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El Camino Foodtruck

Summer is definitely the season of food trucks and the El Camino food truck looks like a true gem. Designed by the super talented folks over at Savvy Studio, this truck features some amazing hand painted signage and graphics all over it. The attention to detail is enlightened. With every little element beautifully branded and lightly kissed with design. Certainly making us hungry on this Thursday morning.

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Bread Winner Cycles

When Spring rolls around we always get a bit more giddy about anything bike related. So when someone emailed us about these gorgeous Bread Winner Cycles you can imagine how our eyes lit up. Like a lot of the interesting American made products being manufactured these days BWC is based out of the Northwest in Portland, Oregon. We are definitely going to save up for one of these amazing machines.

Video by James Wilson

Experiments in Speed

Tom Donhou of Donhou Bicycles, inspired by the speed seekers on the Salt Flats in the 1960s, built a fixed gear bike with the sole intention of testing the limits of speed. This video by Spindle Productions captures Donhou’s insight into the process of building the bike as well as riding it and going for speed. Donhou also collaborated with Royce to to create the drivetrain for the 100mph Bike, which features a 104 tooth chain ring(that’s really really huge).

Højmark Cycles

Hot or not, I have been spending a lot of time on my bike. Bicycle design and especially the branding and collateral for cycling companies is one of my earliest memories of design. Even now it is always something I look at when purchasing or even checking out bikes and gear. This branding for Højmark Cycles, designed by Ineo Designlab really caught my eye. I like the simplicity and the geometric forms all the typography is constructed from.

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The Art of Cycling

Rapha is one of those rare exquisite brands whose excellence is both unparalleled and classical. Their cycling clothes and accessories sacrifice the ever common flash and graphics of the more pervasive kits from companies like Castelli and Louis Garneau. Crafted designs and colors will undoubtedly weather the roads and will stand the test of time and changing trends. As cycling culture becomes ever more fashionable and a staple in the urban sphere we have seen a lot of companies pop up touting a similar style or ethos to Rapha, but after nearly a decade I think they have truly established themselves as a riders company. This video they recently launch is a perfect embodiment of their company and their goods. No additional soundtrack is necessary, just the sounds of riding in its purest form.

Grouper Social Club

Kyle Miller is a serious talent distinguishing himself in the LA design scene. His recent work for social startup Grouper Social Club is a clean and fun demonstration of his skills in brand identity and art direction. The collateral he designed for them is also a really nice extension of his awesome type and icon elements.

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Cycle Kids – Breakaway

It’s so invigorating to come across a project where both the client and resulting work are so inspiring. The branding and collateral designed for Cycle Kids 2012 Breakaway is clean, colorful, and bold. The attention grabbing work was created by Boston based Bluerock Design Co.

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Coren Cycles

Carbon Fibre is one of the amazing technologically advanced materials that is becoming more and more prevalent in high end automotive and other parts construction. UBC a high tech German composites company has paired up with designer Christian Zanzotti to create a line of bicycles. The bikes use custom manufactured parts made by UBC out of their super light materials for every possible component. The resulting bikes are futuristic and light as a feather, but also elegant, minimal, and utilitarian. Currently Coren Cycles only have a single speed model and fixed gear model available, but more concepts are due out soon.

Bike Like a New Yorker

Mother New York created this great campaign for Transportation Alternatives an advocate of biking, walking and public transit in NYC. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and point people to especially the cities cyclers. The site includes event information as well as tips and deals. Mother’s design combining aerial shots with unique angles and bold gritty typographic quotes really channels what it is like to be a cyclist in New York.

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Dosnoventa Runs New York City

Founded in the Fall of 2010 Dosnoventa is a Spanish maker of quality accessories and street oriented track bikes. This video is a teaser for a forthcoming film by CREAM Bikes and Things it captures a recent trip the Dosnoventa team made to NYC. They rode the streets hung out with the local fixed gear community, and of course took part in the Red Hook Criterium.

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In a defunct General Motors building Shinola is working to revive American manufacturing. They are producing an ever growing line of products, which includes watches, leather goods, and most recently some beautifully crafted ultra-utilitarian bicycles. All of their goods are focused around craftsmanship and longevity. Creating things that can be used forever and their production even helps sustain the US and Detroit economy.

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Faraday Porteur

For the most part electric bikes seem a little wasteful and are definitely the some of the least attractive bikes on the market. In steps Faraday Bicycles to change all of that. Initially the Faraday Porteur was a collaboration between IDEO and Oregon based frame-builder Rock Lobster. Adam Vollner one of the IDEO team members involved on the project, prompted by his love of bicycles and the project left to launch Faraday Bicycles. For their initial launch Faraday is fundraising and selling their first bikes through Kickstarter with only 10 more days to go.

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Hufnagel Cycles

The design work of Caleb Owen Everitt carries with it a wonderful sense of history. His work for Hufnagel Cycles is adds a great deal of that to their look and feel. The badges for the bikes and the t-shirts fit the brand so well, but also inject Everitt’s slant. I posted about some of his custom type work for Vans previously here.

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Porsche Concept Bike

I would literally buy this bike in a second if it was available for purchase. The concept was developed for the Porsche Next Design Challenge hosted by Co. Design. David Shultz created this concept bike for the competition, which in my opinion succeeds at channeling the essence of the source of inspiration(vintage Porsche Carrera) far better than the other entries. In turn the end result is a substantially greater standalone product.

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Re:route App

Earlier this year Recyclebank and Transport for London got together and created the Re:route app. Commuters who opt to walk or ride(bikes) to work and use the app, which allows users to plan their route, can earn rewards for their participation. Re:route is currently only available in London, but I definitely think this sort of trend would really catch on in any other commuter heavy area.

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Shoes Books and a Bike

Since summer weather has already descended in a steamy cloak of mugginess let’s keep the cycling theme going today with this awesome bike storage shelf designed by Thomas Walde. This unit is produced in Switzerland and available for sale over at Postfossil.

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The Bike Owners Handbook

Cicada Books has recently released a Bike Owner’s Handbook, which would probably be a great addition to any bike enthusiasts library. Much of the information inside is pretty pedestrian, but the layout and design of the book makes it fun to peruse.

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Ghost Riders

This short film was shot for the Bicycle Store in Paris, a high end bike retailer, which specializes in track bikes. It’s extremely eerie to see the quiet late night streets of Paris overrun by this imposing mob of ghosts. The face paint they are all wearing creates such a great visual effect.

The Bicycle City

Pedals for Progress is a program started 20 years ago by founder David Schweidenback. Over the past two decades they have sent down 20,000 bicycles to the otherwise impoverished city of Rivas, Nicaragua. This amazing story is the subject matter for the upcoming documentary The Bicycle City. The film’s interviews really capture into how this access to physical mobility leads to self empowerment and the ability to improve their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones.

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Gregg’s Cycles New HQ

When designing a retail space for Gregg’s Cycle in Bellevue, Washington Weinstein AU decided to create a building that literally put the bikes out front, and really leverages it’s design to highlight the bicycles. Instead of submitting to the norm and creating another street level retail experience with limited parking Weinstein AU opted for a raised concrete design that provides protected parking below along with easy access to the rear of the building and more parking out back. It also physically boosts the bikes up towards the sky, which definitely accentuates their concept of highlighting the bikes.

This style of, product first retail design is becoming more prevalent. One specific instance that the Gregg’s Cycle reminded me of is the Freitag Flagship Store in Zurich. Design that is both relevant to the brand, it’s products and also develops a customized approach to display that is only applicable to their specific goods and location really creates a richer and more unique shopping experiences. This thought process or equation can and should be applied to other media and applications.

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