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This is a genius little tool for any web designer or developer. I do have to say I am not super into the design itself, but I can get over that because Launchlist fills such a cool gap. Basecamp should take note on and employ some rad interactive checklists!

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Plantly: A Risk Aware Investment Tool

I have been thinking of trying to start investing some of my savings for a while, but was unsure of which online tool to use. Being far from savy with stocks and bonds and all that stuff presents it as quite a challenge to successfully invest your money without paying a broker to do it for you. Plantly on the other hand gives you the tools to understand the risk before you invest and visualize the possible growth scenarios. I for one cannot wait for Plantly to come out of beta.

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Happy 4th of July

Happy fourth of July everybody. I will be up in the Berkshires celebrating with the two E’s and my parents. We will be enjoying some amazing food, wine, and doing our fair share of hiking, swimming and hopefully some skateboarding at my hometown skatepark. I will be back in the city and back to posting on Monday.

Jam Session: By Emily Dumas

Illustrator and Designer Emily Dumas created this new print Jam Session that I love. Between the illustrations and the color palette this piece is genius. Plus there is also something so elegant about the shapes of musical instruments.

The print is on sale at The Working Proof raising money for Little Kids Rock. Fifteen percent of each purchase will be donated to Little Kids Rock, which is an organization dedicated to giving free musical instruments and lessons to under privileged schools across the country.

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Shape Lab: At Moma

The concept behind Shape Lab a current exhibition at Moma is fantastic. Creating an interactive space where the visitors can experiment with the premise of the exhibition in real time is awesome. The exhibition runs through August 30th so if you have caught it yet go push around some blocks. I also love the connection made by Markus Reuter of better taste than sorry, which is between this exhibition and the idea of A Creative Wall where ideas and concepts can be visualized and hopefully clarified. He highlights some cool examples of this process in the post over at his site.

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Fluffy McCloud: by Conor Finnegan

Is Fluffy not the coolest cloud you have ever seen? This short film by Conor Finnegan is so fun to watch, and on this sweltering day makes me really wish a happy cloud will come my way. The mix of cut paper claymation and real video gives this piece an awesome quality that I can’t wait to see more of from Conor.

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Mid-City Modern

Shawn Moseley side stepped the issues most people encounter with buying a home and even with building one. For a little over 100K Moseley built what can’t be described as anything less than a modern dream home.

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Ina & Matt

Ina & Matt have a great balance of minimal and rustic in their interiors. Their approach seems to channel historic European barn and farm house design and construction in a resolved and modern way that is beautiful.

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