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Le Travailleur

This great quote below is very clearly represented in this mind blowing stop motion video by Chateau Vacant.

“Our way of doing graphic design is focused on using simple media. We want to make, to build, and try to get free from the computer.”

The effects the use to simulate the characters boarding and exiting an elevator kick ass and the soundtrack is successful eary. Check out more of their work and their rad website here.

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Tiger Stone is a machine that cannot be better described than by saying it is a brick printer. I would love to see this tool in the hands of some artists and designers. This machine could be used to make some insane patterns and murals. Using it to make type or inset lettering into could be super cool as well.

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Andrew Quilty

These striking photographs have an unmistakably cinematic feel to them, and capture extreme lighting scenarios and subject matter that begins to tell a story. Andrew Quilty’s work leaves a great deal of room in the stories he captures open for the viewer to complete.

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Sea Nymph: by Josh Beckman

When I was a child I used love pirates and ships much like most kids, and I very much wanted to explore the world of sunken ships and buried treasure. This installation at Machine Project in LA entitled Sea Nymph by Josh Beckman really fulfills a lot of those youthful desires. If only I was going to make it out there while the installation is running.

Ahoi Poster

These ‘Ahoi’ posters from Small Caps Berlin are rad. I would love to have one near my desk. I love checking in on the Small Caps blog, it is such a nice balance to view work that exists entirely in the physical when so much of mine is trapped in the digital.

52 Bad Dudes

This is a cool project by illustrator and designer Adam Sidwell, which is an ongoing set of portraits of fictional bad guys. The collection of portraits, called 52 BAD DUDES, shows such a fun range of stylistic approaches. This diptych of characters Tyler Durden and the narrator (Edward Norton) from Fight Club is definitely my favorite, to me it really expresses all that good stuff from their relationship in the movie.

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The art exhibition style signage of Kidimo brings me back to the tag sales and antique shops of my childhood. Using found and salvaged letter forms and signs Kidimo creates one of a kind signs and typographic art installations.

“Nicolas Flachot has been exploring all the antique fairs and flea markets for years. The quest for shop signs has even turned to an addictive and compulsive hobby for this industrial art lover, to such an extent that he decided to launch his own decoration brand…”

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Shape Lab: At Moma

The concept behind Shape Lab a current exhibition at Moma is fantastic. Creating an interactive space where the visitors can experiment with the premise of the exhibition in real time is awesome. The exhibition runs through August 30th so if you have caught it yet go push around some blocks. I also love the connection made by Markus Reuter of better taste than sorry, which is between this exhibition and the idea of A Creative Wall where ideas and concepts can be visualized and hopefully clarified. He highlights some cool examples of this process in the post over at his site.

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1-Bit Symphony

Tristan Perich is a visual artist and musician from New York has created a new piece entitled 1-Bit Symphony. Similar to it’s predecessor 1-Bit Music, the symphony lives on only one microchip and is played back using a very limited set of components.

“I wanted to respond to the symphonic form and think about how simple audio waveforms (1-bit tones) does not necessarily mean that the music itself must be simplistic. That it could be possible to create a long-form rich composition with 1-bit audio.” – Tristan Perich

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Mia Liu

Mia Liu is an artist from Taipei, Taiwan. She makes fabulous paper sculptures varying from interactive, and spacial, to more delicate wall mounted pieces. Check out her flickr stream to see more of her work.

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A Collection a Day, 2010

I have been following the blog ‘A Collection a Day, 2010’ by Lisa Congdon since Lisa started it in January of this year. Here are some recent favorites of mine.

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