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Dieter Rams as Little Design as Possible

Phaidon has put out a great new book that showcases the absolute minimalist perfection of Dieter Rams seemingly endless sea of work. Named for Rams’ tenth design principle Good design is As Little Design as Possible. The design of the book itself was handled by Kobi Benezeri, and I do mean handled. For someone of the caliber of Rams the book requires a certain level of finesse. Benezeri employed a sensory mesh printing on the covers and spine of the book, and lots of impeccably printed full bleed photography.

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Great British Identity

The third book in the Great British Design series, Great British Identity is out and now available at Index Book and Amazon. The leather bound book is a great reference catalog and archive of British identity work.

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Frank Chimero’s Recommended Reading

As we all well know one of the most influential and inspiration young designers today is Frank Chimero, and talent at every turn is found in the unique and inspiring ways he gives back to the design community. Many people of credit or attribution in our sphere are merely making things to look at while Chimero is making things to think and talk about. A small yet infinitely useful example is this photo pictured above. After receiving requests for reading recommendations from his students and the world at large Chimero decided to snap a quick photo of the books that have helped to inform and inspire him. The insight we gather from this is most definitely not limited to the titles of the books or the content of their text. It emanates out into the way the books are organized together.

Lena Corwin’s Maps

Lena Corwin, a Brooklyn local and amazing illustrator and designer has created, in collaboration with Other Books, an awesome book of travel maps. Somewhat in the spirit of Saul Steinberg’s famous New Yorker cover, these maps depict the cities with areas and landmarks completely out of scale dwarfing the streets and intersections that in the real world confine them. These maps are super fun, I hope sometime in the future Lena makes some prints. Little beauties like these deserve to be displayed not shelved away somewhere. To see the maps from all the cities you can pick the book up here.

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Elements of Content Strategy

Photo: Jason Santa Maria

A Book Apart will release the third title in their collection on March 8th. The book is titled The Elements of Content Strategy and was written by Erin Kissane who works as a project lead at Brain Traffic.


º Basic Principles
º The Craft of Content Strategy
º Tools and Techniques
º Bonus Track: How Do I Get In?

Kafka Book Jackets

This set of book jackets designed by Peter Mendelsund are a work of genius. They take the freedom of Lustig’s cover for Amerika and instill a newness, which reminds me of the covers The Heads of State designed for Rosenfeld Media a couple years back.

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John Spinks Factories: for Albam Clothing

Albam a UK clothing company hired amazing photographer John Spinks to shoot the workers and factories where their clothes are manufactured. This project was compiled into a book of captivating portraits, gripping factory scenes and before you know it you are fully engaged in their story.

Existing as on of the few companies that has values, Albam is sticking to them. Designing and producing quality goods at home in the UK using multigenerational factories with lifelong craftspeople. Taking the time and money required to document their story or at least the story of their clothing and the people who make it will no doubt do it’s part to keep their craft alive in the future.

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Isaac Tobin: Books by Their Cover

I think it can be said that book designer Isaac Tobin is revitalizing the printed word with his remarkable cover designs. Tobin’s work shows no sacrifice of concept for design, which definitely strengthens his final product and gives him such an outstanding body of work.

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