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Aaron Draplin – The 15 Minute Logo

Aaron Draplin has long since been a hero of mine. From his no holds barred style of design to his fervent love for the design history and the logos of a bygone better time. Also when talking about Draplin it is always necessary to mention the amazing talks he has graced the globe with. His energy and love what he does is infectious and you are sure to have a great time in the audience listening to him.

Now on to this awesome little video made for the tutorial folks at Lynda. Draplin throws down an amazing little logo work session from concept and sketch through to some refinement on the computer. In just 15 minutes the amount of iterations and insight that he shares with us is a true testament to his skill.

Beer Friday: Field Notes “Drink Local”

Well we love jotting down notes and ideas, and of course we like eating and drinking local. So the “Drink Local Series” from Field Notes is a brainer for us. Head over to their site and get your own. If there are any left. Depending on your preference of drink and color they come in quite a few different combinations like Ale and Lager, Amber Ale and India Pale Ale, and my favorite Pilsner and Bock. Grab your preferred writing implement, a pack of these and hunker down for a few rounds at your local watering hole of choice. Also make sure to order something brewed or distilled less than 25 miles away.

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We are used to seeing Los Angeles and most of California through a bright sparkling lens, which highlights the glamour and the beauty of its temperate climate. Nicholas Alan Cope captures a completely different view of the city of angels. His images are stark black and white with sharp contrast and harsh textures. Despite their darkness and edge his images maintain a subtle beauty through their unique viewpoint of an overlooked subject matter. Mundane architecture and concrete structures are transformed into canvases or expanses of light and shadow. Cope’s images were recently collected and published in a book by powerHouse Books entitled Whitewash.

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Wim Crouwel – A Graphic Odyssey

Wim Crouwel is one of the most prodigious graphic designers in the history of the profession. So when I heard of the digital catalogue being put out by Unit Editions to accompany the recent exhibition of his work at the Design Museum in London of course I was ecstatic. Designed by Spin and edited by Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy the catalogue is available for download from the Apple iTunes Store.

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As food trucks seem to proliferate on a minute to minute basis it brings to my attention the fact that a similar approach to business and cultural venues has not taken place. Trucks of all sizes would make great small scale event spaces, stages, galleries, shops or any number of other things. The A47 truck in Mexico City is hopefully one of the early examples of what will become a trend. Designed by productora for alumnos47 this mobile library stores 1500 books which can be perused and read at leisure on the trucks deck once parked.

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High Times a History of Aviation

Berlin based illustrators known as Golden Cosmos have some amazing new work out now from Nobrow publishers. The book is titled High Times a History of Aviation and features richly colorful illustrations capturing the history of flight.

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Seattle Library and the Homeless

Great architecture is more than a building. The Seattle Central Library designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus of OMA/LMN executes this sentiment to a T. This short film by Tomas Koolhaas(the architect’s son) intertwines some beautiful shots of the building with a conversation a local homeless person. As he navigates into the center of the building the man talks about the resources and solace that the library has given him. Not just an escape from the rain, but access to books, computers, and even instruments. These are the simple things we take for granted, but without them it would unimaginable to stay positive and get back on your feet.

The Bike Owners Handbook

Cicada Books has recently released a Bike Owner’s Handbook, which would probably be a great addition to any bike enthusiasts library. Much of the information inside is pretty pedestrian, but the layout and design of the book makes it fun to peruse.

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Hold on Tight Shelf

A shelf with built in adjustable bookend is such a simple idea. This design was originally a contest submission by Colleen Whiteley to Dwell’s Live Work Design Contest.

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Octavo Publicaties Pocketbook Collection

These deceptively simple book jackets designed by Atelier Carvalho Bernau were created using a self-organizing design based on comparative data collected about the books. This data was used to create a graph grid and then the shapes for the covers were created from corresponding points on the grid. After the jump there is and animated GIF showing the process.

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Slotted System Bookcase or simply SSB-1 is a nice alternative to stacking books on a table. The design is based on Bruno Matthson Book Crib with a more utilitarian air, which I prefer. Art books and other weird sized publications are always a hassle to store or display, but these bookcases are serious hold-alls. Making easy work of any rectangular objects. I also love that they are shipped and slot together like a breeze without any hardware, or the dreaded Ikea hex-keys.

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Birth of a Book

Please don’t stop buying real books! This short film is a great testament to the beauty of the printing and book making process. Also it has reminded me why real books are so pleasing to the the touch. Any object crafted by hand imparts that feeling onto the recipient. I think we have all experienced that with a some kind of handcrafted object.

For the Daily Telegraph. Shot by Glen Milner at Smith-Settle Printers, Leeds, England. The book being printed is Suzanne St Albans’ ‘Mango & Mimosa’ published as part of the Slightly Foxed series.

Albatros Bookmarks

Good design is this simple. Albatros Bookmarks are a beautiful, simple and functional way to keep your page. They are currently raising money to produce them on IndieGoGo.

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The badass new social eReader app has arrived. Readmill is a way to read socially, and not in some kitschy annoying way. Highlight passages from a book you are reading and post them to your other social media streams or write a follow up review of something and share it with your friends within Readmill. They also employ a bookmarklet, which is one of my favorite UX elements that allows your Readmill to sync with your Amazon Kindle account. Also I would be doing them an injustice if I neglected to mention their beautiful interface design for their site and web app, and the Readmill iPad App. I am also in awe at the perfection of this quote “why make a book digital and not make it shareable”.

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Is That a Fish in Your Ear?

Language feels like a living organism the way it evolves and changes over time, and in recent time has been paralleled by written language and then typography. This video is so interesting because it pairs typography so directly with the discussion of language. It is a beautifully engaging promo video for David Bellows new book Is That a Fish in Your Ear. All this awesome type and animation work was done by Matt Young.

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Farm Anatomy

Farm Anatomy is by far the coolest book and probably even the most awesome piece of print design I have seen in the past year. It also serves as wonderful resource to help educate all the food snobs about what the farm in “farm to table” actually means and consists of. This book is a beautiful and much needed component to the current food landscape, and does with style. The illustrations and hand drawn type by Julia Rothman just sing with all the colors and funky shapes or vegetables, farm animals and such.

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World Geographic Atlas

From the days when print was God comes this little gem. This amazing World Atlas, scored at a thrift store, was designed by Herbert Bayer, along with Harry Gardines, Martin Rosenzweig, and Masato Nagagawa.

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Just My Type

Who would have thought you could put 999 fonts in a 60 second video clip, and actually make it look good? This promotional video for Simon Garfield’s book Just my Type does exactly that. The book itself brings readers into the world of typography and even takes about many historic typographers and the affect their work had on typography in general. More than just a design resource this book raises the awareness of the power and importance to typefaces and the work that it takes to create and maintain them.

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Your House

Your House is a beautiful combination of book and ornate paper cut. Designed by Olafur Eliasson. As you flip through the book the die cuts change and morph altering the layout of the rooms within the house. This extremely imaginative work reminds me of the Paper Under the Knife exhibit from Museum of Art and Design here in NYC, which displayed cut paper artworks of amazing variety.

My Cool Campervan

I am really digging this video promoting the new book My Cool Campervan. The styling and everything is so summery and fun. Makes me want my own little campervan. You can pick the book up over on Amazon.

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