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Ed Ruscha, Woody, and the World’s Hottest Pepper

Ed Ruscha has been one of my favorite artists since before I even knew him by name. Through years of art school and after seeing several of his exhibitions I still really had no idea about who Ruscha really was. This short film by Lance Accord entitled ‘Ed Ruscha, Woody, and the World’s Hottest Pepper’ gives some beautiful insight into his process, his life, and how the two affect one another. The project came about as part of the second annual Art+Film Gala at LACMA.

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Technology Mandalas

I think I am a little bit behind the curve on posting these Technology Mandalas by Leaonardo Ulian, but I came across them in my folder of things to post today. The symmetry and overall organization of each component is stunning. If only the interior of electronic devices and computers could be organized to be so beautiful.

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Photographer Alejandro Guijarro has been working on his Momentum project shooting the chalk boards in quantum mechanics classrooms. The resulting photos capture the swirl of numbers and equation that for most are just that. It becomes beautiful and abstract when viewed without understanding the material.

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Swiss studio Allegory(léonard de rham + albert schrurs) created this awesome storefront window installation. The twisted and criss crossing strings are an attract depiction of the urban and architectural typology. Personally I find them to be reminiscent of the interaction between people and the environment, in context of this being mainly related to architecture and the constructed world.

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D.D. and Leslie Tillett

Growing up you are never quite aware of the interesting and amazing the people around you. In my case it happened to be Deck and Kathleen Tillett who were carrying on the hugely influential textile design work of D.D. and Leslie Tillett. Kathleen still runs the business today out of an amazing factory overlooking corn fields and meadows, which fade off into the distance. This week an exhibition opens at MCNY entitled The World of D.D. and Leslie Tillett, which documents a great deal of the duo’s work. New York Times published an article entitled When Design Burst From Cloth on the Tilletts the other day as a primer for the upcoming retrospective.

Satellites Postlerferguson

PostlerFerguson has designed a new collection of hybrid toy sculptures for Papafoxtrot entitled Space Fleet. The group is made up of replicas of the 5 most iconic unmanned spacecraft or satellites circling our planet. Each small piece is made out of maple and laser etched stainless steal with the wood in natural finish, matte white and gloss red.

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Grear Patterson Solo Show

My friend Grear Patterson has an awesome solo show opening tomorrow in The Highline Loft in Chelsea. The show is made up of some photographic works, prints, and a video project. The opening starts at 6pm on Thursday the 20th, come have a drink and enjoy the show.

New York Skyline From Memory

I have been in awe of artist Stephen Wiltshire’s work since first seeing it several years ago. Stephen is autistic and his condition allows him to see the world differently. He understands and remembers places, skylines, cityscapes in ways few others could even comprehend. Last year UBS commissioned Stephen to draw a cityscape of New York City, and this video shows his process and the resulting artwork. During the video some audio of his sister talking about him and is artwork is overlaid, which gives an added context of his creativity and also his personality and profound need to draw. She describes his drawing as if it were water or air for regular people.

Matthew Shlian

The work of Matthew Shlian can be described as art, geometry, engineering or even mind boggling, but to describe as only one of those things would be an understatement. Combining technology and a DIY approach Shlian prides himself in creating work where he needs to figure out what the end product will look like and how it will work to get there. Not simply picturing something in his mind and executing it. This sort of exploration is what drives him as an artist and creator; it also adds a layer of depth to the final product which may otherwise be overlooked. He frequently collaborates with Ghostly, and currently has a few recent works up there for sale.

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The 360 Project

The 360 Project was the vision of Canadian photographer and director Ryan Enn Hughes. Using a 48 camera system Hughes was able to capture 360 degree movements in still photography, which when edited together create a beautifully layered depiction of the dancers movements. The Ballet 360 video is also definitely worth checking out.

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The Big Table

There isn’t anything more beautiful and inspiring in this world than a driven designer who loves to get her hands dirty and make things. My friend from design school Ariele Alasko is the truest embodiment of that sentiment. Ariele’s work transcends the restrictions of terms such as sculpture, furniture, and art and becomes something greater. Her use of found and reclaimed materials paired with geometric shapes and patterns is simply remarkable. Keep up with all her amazing new work and exploits over on her blog and site Brooklyn To West.

Goldfish Salvation

There isn’t too much I have to say about this video except for the fact that Riusuke Fukahori is one of the most inventive and talented painters of our generation and that his creations are mind bending. I was also one up’ed by this video in an email exchange with a friend, so watch it and enjoy.

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Los Carpinteros

Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros recently made its first appearance in Argentina, at the new Faena Arts Center opened in an old mill. The exhibition attacks the clash of past and present, my favorite piece is this Piper Comanche plane peppered on the underside with arrows.

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Garden Ruler

Garden Ruler is a nice way to get some greenery into a functional object which is normally a simple wood or metal stick. Norihiko Terayama of Studio Note has re-invisioned the ruler as a nice little acrylic looking glass. Small plants and herbs are frozen in time within. The stem of each sprig of greenery is placed at 1cm increments making it equally as functional as it is beautiful.

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Ed Templeton x Leica

Ed Templeton, in addition to being one of my childhood idols is part of growing group of professional skateboarders turned creatives. Templeton’s camera has been a staple of tour trips and skate events forever, but now as he has shifted out of the skating spotlight the focus is drawn to his art. His photographic is mostly documentary with a touch of performance or experiential art mixed in. His early photos taken during his skating career capture things that an outsider would never otherwise be able to see. That insight is a beautiful thing.

The camera of choice for Templeton is of course a Leica. So as part of an ongoing series of interviews with photographers who use their rigs, Leica made this interview with him talking about his process and what inspires him.

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project

The Desktop Wallpaper Project started by Bobby Solomon over at The Fox Is Black has always been one of my favorite artist series web projects. The variety of artists and styles are amazing. The newest wallpaper is from Travis Ladue a designer from Phoenix. The summery pattern will brighten up those days when I am stuck in the studio. Click here to pop over to TFIB and download it.

Generative Software Prints

A.N. Fischer creates these stunning digital works of art using a software program he crafted called Schwarm. The variety of output and the overall organic characteristics of images Schwarm is able to create is mind bending. Prior to visiting Fischer’s site I would have been more apt to believe that these were a visualization of a weather system rather than the output of a software program.

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24 Analog Clocks Form One Digital Clock

This awesome clock designed by humans since 1982 is created by putting together 24 analog clocks, which together create a large digital clock. Titled ‘the clock clock’, this piece uses the hands of the individual clocks to create the digital numbers.

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London 2012 Run Sculpture

I haven’t caught too much wind of exactly what the London Olympic commission has in store as far as architectural and sculptural elements for this summer’s games save for this Run Sculpture. Italian designer Monica Bonvicini designed these immense 3-D letters, which are mirrored during daylight hours and illuminated with small LED bulbs by night.

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Floating Mountains

Yasuaki Onishi’s new installation at Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas is this mammoth mountainous form seemingly hanging in space.

UPDATE: I also just noticed Tina posted an awesome little video of the installation over on swissmiss.

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