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Ed Templeton x Leica

Ed Templeton, in addition to being one of my childhood idols is part of growing group of professional skateboarders turned creatives. Templeton’s camera has been a staple of tour trips and skate events forever, but now as he has shifted out of the skating spotlight the focus is drawn to his art. His photographic is mostly documentary with a touch of performance or experiential art mixed in. His early photos taken during his skating career capture things that an outsider would never otherwise be able to see. That insight is a beautiful thing.

The camera of choice for Templeton is of course a Leica. So as part of an ongoing series of interviews with photographers who use their rigs, Leica made this interview with him talking about his process and what inspires him.

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project

The Desktop Wallpaper Project started by Bobby Solomon over at The Fox Is Black has always been one of my favorite artist series web projects. The variety of artists and styles are amazing. The newest wallpaper is from Travis Ladue a designer from Phoenix. The summery pattern will brighten up those days when I am stuck in the studio. Click here to pop over to TFIB and download it.

Generative Software Prints

A.N. Fischer creates these stunning digital works of art using a software program he crafted called Schwarm. The variety of output and the overall organic characteristics of images Schwarm is able to create is mind bending. Prior to visiting Fischer’s site I would have been more apt to believe that these were a visualization of a weather system rather than the output of a software program.

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24 Analog Clocks Form One Digital Clock

This awesome clock designed by humans since 1982 is created by putting together 24 analog clocks, which together create a large digital clock. Titled ‘the clock clock’, this piece uses the hands of the individual clocks to create the digital numbers.

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London 2012 Run Sculpture

I haven’t caught too much wind of exactly what the London Olympic commission has in store as far as architectural and sculptural elements for this summer’s games save for this Run Sculpture. Italian designer Monica Bonvicini designed these immense 3-D letters, which are mirrored during daylight hours and illuminated with small LED bulbs by night.

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Floating Mountains

Yasuaki Onishi’s new installation at Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas is this mammoth mountainous form seemingly hanging in space.

UPDATE: I also just noticed Tina posted an awesome little video of the installation over on swissmiss.

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Nike F.C. Barcelona Collection

Nike commissioned illustrators Berto Martinez and Chidy Wayne to help with designing a streetwear line based on the iconic F.C. Barcelona. Instead of jumping right into designing the clothing based on their preconceptions, Martinez and Wayne took their sketchbooks to the field and observed game play. Their sketches extracted the personality and characteristic elements of each player, which they used to develop the clothing designs around.

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Layer Drawings

These “layer drawings” by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi are completely captivating. The way they occupy space is really amazing and the content of the drawings is enhanced by the presentation and the addition of the elements of 3-D light and space. Nakanishi’s installations have been commissioned by fashion retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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The artist, sculptor and furniture designer Nao Matsumoto has a show going on right now at the hpgrp gallery in New York. The subject of the works created for this show is an exploration of chaos and catastrophe as they exist in the natural world. All his pieces are really cool, but this badass vehicle is the one that really got me. The wooden spikes are primitive and natural, while their chassis is perfectly utilitarian and industrial. They create a wonderful ironic unity when combined in a vehicle of sorts. If you are in New York I highly recommend checking out the show, which is running through May 12th.

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Hudson River Project

James Bowthorpe is a modern adventurer and he is working on this new project entitled Hudson River Project. The video above is a trailer for the project by filmmaker Antony Crook with a soundtrack by Mogwai. Bowthorpe is going to build a boat entirely out of waste from our megalopolis and row down from the rivers source all 315 miles to the city that this great waterway birthed. Head over to Kickstarter and back the project. It has a little over a month left.

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Tom & James Draw

Artist James Gulliver Hancock has been collaborating with his brother on some drawings recently. James’ brother Tom was born in 1981 with Downs Syndrome. Their work is amazing and I love the balance between simplicity and depth. You can follow their work over on their blog Tom & James Draw.

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Finding a good drawing or sketchbook app for the iPad has been an ongoing and annoying search since I got my iPad nearly 8 months ago. Finally Paper has emerged to fill the void. Created by the awesome folks over at Fifty Three, the app has a multitude of great features including an array of drawing and painting tools which all work amazingly well.

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Folded Maps

My dad and I used to make folded paper pieces quite a bit when I was young, and these pieces by David Lu are similar to an exactly design we made. The use of old maps adds a beautiful texture to the pieces and also breathes new life into physical maps which are rarely used or even referenced anymore.

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Drawing Apparatus

This Drawing Apparatus created by Robert Howsare using two turntables is really interesting, and the resulting drawing is phenomenal. A great combination of art, mathematics, and DIY. I posted previous about a project by Eske called Drawing Machine, which is based on the same principles, but on a larger scale also worth checking out.

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Discover Monet

It’s rare to see a historic artist or art work translated onto the web with such care and attention to detail. Recently St. Louis Art Museum hired Almanac to create Discover Monet, a web presence for Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. Through the site both teachers and students can learn infinitely more about Monet’s life, work, and the connection of both to the rest of the world.

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is an amazing SoEx public art project by Jenny Chapman & Mark A. Reigelman located on the side of the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco.

Migration East Print

This print to me epitomizes good design, it is a beautiful and precious piece of art, but the thinking behind the simplified forms that capture the motion and essence of a flock of birds elevates it. The print is a hand pulled two color silkscreen, black ink over a grey ink background. Migration East was printed by Kai and Sunny for the Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition, whose mission is to breathe life back into the bird species we have lost through artistic expression.

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Yasmeen Ismail

Illustration work like that of Yasmeen Ismail is vibrant, refreshing, and fun. The way she depicts people and animals is unique and abstract, while also simple to understand and connect with. The techniques she uses are DIY, combining painting, collage, and other media for a versatile deep compositions.

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Walton Ford New Work

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an opening at Paul Kasmin Gallery of some astounding new work by artist, and long time friend Walton Ford. If you aren’t familiar with his work it is best described as James Audobon with a level of social commentary and graphic sexual undertones. His new paintings titled “I don’t like to look at him, Jack” which are giant 9 foot by 12 foot watercolors capturing the emotions of King Kong. The detail of these pieces and the rendering of the facial expressions is exquisite. The show will be running through December 23rd if you are in New York City you should pop over to Chelsea and check it out.

Rock Paper Scissors

Part designer, part performer, part installation artist Julien Vallée now has a monograph out called Rock Paper Scissors. My favorite aspects of his work are his ability to bring his passion for experimentation and unique DIY solutions to every single project. I also love how Julien himself is a subject or model in so much of his work.

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