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Japanese Phrases

I have long had a love and respect for Japanese culture and language. The nuanced beauty of their words and phrases, and how they reflect a depth of understanding of the world around us is inspiring. These 7 Japanese phrases are a great example of detail to which their language goes to describe the world around us and our existence in it. My favorite definitely has to be KUIDAORE. See the rest of 14 Japanese Phrases on Buzzfeed.

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Short and simple, this 5 second animation by Irish designer Max Halley is a delightful little countdown. Each second is has been turned into a small face with an adorable expression. The transitions are impeccable. Each number shifts in and out of one another flawlessly.

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McCallum Surfboards

Hand shaped by Jeff McCallum, McCallum Surfboards are an artful approach that fall somewhere between the aesthetics of the boards by Deus Ex Machina and those of S/Double Studio. Each floating, wave slicing piece is hewn from raw block in McCallum’s San Diego workshop. You can visit their website to view a full list of retailers, which includes Saturdays in NYC.

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Goldfish Salvation

There isn’t too much I have to say about this video except for the fact that Riusuke Fukahori is one of the most inventive and talented painters of our generation and that his creations are mind bending. I was also one up’ed by this video in an email exchange with a friend, so watch it and enjoy.

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Electric Blue Heaven

Globe has really created a gem here. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want to hang out and possibly try shredding some waves in this oasis. This short film titled Electric Blue Heaven features a mix of aspirational and dream like imagery of cars, clouds, mountains and beach babes interspersed with some seriously bad ass surfing by Dion Agius. After the sweltering weather this week I am ready to move here.

The Emporium of Postmodern Activities

Deus Ex Machina is a custom motorcycle and lifestyle brand which was founded in Australia in 2006. They peg them selves as a culture more than a product or a bottom-line, which I think is the obvious point of differentiation from any highly successful business especially ones operating in fringe markets like custom motor-cycles. Deus has recently opened The Emporium of Postmodern Activities their first US location on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice California. The shop embodies the brand through and through, but also pays homage to the local vernacular and history with a distinctly surf and beach oriented interior and inventory. They also have a sunny patio and cafe run by Handsome Coffee Roasters.

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L.L.Bean 100

L.L.Bean is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year, and I think we can all agree it is a well deserved landmark. They have embarked on a variety of cool projects to celebrate this monumental birthday. My favorite being a collaboration with photographer Randal Ford recreating some of the iconic catalog covers in photographs. There is an awesome behind the scenes video after the jump.

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Being There

I grew up skiing, and as a teenager I was lucky enough to witness the growth of a new movement. Freestyle skiing as it is known today was just starting to take shape, and like the days of Dogtown the possibilities were endless, but we were all just there to have fun. Fast forward to 2011, and this new school of skiing has evolved into a beautiful physics defying art, which is captured in cinematography of the upmost quality.

This video trailer for Being There by Field Productions really shows you the amazing skiers proving impossibilities wrong in the most beautiful places on planet earth. Take a couple minutes and be transported to those places and to the adrenaline rush that is their day jobs.

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Play With the Trash

The city of Lucerne Switzerland has created these awesome floor stickers as part of an initiative to engage people with the trash cans and get them to use them more. The playful nature of these is great and I think will truly appeal to the kid inside all of us.

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+ Pool

Last October I saw Dong Ping Wong speak at the FEAST conference, and the + Pool was one of the corner stones of his presentation. That was the first time I had come across the project and it literally blew me away. I hadn’t really thought of using the NYC waterways for swimming beyond that deadly hot day once a year when I contemplate hurling myself into the Hudson River. After seeing Wong speak, I posted about his presentation and the + Pool here on campsite, and since then the project has come leaps and bounds.

Since this past fall FAMILY and PlayLab have teamed up with world renowned engineering firm ARUP to figure out the feasibility of the project and have now launched a kickstarter to begin gathering grass roots funding. If you want to swim in NYC and don’t want to make the trip to Rockaway Beach or Long Island help make the + Pool happen. It’s also good for the environment!

Manhattan in Motion

I posted about Josh Owens aka Mind Relic once before, also for his amazing time-lapse shots of New York City. You can view my previous post here. I think the same stuff I said last time is still entirely applicable, but now he has achieved an even higher level of awe. Using a Stage Zero Dolly Josh was able to smoothly and seamlessly shift the angle of the shot giving each one of clips an even greater amount of depth.

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I just wanted to share this fun little video by teevee graphics, which caught my eye. This promotional video was done for Voices a show on Space Shower TV.

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Penny Australia

As we await summer and the warm weather to come nothing sounds better than a fresh set of gummy wheels and the sun on your back. This video for Penny Skateboards really shows them in their true form. Just shredding in the summer sun with your friends, skitching off cars, only stopping to grab a beer.

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Areaware Wooden Animals

The situation of children’s toys always seems to leave a bit to be desired. When I come across an awesome toy, or in this case set of toys, that are aesthetically beautiful, durable and great for laying of course. Design and durability are something I feel should be on parent’s minds when shopping for toys. That said this set by AREAWARE really are awesome.

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Underheard in New York

Underheard in New York is the perfect example of a simple idea that may not change the world, but can at the least change what we know and the way we think about homelessness. Pairing the social media capabilities of twitter and four prepaid cellphones Underheard has empowered homeless New Yorkers to participate in the global dialog on homelessness. They truly deserve a seat at the table in this discussion and most certainly deserve to be called New Yorkers.

“Underheard in New York is an initiative to help homeless residents in New York City speak for themselves. We’ve provided Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos each with their own mobile phone, a month of unlimited text messaging and a Twitter account. They’ve found their voices by texting their thoughts, feelings and actions to Twitter. Our mission is to use their social media presence to create real interaction and make them a part of our global community.”

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Microscopic Snowflakes

This is one of those posts where I try to not say much. I just want to encourage you to look at the intricate beauty in such a simple thing. To see more views of snowflakes under a microscope check them out here.

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The Diaper Epic

All I want to say in regards to this, this is the most bad ass (diaper) commercial of all time. A well deserved hat tip to JWT and creative director Walt Connelly.

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Dancers Among Us

These photographs by Jordan Matter, which seemingly masquerade as movies stills, would be intriguing to any viewer. The images however, hold an even more specific resonance to New Yorkers and dancers. These shots are my favorite, but their are many more over on Jordan’s site.

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Frts & Ygrt

This project by Mika Kanive is probably the most radical and amazing packaging design I have seen in a very long time. The concept, which is evidently executed to perfection, is to communicate to the consumer the quality of the contents as well as how delicious they are. No bright colored gradients, cloak and daggers type design here. Just a simple idea, which highlights what you are should actually be paying for.

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A Year of Collecting!

I posted about Lisa Congdon and this amazing project, ‘A Collection a Day, 2010′, back in May and now as she has posted what is presumably going to be the final post. I thought some congratulations were in order. Pictured above is the 365th collection along with another personal favorite, which happens to be yesterday’s, number 364. This project similarly to Daily Drop Cap, is a massive project covering a long period of time, but with a beautiful and varied result. Lisa has also been lucky enough to have placed the book with UPPERCASE and is available for pre-order now and will release sometime in the spring.

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