Jens Risom Prefab Revisited

Jens Risom’s prefab getaway on Block Island is one of my favorite examples of modernist architecture of all time. I previously posted about it several months here on campsite. When I originally posted it there were only two quality photos I could find, but I have discovered several more great photos in addition to the video tour by Gary Nadeau after the jump.

  1. Rok 10 Dec 2012

    is the first photo mirrored?

  2. Max 12 Dec 2012

    I feel like it is not Risom’s house on the first picture. I’m saying that because of the furnitures and the hill.
    What’s the truth? @campsite

  3. Max Ritt 13 Dec 2012

    Yeah I see what you’re saying. I am 90% positive that it is I found that photo with a group from a Life magazine shoot from when the house was constructed.

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