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Le Travailleur

This great quote below is very clearly represented in this mind blowing stop motion video by Chateau Vacant.

“Our way of doing graphic design is focused on using simple media. We want to make, to build, and try to get free from the computer.”

The effects the use to simulate the characters boarding and exiting an elevator kick ass and the soundtrack is successful eary. Check out more of their work and their rad website here.

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Let It Dough!

Christoph Neimann has a knack for communicating great ideas with simple means and materials. His new piece for his New York Times Blog: Abstract City reminds me of his earlier project turned book, I Lego NY. Which illustrated areas geography, objects, landmarks and an array of other things that define New York City to New Yorkers.

Let It Dough! takes on some fun mildly holiday oriented ideals through cookie dough. Pretty genius right?My two favorites have to be the West Village one and the Eternity one both below. Hilarious truisms.

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Friends of Type: Jessica Hische

Coicidentaly my friend Jessica Hische was contributor on Friends of Type back in October and I just came across the pieces she posted again this morning on her blog and wanted to share them. Some fun stuff there I think we can all relate to and agree upon. Especially that Sriracha should make up a measurable portion of any balanced diet.

Be Linen

This short documentary about linen is one the most informative and beautiful films I have ever watched. Benoit Millot captures, very much in the style of Gary Hustwit, the essence of linen from plant, through production and manufacturing all the way to purchase.

Andrew Quilty

These striking photographs have an unmistakably cinematic feel to them, and capture extreme lighting scenarios and subject matter that begins to tell a story. Andrew Quilty’s work leaves a great deal of room in the stories he captures open for the viewer to complete.

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Beautiful Modeler

It seems like everyday there is a new technology or software that really blows my mind. This Beautiful Modeler is one such entity. This interactive 3-D modeler is an incredibly simple idea perfectly executed. It takes an easily accessible set of tools and links them together through programming or in my language magic to make a completely marvelous, and useful invention.

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Jenny Odell: Satellite Prints

Jenny Odell has created a set of beautiful prints using shapes and objects derived from satellite images. My favorites are pictured here, the pools and the ships are by far my favorite and after the jump there is a great one of textures found in the Great Salt Lake. View the whole set over on Jenny’s Site.

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City Hall Station

Photo by: Fred Guenther

After many years of having to exit the 6 train at the Brooklyn Bridge stop you can now stay on for a glimpse at the architectural wonder of the defunct City Hall station.

Leica M8 White

For all those designers and cool cats who love Leicas this is a pretty sleek machine. Definitely adding this to my “when I win the lottery” wish-list.

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Moutain Wallpaper

Digesting all my rss feeds after a ten day vacation is a pretty hearty task. When I came across this little gem though it was a breath of fresh air. Super minimal and a great solution for people who are sick of painting their apartment. You can pick some up for yourself or as a gift here.

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Tony Wagner: 7 Skills Students Need for Their Future

There were so many great speakers and amazing people doing such amazing and productive things for their fields and humanity at The Feast. The one that really stood out about them all was Tony Wagner.

First he set himself apart from the hip young crowd and proceeding speakers by opting out of putting us through another monotonous powerpoint presentation. Then he went on the shred the entire education system not just in America, but everywhere. Talking about how we are still teaching using curriculum that predates even our most outdated technology.

Wagner’s real home-run is his concept that hinges on the “7 Skills Students Need for Their Future”, which to me is a critically different way to think about education. Now everything is based on learning skill, which were developed over the last thousand years, but really we should be equipping students with the skills to ensure that humanity can inhabit this planet for another thousand years.

Project 7

Yesterday I was exposed to some many great new business models and non profit systems. Project 7 was one example that stuck out to me. They sell 7 different coffees where fifty percent of the profits from each purchase is donated to a designated charity depending on the name of the coffee. Some examples are “FEED the hungary” and “HEAL the sick”. The model they have developed is most easily summed up by a tweet my friend Jessi Arrington made during The Feast this past Friday.

“Note to self: start buying Project 7 coffee. It’s what Creighton would call a “win win.” #feastongood”

I am curious how many social problems would exist in the world if all for profit businesses and industries adopted this model.

The Nogg, a Modern Chicken Coop

Having chickens these days is so chic even in urban areas, so it was just a matter of time until something like this popped up. Cynicism aside, this is a beautifully crafted and thought out design, and would be my first choice if I was going to add some clucking friends to our family. Learn more about their process and the coop itself over at the Nogg website.

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It is back to school time!

Came across this awesome poster and lecture series called the Show and Tell Lecture Series at the Portland State University GD Dept. Frank Chimero did a truly bang up job on the poster, which is definitely what initially caught my eye.

The line up of both virtual and live appearances they have lined up is stocked with an overwhelming amount of skill and chutzpah! How come nothing this cool ever happened at my school? Some of the speakers are greats like Jessica Hische, Nick Felton, Mark Weaver, and many more. I really hope that they record the talks or at the least offer transcripts.

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Build Anything

This is a super fun, and playful ad for Lego by Temujin Doran the guy behind Facts About Projection.

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House Forest Design: Miller Hull

Arhcitects Miller Hull designed this wonderful modern home in northern Washington state with a view of the San Juan islands. This is possibly the most beautiful place on earth. I doubt that anyone else has a view that rivals the view from their kitchen. Let alone looking out past their stove.

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Yes Pattern: by Telegramme Studio

Fun little pattern with the word yes in a ton of different languages and lettering styles. Christopher and Robert, the duo behind UK based Telegramme Studio keep catching my eye with their new works.

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Food Spotting

Food Spotting
is by far the coolest social media app. I have seen in a long time. Combining all the awesome capabilities of geo-tagging, crowd-sourcing and food. The features of and potential for this app are awesome, and it truly one ups Yelp and Menupages.

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Newsies played a serious role in my childhood. It was my favorite movie from the time I was 7 years old until I was a teenager and still remains in my top movies of all time. There are countless child actors who have gone on to have serious careers including the star which was none other than Christian Bale. I always loved this scene, but had never really focused on the printing part, but now that I look closer I am super impressed. Great attention to detail, and personally this song has so much nostalgia attached it gets me all hyped.


Where the “Type Magic” Happens

You can tell immediately by the organization of space and the attention to detail that this person is gifted and meticulous in their work. So when I tell you that this is the workspace of my friend and world famous type god Jessica Hische you won’t be surprised.

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