somewhere. Finnish culture holds nature in a place of great respect and that even comes through in their city planning where camping areas and parks are designed right into the fabric of cities. Also because of it’s small scale this little building makes virtually zero impact and can be powered entirely by solar energy. The design for the cottage was done by Verstas Architects a Helsinki based firm.

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Tillamook Forest Interpretive Center

Tillamook State Forest in Oregon is home to a mind blowing new education center. The 14,000 plus square foot space is dedicated to educating visitors about the history of the Tillamook Burn, which consumed an area greater than 355,000 acres around 60 years ago. My favorite detail of this center designed by Miller Hull Architects is the 250 foot suspension bridge, which spans from the site to an existing camping area.

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Coromandel Beach House

This utilitarian beach getaway in New Zealand was designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects with a subtle rustic exterior and a magnificently crafted interior. The design also really maximizes the view with an aircraft carrier scale deck and a broad opening from the living space of the house directly out on it.


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House in a Forest Nagano