Southeast Asia: Photos by Chris Glass

My friend Chris Glass has a fantastic eye and impeccable sense for capturing the vibrance and poise of reality. I just flipped through his uploads from the first half of his trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, and I must say I am really loving them. These two are my favorites along with two more really amazing shots after the jump.

  1. Glasss 22 Sep 2010

    Thanks man! It’s been a super visually stimulating trip and I’ve been enamored with all the locales. There are, like, postcard perfect pictures in every direction. So darn good.

  2. Michiel Reuvecamp 7 Oct 2010

    Nice photos mate, what are you using to shot this? body and lens wise? Beautiful, crisp colours.

  3. Michiel Reuvecamp 7 Oct 2010

    Shoot rather..

  4. admin 8 Oct 2010

    Chris Glass is, last time I checked running with a Canon 5D with a EF 50mm. It’s a pretty serious rig, but definitely gets results.

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