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Beer Friday: Into the 26th Year

This Sunday I will be celebrating my 26th Birthday, so I thought for beer Friday I would recap some of my beer-ventures of the past year. A year with plenty of ups and downs, but definitely one for the books. I made some wonderful new friends, worked with some great people on cool projects, travelled a bit, spent way more time outside and in nature, and above all made sure to have fun.

Beer Friday: Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

Some really nice bottle designs for Devil’s Peak Brewing Company by Just Design. The Labels feature some nice unique typography, specific to the beer within and some great imagery associated with the brewery and their beers.

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Beer Friday: Austin Beerworks

Beer Fridays are quickly becoming the most interesting posts to write. There is great beer related design pouring out from all parts of the globe(pun not intended, but nicely coincidental). This week I wanted to feature the amazing branding work that Helms Workshop did for Austin Beerworks. The identity is bold and has some very classic sensibilities to it, but is also very colorful and modern. The packaging is something that would definitely grab my attention in a store and draw me in their direction. Also Helms Workshop collaborated on the website and online home of AB with Source Pixel Foundry to create a truly unique and exciting online experience. My favorite part of the whole site has to be the interactive sliding info graphics, which are beautifully illustrated and explain in detail their whole brewing process.

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Beer Friday: Catalyst Ale

Even though it has been a rather beer filled week Beer Friday still holds the same allure for us over here at campsite. Catalyst Ale was produced as a fully collaborative project on every level for the 2012 Create Denver Week. From the yeast combined from many local Colorado micro-brewers to the locally grown hops and barley, local design, printing, and fabrication work. Catalyst came together as a demonstration of how the creative talents in different fields were greater together than the some of their parts. The logo and branding was handled by Design & Image, and dons a rugged yet refined tap handle fabricated by Public Works. Also the promotional materials and coasters were printed by MATTER.

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Beer Friday: Bottle Craft

If Sunday is the lords day then Friday is definitely beer’s day. Today I thought I would highlight some awesome beer related work by Jolby and Friends. The Portland Oregon based duo has created a number of awesome designs for suds including branding, packaging, and other ephemera. Pictured here are some glasses and typographic t-shirt designs created for the one year anniversary of San Diego beer bar Bottle Craft.

Beer Friday: Churchkey Can Co.

Churchkey Can Co. is nice nod at the history of the beer can, before the invention of the easy pop top. Actor Adrian Grenier and designer Justin Hawkins teamed up to create a drinking experience that is truly worth the effort. The whole look and feel has a clean retro aesthetic that is perfectly suited to their brand. Happy Beer Friday all.

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Beer Friday: Americas 1000 Breweries

What better way to celebrate Beer Friday than with this awesome poster by Pop Chart Lab. Americas 1000 Breweries print shows the name and location of all the breweries in United States.

Beer Friday: Vintage Beer Coasters

Coasters are often one of the most interesting pieces of design created by beer makers. This image of vintage beer coaster found via Brewery Outfitters is spectacular. It shows some great branding and design elements from the early to mid 1900’s.

The Camera Cooler

Poler is an awesome little company that makes camping and hiking oriented hard and soft-goods. They have a slightly vintage aesthetic paired with an eye for simplicity and functionality. The Camera Cooler is a great precursor to our Beer Friday Post coming up later today as it doubles as a padded three compartment camera bag or perfect size six pack cooler. My favorite part about their products is they are rugged enough to tote along to the beach, but refined enough to tromp around NYC with.

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Shake Shack Website

I have long admired the work of Big Space Ship and for maybe even longer enjoyed the eatables at Shake Shack. So of course when I saw the new Shake Shack website they designed I was tickled medium rare(pink). The site features an extremely bare bones design with some dynamic scrolling and slide show elements interspersed to give the page a nice amount of depth without too much clutter. Also in the same manner as Danny Meyer’s restaurants the site has a basket of small touches which combined really make the user experience. The custom icon set created for the site is amazing, a huge variety of iconography and rendered in a perfectly uniform style.

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Beer Friday: No-Li Brewhouse

Last week I semiconsciously posted about Coors Original on Friday afternoon. After posting that it occurred to me that it would make a great weekly or bi-weekly post. So keep an eye out for Beer Fridays posts!

This week I wanted to post the rebranding and packaging designs Riley Cran has recently completed for No-Li Brewhouse of Spokane, Washington. The whole brand and overall design is extremely sparse and is tethered by a nice bold red. For the bottles the design is a little more playful incorporating some more illustrative elements and some seriously kick ass custom type.

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Coors Original

Summer Fridays seem like reason enough to start the weekend early. So over here at campsite studio we are getting it started with a post about one of our favorite, albeit under appreciated beers. Coors Original, also known as The Banquet Beer.

Landor, following suit with their re-branding of a few other MillerCoors favorites has created the new face of Coors Banquet Beer. The new look leverages the history and classic qualities of the company and the beer while also creating a sleek new visual departure for them. It will definitely help Coors Banquet to stand out on store and hopefully help it to find its way into a few more coolers this summer.

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Craft beer from Mexico sounds a little funny, when lined up against Sol and Tecate (or Corona). However, Bocanegra and it’s slogan are rather interesting, “a tribute to all working people”. A minimalist utilitarian design aesthetic which their packaging demonstrates truly backs up the brand set forth in that quotation.

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Will Dean Homebrew Labels

Will Dean has this awesome personal project making labels for his home brewed beers. Each label has an amazing narrative quality. One of my favorites is “For Robyn I love you, Chaff Wheat Beer brewed with oranges.” All the designs are unique to the type of beer and narrative behind each bottle.

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Brouwerij ‘t Ij

Loving design, packaging and beer seems like a match made in heaven. Especially as we head into the summer months, when you will be hard pressed to find me without a cold beer. All the our favorite brewers release a special summer beer with an awesome summery label. I can’t wait.

Here are some images of a redesign by Redthumb for independent microbrewery Brouwerij ‘t Ij in Amsterdam. I have read that their brewery is under a windmill and on the side of a canal, which sounds possibly like the most romantic place for a factory ever. However I wonder how the environmental aspects affect the brewing process. The designers seem to have extrapolated very smart aspects from the brand itself as well as their geography to create such wonderful new label designs. I wonder if we will be able to get any of the beers from Brouwerij ‘t Ij in New York City anytime soon.

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Oh Beautiful Beer

With the number of blogs constantly multiplying, finding one with unique or interesting content is pretty rare. Oh Beautiful Beer does exactly that. An ever evolving catalog and ode to beautiful designs and packaging that adorn our beloved suds. Whether it’s a massive rebrand for a multi label conglomerate or a concept from a little design shop somewhere.

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Lade Gaards Brygghus

Design firm Frank in Norway created this awesome packaging solution for a new oak barrel aged beer launched by Norwegian supermarket chain Rema1000. You can view more images of the designs on their Behance profile.

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Happy Thanksgiving

This is my favorite holiday for many reasons, I mean the food doesn’t hurt, but it seems to remain the least commercial holiday. It’s about being thankful and spending time with the people you love. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Just a few things to touch on, my amazing developer Jackie Balzer that single handedly built campsite from the ground up. My mother Joan and my father Bill, all my friends. My amazing girlfriend Erin, and our amazing miniature schnauzer Ernest Ellerd.

So thank you all for reading, and becoming part of my family. I am thankful for each and everyone of you!

shire vacation 2010

I had a great week off, got a chance to really put my new iPhone 4 through the paces in low service areas, and I am like the rest of the world right now, super impressed with the quality of the camera for both stills and videos. That being said these are some choice shots off my iPhone 4 from my vacation up in the Berkshires with E and Ernest.

To celebrate our birthdays this year E and I decided to spend a week in the Berkshires with my parents, our dog Ernest and his best friend Wellington. The week quickly became a whirlwind of great food, fantastic weather and good company. Not to mention a lot of great beer and wine.

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Miller High Life Reborn

San Francisco based agency Landor has recently launched an awesome redesign to the branding and packaging system for the iconic Miller High Life.

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