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Egg Dyeing 101 App.

I want to apologize for how out of season this is, but I just came across it and thought it was a great example of unique app. design. Surprisingly enough I have come to find out that the Martha Stewart camp has put out a range a interesting apps. We don’t celebrate easter in my family, but that won’t stop me from downloading this little gem. Check out more of the screens over at the iTunes Store.

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Plic Ploc Wiz

There seems to be a multitude of awesome iPad apps sprouting up all over these days. Not that this is an original observation by any means, but I think many of these are helping to redefine that categorization of something as an app as well as what it can and should do. Plic Ploc Wiz is a wonderful example because it steps outside of the predictable user interface and creates a blank canvas sort of workspace for you to create unique little works of art with a selected toolkit. Granted PPW is marketed for children. I am definitely going to shamelessly download it regardless.

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FontBook on iPad

FontBook recently released their amazing new iPad app, which looks like the single best type related resource ever. You can easily search and view by either foundry, designer, year or class and look through amazing type specimen sheets. Clicking through to purchase is also flawlessly integrated for those of you looking to expand your type library.

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Motiv Makes the Times

My friend Russ Maschmeyer, who many of you may know by the name Strange Native made the New York Times today in the personal tech section. The project they covered was one he created over the past year as a student in SVA’s Interaction Design MFA. Russ created an application called Motiv, which uses the Xbox Kinect hardware to track motion and allow users to create music out of ether. Russ would probably disagree and say people would be creating music out of his hard work and sweat. Congrats Russ!

You can check out the whole Times article here.


Nosh seems like a nice fresh view both on social and food related apps. It’s downloading as I type this and I am super excited to see what it can do. The app was created by a new startup called Firespotter Labs, which is funded by Google Ventures and has a seriously stacked list of staffers.

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Feedly Mobile 2.0

I am not and have never been a big supporter of RSS Feeds and accessing blog content outside of it’s native environment. Then in comes Feedly 2.0. Feedly’s interface and features are urging me over to the feed side. Their app works beautifully on iOS, Android and most tablet devices. Take a look at their blog to learn more about the app.

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Calvetica by Mysterious Trousers is an awesome minimalist calendar app for the iPhone. The application is built on the iOS native calendaring APIs and syncs seamlessly with the iOS Calendar app. At $2.99 this calendar is a definite steal.

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New Twitter Homepage

I want to start off by saying, the new twitter homepage is a vast improvement. Despite their steps forward mainly simplifying and invigorating the design. Like so many other sites and services in their sphere they still fall victim to flat, lifeless, and infinitely uninspired homepage experiences.

Sites like twitter and facebook, second to second and minute to minute provide users with a platform to generate such a beautifully vast and unique amount of content. Yet are we still battling with designing homepages that balance the tasks of leveraging the sites interior content and not overwhelming the visitor upon arrival.

The NY Times website, and news sites in general are a good place to look for inspiration. Most frequently with periodicals they use the cover in print or the homepage in web to engage the viewer or catch their eye. Services like twitter owe it to themselves to offer up a more profound and enticing homepage. Arriving on their homepage and seeing a few favicons of famous people is not enough of a reason for me to signup and become a user if I were not already using their service. Lets look at Evernote for a moment. They are different because their product functions in a completely different space and purpose, however almost immediately upon arriving at their site I know what the application is, what it does, and I have pretty good understanding of it’s interface.

So one major argument that comes to mind is, how many people still access twitter through the web? Since the release of new twitter the number of users of the browser based application have definitely risen and I know I am not the only person of the opinion that new twitter is the most rich and intuitive way to access your stream. This statement goes for third party apps as well. Sorry guys.

As more and more people shift over to using mobile technologies is this a change or area worth exploring? Any chance to more directly or thoroughly engage a new or potential user should be exploited. And if that means finding new ways of displaying content, whether it be some javascript trickery or something simpler. The solutions are out there.


I am ecstatic to try using this new application called Typeplace. It is definitely something I have been thinking about that would increase my engagement with my iPhone, and as it often is today someone releases an awesome app. that does exactly what I was looking for.

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Vimeo iPhone App

The new iPhone app Vimeo released at first look and first use appears to be the revolutionary piece of software that on the go video enthusiasts have been waiting for. With serious ease you can shoot, edit and upload a video to your Vimeo account in one streamlined set of intuitive actions. Flickr did the same thing for photos in the web based app where you could cover most but not all required parts of your photo editing and uploading. However their user experience falls far short of what Vimeo has created here! I am excited to start using the app regularly.

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My friend Skylar Challand of oak is the genius behind this revolutionary new bookmarking and sharing tool dropmark. Dropmark combines a lot of the features I love in Gimme Bar with a little be more focus on data ownership, which I really appreciate. They also have a handy little API so you can use your data and dropmarks in anyway you would like.

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By now anyone and everyone has most likely heard about LetterMpress. It has received almost double it’s goal in funding on Kickstarter, which I think is a good barometer for its high potential. I only wish it was going to be available on iPhones as well.

The app. itself will allow you to create custom letterpress compositions and prints in a user interface and process that parallels the real act of letterpress printing. You will also be able to print directly from the app. or export vector files of your designs for use in other applications such as AI.

Little Big Details

Little Big Details is a nice minimal tumblr blog, which allows you to view a great collection of UI details and explinations of the interactions in a easy scrollable format. This will definitely come in handy when I am having trouble deciding how something should function.

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PSD (Photoshop Dexterity)

“Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas. Qualities of PSD include supernatural powers of imagination and an overwhelming desire to constantly make the world more beautiful. PSD affects people from different walks of life. In fact, there is a high probability that you have PSD.”

Hyperakt seems to make some of the most enticing and fun side projects around. Whether it is a 2010 World Cup bracket poster or this short film showing “PSD” (Photoshop Dexterity) in someone’s morning routine, the folks over at Hyperakt seem to be able to infuse some good old ingenuity into it.

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Proposed Twitter Microsyntax: by Chris Messina

Chris Messina has created a nice simplified system for streamlining our character usage and ways of crediting people on twitter. The extremely thorough post over at his blog is a must read for any twitter users and possibly for twitter haters as well.

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Ommwriter Dana

The new updates for Ommwriter 2.0, referred to as Dana, aren’t revolutionary in their own respect, but they definitely add some value to what is already an awesome application.

Writer iPad App.

Since the day the iPad was released I have been and will remain a skeptic, but as more amazing companies and developers come out with such astoundingly rad apps and products for the iPad the more difficult it becomes to not breakdown get my own. I have always felt that typography is the most commonly neglected portion of UX, and the fact that the type and idea of type is so present in iA’s development and intentions for this app makes me very happy. Sadly as I don’t have an iPad myself I am going to have to wait to test-drive the app until I run into a friend willing to buy it. Despite that the article on their website really allows you to grasp how fully integrated and enriching Writer is for the iPad. The auto syncing with Dropbox is also another personal favorite of mine, and something I would love to see in action.

I guess the only thing I could find any information on was what types of file formats can the writer save to as well as open and edit. I would be curious how much format wrangling they have done to make Microsoft Word documents and stuff like that accessible in the app.

I am unsure of the number of times I wrote the word app in the past two paragraphs, but I do know it was most likely excessive. To read a more elagant and detailed description of the writer check it out here.

The Big Status Update

The new twitter looks pretty promising from this little video. I have been using the iPhone version for a couple weeks and a lot of times I find myself checking status updates and tweeting from my phone while I am sitting at my computer. So hopefully the updated web version will compete with or is at least compare to the usability of the newish iPhone app. The dual column setup seems like a much more fluid and thought out use of space and takes much greater advantage of the rich timeline of tailored data twitter creates for you the user.

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is on my list for the most revolutionary web-design tools of 2010. This is a one-stop web-based tool for designing, building and hosting an awesome site for $10 a month. I highly recommend this tool for people who want to setup a simple website or portfolio and be able to manage it with ease.

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TeuxDeux: iPhone App.

The long awaited Teux Deux app for iPhone released yesterday and I think I can speak for everyone when I say Teux Deux has officially changed my life for a second time. This is the first of what will hopefully be a series of collaborations between swissmiss (amazing swiss designer gone nyc and famed blogger) and Fictive Kin (creative web-developing powerhouse). You can grab the app. for stiflingly cheap $2.99 in the iTunes app. store. So go get your productivity on!