Birthright Israel

It has been almost a month since I through together a small backpack and hopped in a cab out to JFK to meet up with my Birthright group. If you had told me that I would come back professing Israel as the most beautiful place I had ever been and the amazing biodiversity found in what we in the western world think is a sand bowl I most likely would have scoffed. However, after seeing every type of terrain and city in Israel I feel a much stronger bond to my heritage and Israel itself. It may not be something that changes my life, but it is at least something that has helped me gain perspective.

I want to share a selection of photos from my trip that I think begin to capture the overwhelming beauty and feeling of being in a different world that I encountered on my trip. To view more of the photos from my trip and to see them on a map check out the flickr set.

  1. adamhump 23 Nov 2010

    blog looks great… good job

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