Jacky Georges: Sign Painter

Most of the design and creative community has been obsessed with sign painting and hand lettering for a while now. It can more or less be attributed to the back to craft mentality and movement that seems to be inundating all forms of art.

I have not been spared, but on a personal level I find sign painting very nostalgic and it reminds me of my own childhood. For a few years when I was pretty young, no older than seven or eight, my dad made immaculate carved wood and hand painted signs as a way of subsidizing his woodworking business. I would often travel with him on the job and get to watch while he sketched, taped and finally painted a sign.

This specific sign painter Jacky Georges is obviously a skilled veteran and hold over from the generation before vinyl die-cuts and quick crappy window solutions. Work like this is a craft, it takes time to make, but because of that it lasts both physically and aesthetically.

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  1. david 3 Mar 2011

    thanks for the post, Jacky’s been painting signs and menus in Paris for over 50 years, watching him work was incredible. My ego told me I should attempt to paint the sign myself, and then he showed up and got half of it done in the time it took me to do part of one letter.

  2. Max Ritt 3 Mar 2011

    Thanks for the info. Jacky sounds like an amazing guy! Wish I had a project in Paris that needed a sign painter. Now if it comes up I know who to call! Thanks again.

  3. valentin 3 Apr 2011

    super artiste qu’est Jacky!…..
    quand on a un tel ami artiste il faut le garder
    longue vie


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